Should Trump Follow the WSJ’s Vice-Presidential Advice?


by Scott McKay

A couple weeks ago, a media narrative — which I’ll admit I agreed with at the time — making the rounds claimed that because of the lawfare-generated indictments and court cases that Donald Trump is having to wade through, it’s crucial that he name a vice-presidential nominee soon so that he’ll have a surrogate to take to the road as spring turns to summer.

After all, the ridiculous New York “hush-money” trial that local Soros District Attorney Alvin Bragg and left-wing activist Judge Juan Merchan are orchestrating, complete with practically daily nuggets of prosecutorial malfeasance and judicial error, will likely go on for at least another six weeks. And Merchan seems determined to keep Trump off the campaign trail.

Normally, you’d see a situation like that, and you’d say it puts Trump at a real disadvantage. If he can’t make regular campaign appearances because he’s tied to New York, a state he’s unlikely to make competitive, then how is he going to drum up the kind of support without which a presidential campaign can’t survive?

But, of course, nothing is normal anymore.

And the VP narrative that seemed eminently rational two weeks ago right now doesn’t hold as much water as you’d think.

After all, CNN’s Harry Enten is in a panic over a poll that shows Trump has taken commanding leads in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, putting him on the cusp of locking up 270 electoral votes if things continue to go as they’re going:

RedState’s Nick Arama interprets Enten’s analysis accurately, explaining that these poll numbers demonstrate why Team Biden is so busy with otherwise inexplicable foreign-policy moves:

Enten then looks at the Electoral College numbers and declares it “Advantage: Donald Trump.” And you can see why Biden is in so much trouble. If you accord Trump the Sun Belt states, Enten puts Trump at 268 to Biden at 225. That would mean if Trump wins any of the other three states where it’s too close to call, he would reach 270.

That’s why Biden has been freaking out over Michigan and his position on Israel — because that could be the race right there. If I’m reading Enten’s numbers right and looking at what Biden needs to have, he would also need to pull down all of those in question: Wisconsin 10, Michigan 15, and Pennsylvania 19, plus Nebraska’s Second Congressional district to get to 270. So he would have to pull off the hat trick, while Trump would only need one.

With those trends, not to mention this

You start to realize that traditional political analysis doesn’t work anymore.

The purveyors of that analysis are now comically out of touch with the realities of 2024. You’ve probably seen this hilarious, not-safe-for-work meltdown by James Carville over the inability to sell Joe Biden to the American people despite tens of millions of dollars’ worth of messaging about, for example, how fabulous the economy is:

But back to the underlying question: Does it matter who Trump’s vice-presidential nominee is?

Of course it does. Actually, it’s colossally important.

It’s important because while Trump is nowhere near as decrepit as is the mentally invalid and physically incontinent Joe Biden, he’s still in his mid-70s, and that’s old for a politician.

It’s also important because the Left wants him dead, and there is a very real risk one of its crazies will make him that way.

Oh, you think I’m out of line with that statement? Fine. Explain this:

Jen Psaki isn’t just a bad MSNBC host with an underwhelming audience — she’s literally a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. She was the official mouthpiece for Joe Biden before the current tag-team combination of laughable spokeslesbian Karine Jean-Pierre and Baghdad Bob–style prevaricator John Kirby.

So when she throws out a “maybe Trump might die” drive-by wish cast, it isn’t nothing.

What also isn’t nothing is that the Biden Secret Service, having already denied coverage to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is actively seeking to drain Biden voters with his radical leftist position on abortion, is now allowing protesters to force Republican convention attendees to walk a gauntlet into the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee despite multiple demands by the RNC for at least the same security perimeter that the Democrats’ convention is getting.

And Team Biden is now floating the idea of a virtual convention to protect its delegates from protesters sure to descend on Chicago for its convention.

Trump needs a VP nominee because there is a real not-zero possibility of a James Hodgkinson lunatic’s being ginned up enough by Team Biden’s rhetoric about how Trump’s a “dictator” and how his winning would make 2024 the “last election” and what a threat he is to “our democracy” to act on that incitement.

What’s becoming clear is that Trump doesn’t need is a VP nominee who would add votes to his ticket.

The votes are there. Or, better put, the votes for Team Biden are increasingly not there. Biden is failing to hold the Democrats’ core coalition together as black, Hispanic, and Asian voters fall off and as even groups like single women begin to bleed.

And if Trump can draw 100,000 rallygoers in New Jersey, a number that proves it isn’t impossible he could expand the map and put that state in play (and clearly Team Biden is worried about Minnesota, which it absolutely ought to have been long ago given the mess Democrats like Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison, and Tim Walz have made of that state) — and let’s not count out New Mexico, either, given how atrocious Biden’s approval numbers are in that state — then it’s very clear that these lawfare cases aren’t having the effect on Biden’s electability that Democrats hoped for and Trump’s supporters feared.

So long as the GOP isn’t slaughtered when it comes to getting out the vote — something the Trump campaign and the Republican Party are honor-bound to get right this fall after several cycles of abysmal performance in that regard — he’s going to win.

So his vice-presidential nominee doesn’t have to win it for him. What’s important is that Trump’s VP is someone to whom he can entrust the movement propelling his candidacy.

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What is important is to have a VP that will carry out the MAGA agenda going forward. We have to think beyond Trump and what this country desperately needs is people who put this country first and will fight against the Democrats fascist socialist totalitarian police state trend.