Should go without saying that Canada is more troubling for us than a faraway Slavic conflict


Thread via Dave Reaboi:

Should go without saying that Canada is more troubling for us than a faraway Slavic conflict because the mechanisms of tyranny used in Canada are the same as ours. Not only is the government/corporate alliance the same, the rhetoric and rationale is the same.
“But the Canadian government is accountable to the voters!”
Shut up, you pussy. The public/private ideological cartel bent on punishing the enemies of the regime—ordinary Americans or Canadians—doesn’t get voted out. Your vote means shit now.
When you go to the polls and, by some fluke, elect an opponent of the ideological cartel, the government and corporate world expunge and destroy him. Even, as we’ve seen, the people charged with our national security. The whole edifice of modern liberal democracy is a sham.
BTW: if this thread makes no sense to you, you’ve got no idea how “liberal democracy” works today in practice. You are reading the manual of a Ford Model T for clues about running a new Lexus. Dangerously clueless.
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Tech and consolidation have made it impossible to live a normal life free from the political and social decisions the ideological cartel has made for you.
The alliance between massive private companies and the government brooks no dissent. Now your Bill of Rights is just paper.
You will be depersoned, debanked, denied chance to make a living, and more. All of these decisions will be made for political reasons—because you are an enemy—and there will be (is) enough distance bet government edict and private industry to provide a fig-leaf for the tyranny.
It is THIS dynamic that’s frightening to us, you miserable, soulless, idiots. THIS is what we see coming.
Meanwhile, you’re jerking yourselves off under the illusion that the US is in any kind of position—morally, financially or militarily—to affect something in Ukraine.


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Shocked I am that the minority liberal government voted itself more power! Even more shocked that they intend to make a few of these powers permanent. Cant lose their Charter rights? BuuuullllStuff they have already frozen accounts and confiscated property no due process. The guy that had a confederate flag at the truckers protest looks like a twin of Turdeaus personal photographer..hmmmm
Biden extends his powers of emergency, he can declare war all by himself, confiscate property, arrest and detain without trial. (see J6 political prisoners)Constitutional rights Buuuuulllllstuff.
Ukraine may be the dumping ground for illegal assets, as members of Nato must report a countries income to pay its fair share to Nato. Black market stuff. Ukraine is not a member of Nato why do all these Nato members have their panties in a wad? The same reason they all rushed to trade with Iran?
IDK I cannot prove anything but sure seems mighty fishy. Biden, Pelosi and Kerry all had spawn working in Ukraine energy companies.

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IDK I cannot prove anything

Truer words were never written.

Cant prove anything about Caymen Island accounts either, teacher.

Cant prove anything about Caymen Island accounts either, teacher.

That’s apropos of what, now?

21 trillion is estimated in off shore or foreign accounts how much has been stolen from stimulus scams?

The left is sick and tired of things like personal liberties, rights and the Constitution standing in the way of them carrying out their socialistic and totalitarian agenda.

So says the guy who believes the State can order a woman to continue an unwanted pregnancy, and can legally put a bounty on anyone who in any way helps her to do otherwise.

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Yeah, the irresponsible couple who have unbelievable access to free birth control, should be responsible for what they do.

Next thing you know the Democrats will be wanting to sue Budweiser or Jack Daniels when they have a hang over.

But then, that’s Comrade Greggie; no responsibility for personal actions required. Pure Marx.

So says the guy that denies letting a viable baby expire, crying and wiggling, on a cold stainless table after a failed abortion isn’t murder. So says the guy that tearing a viable baby to pieces inside the womb isn’t murder. So says the guy that merely parrots whatever he is told to parrot.

So says the guy that support trampling human rights, violating laws and police state tactics.

Dave Reaboi makes some good points.
What China did with its social credit scoring system appalled us a couple years ago.
Now, it is happening here and people just accept it?!

Woody Allen, once considered a Leftist, wrote a good movie about American blacklisting during the McCarthy era, called The Front.
Might be wise to rewatch that, people.
Filled with writers, producers and actors who were all blacklisted themselves, it is an accurate depiction of what it was like to be “cancelled.”
Why are we allowing history to repeat?
Because we are being led by illiterates who never learned that this was a mistake in history, not a playbook to follow.
Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.


Trudeau has replaced Inspector Fenwick with Snidley Whiplash

BREAKING: In a Shocking Reversal, Trudeau Revokes His Use of the Emergencies Act – (VIDEO)

really link please

BREAKING: In a Shocking Reversal, Trudeau Revokes His Use of the Emergencies Act – UPDATE: Lack of Senate Support Likely Forced His Hand – (VIDEO)

Found it on conservative treehouse.

This came mere hours after the Canadian gov’t reversed itself on the freezing of private bank accounts.
A legal argument included it being an “ex post facto” lawwritten and enacted AFTER people were supporting the truckers, THEN going after those same people who had (at the time) committed no crime.)
The slight majority, 56% of Candians, supported the crackdown even tho it was illegal.

They made some serious mistakes by seizing and/or freezing peoples money. Total bullshit

The only reason emergency powers were invoked by Trudeau was to clear the blockade, which was accomplished.

Now the f*cking morons are on their way to Washington DC.

Inspired by Canadian truck protests, ‘People’s Convoy’ heads to Washington

Likewise, our government is based on trust in the honor and integrity of those we choose to represent us (the key is “those we choose”, not those who are installed). Just as in Canada, here in the US the government could enact an edict to freeze accounts and even confiscate the money. Sure, it would be challenged and probably reversed, but even a few days without funds could ruin many individuals and businesses. Only good intentions prevents it.

Idiot Biden and those who control him don’t have good intentions. They intend to control, rule and make themselves wealthy.