Scott Ritter – “I believe we are looking at the physical destruction of the Ukrainian nation as the endgame for this conflict”



Some initial thoughts on Russia’s partial mobilization:
First and foremost, this represents a new phase in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, namely the fact that Russia is fighting the NATO alliance as opposed to just Ukraine.
To respond to this threat, Russia is creating a new reality of its own, namely to transition from a fight that had Russia working with allies and operating on foreign soil, to Russia defending the motherland. The partial mobilization is being conducted in parallel with political referendums that will see the Donbas and other Ukrainian territory be absorbed into the Russian federation.
This absorption will fundamentally alter the legal foundations of the conflict. While the referendums currently being considered only impact lands under current Russian occupation, Putin spoke of the need to free all of “Novo Rossiya” from the yoke of Ukrainian tyranny.
I believe the absorption of Ukrainian territory will be expanded at some point to include Odessa and Kharkov.
The mobilization of 300,000 men, as well as the announced goal of bringing all other units up to the standards of the Russian army, will not happen overnight. Russia will be forming new units, and this takes time.
I believe we will see a strategic pause while Russia completes its partial mobilization. This pause will be marked by heavy fighting as Ukraine will seek to disrupt the referendums and alter the geography of the battlefield. But once Russia consolidates the new territory politically, and accrues the necessary military capacity, I believe we are looking at the physical destruction of the Ukrainian nation as the endgame for this conflict.
I also believe there is nothing NATO can do to alter this reality.

Must watch:

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Is Scott Ritter still slanting his coverage based on how many young girls one side supplies to him, like he did when he was in Iraq and Saddam was his pimp?

A referendum? Putin has methodically depopulated eastern Ukraine of those opposed to Russian occupation and annexation. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been forcibly removed to “filtration camps”, aka concentration camps, where they have been processed for resettlement in economically depressed areas of Russia, far from families, friends, and their homeland. Any “referendum” held after removing opposition is a nothing more than rubber-stamping the annexation of what Putin and his thugs have stolen. It’s not about protecting “ethnic Russians”. The bastard has shelled Russian-speaking Ukrainian villages, towns, and cities into rubble. Mariupol was a Russian-speaking Ukrainian city. They wanted no part of the son-of-a-bitch, and resisted his invasion every inch of the way.

Ukrainians must endure a brutal ‘filtration’ process to escape Russian-held territory. Here’s what that means

Hopefully saner Russians will end Putin’s murderous career before he sends another wave of young Russians to kill until they themselves are killed or driven out.

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Still citing CNN? Damn you are dumb.
In Lipp’s viral video, she said, “you need to understand that Russia has been asking for eight years that the Minsk agreement be upheld. Ukraine did not adhere to it, nor did they approach the Donbas region in an attempt to come to agreement.”
“Instead, they have been bombing the outskirts of the Donbas region for eight years. They are shooting at civilians, who now also have to live in completely shot-up houses. Very many people have died here,” Lipp continued.
In the video, Lipp alleged that the Donbas citizens who overwhelmingly voted to secede from Ukraine in 2014 had been, “thankful that Russia finally did something”.
Lip added, “Finally, the people here have been liberated from the terror that they’ve been experiencing for the last eight years,” under continuous shelling by the Ukrainian military.
Soon after the video went viral, Lipp’s YouTube channel was closed, her PayPal account was blocked, and the Ukrainian government labeled her a “terrorist”.

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Did you read the article you linked about the 2014 vote to secede, oh wise one?

“There were no international observers, no up-to-date electoral lists, and the ballot papers were photocopies. With heavily armed men keeping watch, ambiguous wording on the ballot slip and a bungled Ukrainian attempt to stop voting in one town that ended with one dead, it was clear that this was no ordinary referendum.”

That’s how Putin “legitimizes” his territorial expansion. The Donbas separatists are Putin’s “little green men”. Everybody with a brain knows who they actually are. Ukrainians certainly do. They’re Putin’s terrorist operatives.

