Sorry, Donald Trump Has A Point


Rich Lowry:

You are hardly a name-brand company if you haven’t dumped Donald Trump over the past seven days.

NBC, Univision and Macy’s have all thrown The Donald under the bus, in the heaviest blow to schlock culture in this country since the cancellation of “Jersey Shore.”

The carnage ranges widely across media, encompassing reality TV (“Celebrity Apprentice”), entertainment properties (the Miss USA Pageant), fashion (the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection) and even fragrance (Success by Trump).

Yes, the 2016 Republican field is so wide and diverse it includes perhaps the nation’s first presidential candidate with his own fragrance, and, it must be noted, not just any fragrance. Success has “a masculine combination of rich vetiver, tonka bean, birchwood and musk,” and “captures the spirit of the driven man.”

To imagine that Abraham Lincoln’s marketing was focused on posing for photographs for Mathew Brady. Poor old Abe — he could never think big.

The shunning of Trump is in response to his uh, memorable presidential announcement that included comments about the alleged criminality of Mexican immigrants that were typically crude. Trump could make a statement about arcane tax policy details related to accelerated depreciation for business investment — and still make you want to take a shower afterward.

Although this isn’t anything new. The companies fleeing from Trump were happy to be in bed with him so long as it suited their business interests. Now, they are acting on what has become one of the foremost principles of American public life: It’s no longer enough to be offended, you must punish the offender.

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He was correct about more than just the education of illegal immigrants. He was correct in every detail he spoke about.

Donald Trump’s Controversial Mexican Comments Are Accurate

Of course, the left sits around on its haunches awaiting some conservative to say something that can be construed as racial in nature. However, what Trump stated are all the reasons everyone, including Hispanics, should oppose the out-of-control illegal immigration policies we currently have.

Mexican immigrants are poorer and less educated than almost any other froup of immigrants.
So, the ”rationale” is that they do jobs Americans won’t do.
I certainly saw what looked like proof of this when I was in CA.
All the roofers, the gardeners, the hotel cleaning staff, the oil change places workers and so on were staffed by Mexicans.
BUT it turns out California was not representative of our country.
In Utah all those jobs are mostly done by white people.
So, guess what?
Americans WILL do those jobs.
So, what do Mexicans excel at nationally? Welfare.

Nanny undocumented immigrants are not able to collect welfare That is a myth.

Nanny when you say “Mexicans” do you mean Latinos? You DO realize that California belonged to mexico for 100s of years before we demanded it after the Mexican American war, don’t you ?

@john: The myth is the intelligent liberal. Not only do the collect welfare in the forms of food stamps, housing subsides and free healthcare, they also get income tax refunds while paying NO INCOME TAXES.

When people say “Mexicans”, they usually mean Mexicans, as in Mexicans from Mexico, illegal immigrants. Oh, and Mexico declared war on the United States in 1848. I know you liberals prefer to run from aggression, but there was a time when the U.S. Stood for more.


Do you realize what Spaniards did to the Aztecs when they stole Mexico from them?