Alina Lipp is the “journalist” who promoted the story that a 16-year-old Russian boy was beat to death in Germany by a mob of Ukrainian refugees. The story was supported by video footage. The footage was fake, the incident never happened, nor did anything remotely similar happen. It was a total fabrication.

Everything she rolls out promotes Putin’s lies and rationalizes Putin’s aggression in Ukraine. She, of course, claims political persecution by the German government.

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It’s not 2014. It’s 8 years later. Eight years observing Putin should be enough to tell anyone what he is.

BARR LIED! FOIA Requests Reveal There Were No DOJ Investigations on Election Fraud After 2020 Election as Bill Barr Claims

Dltz while Hilary and Obama were signing away 20% of the US uranium production we knew who Putin was…did you?

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Democrats love pouring huge pile of money onto issues because that makes it easier to slip a few million bucks into their own pockets.

George Soros Network Bankrolled Activist Group Suing DeSantis Over Martha’s Vineyard Flights

They were attacked as far back as 2014 dolt head financed by an oligarch trying to protect his theft of oil and gas leases he gave to himself, How? The corrupt government position he held.

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Soon Putin’s going to need the military to control his own people. If he doesn’t change course, he’s not going to remain in power.

09/22/22 – Russians Return to Streets to Protest Widening of Putin’s War on UkraineAfter Putin announced mandatory military service, demonstrators called the mobilization a “burialization” — and more than 1,000 were arrested in cities across Russia.

MORE THAN 1,000 antiwar protesters were arrested in Russia on Wednesday, following President Vladimir Putin’s decision to force up to 300,000 reservists back into military service as his war on Ukraine falters.

In a recorded address, Putin described the move as a “partial mobilization” of Russian citizens with some prior military training, but, as the Russian exile news site Meduza reported, a new law enacted this week appears to give the president the right to call for a wider, general mobilization. Most Russian men of military age are legally considered reservists following a mandatory year of military service in their youth.

Michael Kofman, an expert on the Russian armed forces, observed that Putin’s order, which also indefinitely extends the contracts of soldiers who volunteered to fight in Ukraine, “might help Moscow stem the deteriorating quantity of the force, but not the deteriorating quality of the force [and] its morale.”

The Kremlin now claims 5,936 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine. This is a fairy tale. Such losses wouldn’t require Putin to call up 300,000 reserves.

Intelligence sources estimate that Russia has lost 40 percent of all operational Russian tanks. They’re trying to buy munitions from North Korea. Putin’s Special Military Operation has become a Russian disaster. It’s only going to get worse. There’s internal dissent within the Russian military command structure itself, from the field on up to the Kremlin. Replacing everyone who isn’t telling you what you want to hear solves nothing.

Winter will also come in Russia.

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“The one with the rifle shoots!
One out of two gets a rifle!
The one without follows him!
When the one with the rifle gets killed,
The one who is following picks up the rifle and shoots!

“The one with the rifle shoots!
One out of two gets a rifle…”

(Continue until Ukraine is conquered, all Russian conscripts are dead, or Putin is removed.)

Awww greggie conscripts or drafted same same and the WW2 was won with the draft 10 million men drafted. WW1 2.4 million.
Have you ever cracked a single history book? You certainly have not payed attention to recent history.

You might want to stand up to Biden, who’s insane, genocidal rhetoric just killed a bright and hopeful youth in North Dakota.

THAT is what it looks like when you install an incompetent puppet who leads a tyrannical, anti-democratic regime. Biden IS the literal incarnation of the false image you idiots keep trying to cast Trump as.


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Biden isn’t the guy sending thousands of his own countrymen to rot in Ukrainian fields for nothing, nor is he the guy looking at possible prison sentences for more civil and criminal offenses than his lawyers can keep track of.

Like most Americans, I’m enjoying NONE of this. Apparently many Russians aren’t, either.

Russians protest, flee country as Putin’s military mobilization begins; Blinken urges end to nuclear threats: Ukraine updates

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From a movie based on one short paragraph about a sniper.

Fact of the matter is Russia has tighter gun control laws than American liberals even dream about.
People who “oppose” Putin might demonstrate but they can’t fight with guns since they don’t have guns.

Still citing CNN? Damn you are dumb.

Perhaps you could share a list of acceptable sources to cite.

Perhaps you’ll figure out the minute someone cites a website as “the Truth,” they instantly lose the argument.

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I understand that you don’t believe in the idea of citing the sources of facts. You have made that clear time and time again. Most adults of average intelligence or higher, however, believe in citing sources to back up what they say.

CNN hardly ever cites real sources
“Someone familar with the case”
or famous “reliable”
Bombshell the walls are closing in drivel for 6 years.

“Someone familar with the case” or famous “reliable”

That’s a valid complaint. I hate that shit.

I understand that you don’t believe in the idea of citing the sources of facts.

Stop projecting. You offer none, time and time again.

Most adults of average intelligence or higher, however, believe in citing sources to back up what they say.

Given I’m well above average, I can see how what I say doesn’t register with a plebe like you.

But please, give us more of your CNN-style “scholarship.”

The silly “if Google didn’t allow it as propaganda, it’s not true” way of thinking is being rejected by all but a few flailing Leftists who desperately don’t want to believe their religion-in-practice is hell on earth.

Say a prayer to your spagetti monster for me.

And michael, you’re a complete dumbfuck…like most of the below-average white males who compensate with off the shelf atheism, citing their own inflated “intelligence” as the reason they can’t perform

Stop projecting. You offer none, time and time again.

When I’m citing facts, I pretty much always include a link to the place where I got the information, and you nearly always mock me for doing so.

Either I never cite my sources, or I’m a dope for always citing sources that you don’t respect. You can’t have it both ways. Choose a narrative and stick with it.

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How do you know your sources are credible?

citing their own inflated “intelligence” as the reason they can’t perform

??? ?? ???

been there done that.

Biden literally withheld aid. Trump invested. The held a fake impeachment and said Trump did it.
They accuse you of what they just did.
That tactic is no longer effective.

Massachusetts Energy Companies Announce 64% Increase in Electricity Rates Beginning November 1st

National Grid and Eversource are the two major electricity providers for Massachusetts. Both companies have notified the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) that rates for electricity are about to skyrocket.

National Grid has announced a 64% increase in electricity rates effective November 1st. While Eversource is on a different schedule, they too have announced an increase in natural gas rates of 38% on November 1st and the January 1, 2023, electricity rate will be announced in the next few weeks. Eversource is anticipated to announce a similar rate increase to National Grid. WATCH:

Both major power companies rely on natural gas to create electricity. Thanks to Joe Biden’s energy policies, which includes the massive export of natural gas in LNG form, domestic prices for natural gas have skyrocketed and will continue increasing as production is further shut down by regulation.

We are helping the EU survive their sanction driven energy crisis by sending them natural gas (LNG format), while simultaneously forcing Americans to pay more in order to maintain the EU export.  Everything about the process is FUBAR.

comment image

Massachusetts – […] National Grid said the monthly bill of a typical residential customer using 600 kilowatt-hours of electricity will increase from $179 last winter to about $293 this winter, an increase of about 64%. National Grid said the delivery portion of electric bills will basically remain flat.

“National Grid buys electricity on behalf of its customers from the wholesale power market through a regulatory approved process established 20 years ago. That process has served customers well over the years and provides flexibility for unforeseen events, like limited supplier response to solicitations. But things have fundamentally changed,” Helen Burt, the company’s chief customer officer, said in a statement. “Today, under a sustained, high market price environment, it is challenging to maintain affordable prices. Given that, we think it’s a good time to work with our regulators and other stakeholders to review the process and electricity supply dynamics in the region, with an eye toward reducing price volatility and maintaining a secure, reliable and resilient energy system for the future.”

The company also announced that its natural gas rates are expected to rise on Nov. 1. They said they have a pending proposal with the state Department of Public Utilities that would result in the monthly bill for an average Boston Gas residential heating customer using 115 therms per month of $278, an increase of $50, or 22%, compared to last winter’s rates.

Eversource, the state’s other major electric provider, said in an email that it is on a different schedule than National Grid for setting its electric rates so no increases are currently planned.

“We file electric base service rates twice per year with the DPU,” company spokesman Chris McKinnon said. “Our last change was on July 1, 2022 and our next change will be January 1, 2023, which we will be filing for in the coming months.”

Over the border in New Hampshire, Eversource announced in July that electric rates would be doubling for many residents due to higher natural gas prices fueled in part by the war in Ukraine.

Eversource did announce Wednesday that it has submitted a proposal to the Department of Public Utilities seeking to raise its natural gas rates. They said their average residential customer using 126 therms of gas a month would see an increase of about 38%, or $86 on their natural gas bill over last winter. Those rate increases would take effect Nov. 1. (read m0re)

comment image

09/23/22 – Ukraine ‘referendums’: Soldiers go door-to-door for votes in polls

“You have to answer verbally and the soldier marks the answer on the sheet and keeps it,” one woman in Enerhodar told the BBC.

In southern Kherson, Russian guardsmen stood with a ballot box in the middle of the city to collect people’s votes.

The door-to-door voting is for “security”, Russian state media says.

“In-person voting will take place exclusively on 27 September,” Tass reported. “On the other days, voting will be organised in communities and in a door-to-door manner.”

One woman in Melitopol told the BBC that two local “collaborators” arrived with two Russian soldiers at her parents’ flat, to give them a ballot to sign.

“My dad put ‘no’ [to joining Russia],” the woman said. “My mum stood nearby, and asked what would happen for putting ‘no’. They said, ‘Nothing’.

“Mum is now worried that the Russians will persecute them.”

The woman also said there was one ballot for the entire household, rather than per person…

Creepy Pervert Joe Biden Stuns Teachers with Comment on Meeting Love Interest When She Was 12-YEARS-OLD: ‘She Was 12; I Was 30’

And Daddy would have shot him if he knew what he done, Democrats, MAPs and thieves…sing it!

IT’S OFFICIAL – Right Now 2022 Stands as the Worst Year in US Stock Market History

By the time the crash that began in November 1929 ended, the stock market had lost 90 percent of its value.

And that’s one down-vote for an historically verifiable fact.

In August 1929 – just weeks before the stock market crashed – the Federal Reserve Bank of New York raised the interest rate from 5 percent to 6 percent.
Some experts say this steep, sudden hike cooled investor enthusiasm, which affected market stability and sharply reduced economic growth.

I don’t know what the Fed’s 1929 interest rate hike was about. The 1929 inflation rate was zero—down from the previous year’s rate of 1-point-something. Maybe they were trying to encourage savings to discourage the stock market bubble or something? Irrational exuberance about buying stocks had set in, so they might have been trying to prop up the banking system?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Nice copy/paste with no attribution.

You can find this information anywhere, the Fed was a 1913 creation and took them a very short time to F things up.

No, I mean you literally cut and pasted those exact words and posted them without attribution.

Is there a point groomer? Our stock market is highly manipulated the US Government and the Fed have been f’n up everything they touch since the early 1900s. Assisted by the media look at the papers before the big crash.

It seems michael the groomer has become the unappointed board moderator for siting sources. What a putz.

Biden’s economy is bad. It’s really bad.  
As of today, the DOW in 2022 is having its worst year ever!

The DOW closed today at 29,590. This is the greatest decline in a single year in DOW

The DOW is one measurement of the US markets that indicates the health of the economy.

President Trump broke the record for the most stock market highs in a year in 2017, the year he took over the Executive Branch. President Trump’s economy was on fire.

Sadly, the Biden Administration is the complete opposite.  After nearly 2 years in
office, the DOW is down nearly 2,000 points since the day biden was installed into office after stealing the 2020 Election.

On January 20, 2021, the DOW closed at 31,188. Today the DOW closed at 29,590.  

As of 10:30 am Eastern, the DOW stood at 29,630 and it got worse.

Americans are watching their 401k’s disappear due to the Biden economy.

The DOW is currently down since Biden took office. It is down 24% since the last market closing all-time high of 36,799 on January 4th of 2022.

The DOW is currently down more than 6,700 points this year alone (the DOW was at 36,338 on December 31, 2021).

If this decrease stands till year-end, this decrease will be the largest decrease of any year in US history. 

The worst year prior to this was 2008 when the DOW was down 4,488 points.

Biden’s economy is reaching records in the worst categories imaginable. 

Karine Jean-Pierre Amid Recession and Rate Hikes: What We Are Seeing Is a Transition to a More Steady and Stable Growth

The Fed has got to stabilize the value of our currency unless you want a monetary collapse. Do you want a monetary collapse? Stopping one will now be painful—unless you’re very rich. Then it’s only going to disrupt your plans to become even richer.

Interest rates should have been gradually raised beginning six years ago. High-income personal taxes and corporate taxes ALSO should have been gradually raised. This is what comes of not doing so. Add Putin to the mix, and his stupid, pointless, immoral war that’s burning through valuable resources and drastically reducing agricultural production in one of the worlds bread baskets, not to mention killing thousands. It’s all going to get worse before it gets better.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Argentina has been trying this their rates are up to 75%
The only ones that profit are the bankers.

So they’re getting their tactics from the Democrat party now?

The Russians are using paper ballots, which Trump’s supporters claim are the only legitimate method. They’ve also got their “election monitors” keeping close watch to make sure nobody cheats.

So they’re getting their tactics from the Democrat party now?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

The Russians are using paper ballots, which Trump’s supporters claim are the only legitimate method. They’ve also got their “election monitors” keeping close watch to make sure nobody cheats.

Maybe they’ll stage some “water main breaks” so they can chase off any observers not in on the scam and then the REAL “counting” can begin.

You can have paper ballots. You can have “election monitors”. But if the people in control are corrupt, they can still make the outcome anything they want, just as Democrats did in numerous precincts in 2020.

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“Joe Biden’s” Last Stand

That thing that many of you have worried about, and some of you have prepared for — well, it’s here. We’re in it now.

Historians of the future, grilling spatchcocked plovers over their campfires, will need not ponder for even a New York minute who started World War Three in the rockin’ 2020s. They will point straight to the waxy, furtive, larval figure known as “Joe Biden,” by then judged a moral weevil of such epic low degree that he became an embarrassment to all the other sewer-dwelling denizens of the dank DC underworld, including the roaches, the rats, the humble shipworms eating through sunk oaken foundations of buildings long forgotten, the writhing maggots rinsed from a thousand restaurant dumpsters, the slithering hellgrammites, millipedes, silverfish, pillbugs, termites, dung-beetles, woodlice, and, not least, the scaly lawyers spawned out of the infestation beneath K Street called Perkins Coie LLP. Even these would loathe and disdain the thing that came into this world as “Joe Biden.”

Let us agree that the place called Ukraine was never any of America’s business. For centuries we ignored it, through all the colorful cavalry charges to-and-fro of Turks and Tatars, the reign of the dashing Zaporozhian Cossacks, the cruel abuses of Stalin, then Hitler, and the dull, gray Khrushchev-to-Yeltsin years. But then, having destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia and sundry other places all on a great hegemonic lark, the professional warmongers of our land and their catamites in Washington made Ukraine their next special project. They engineered the 2014 coup in Kiev that ousted the elected president, Mr. Yanyukovich, to set up a giant grifting parlor and international money-laundromat. The other strategic aim was to prepare Ukraine for NATO membership, which would have made it, in effect, a forward missile base right up against Russia’s border. Because, well, Russia, Russia, Russia!

An early beneficiary of these arrangements, you might recall, was one Hunter Biden, the drug-addicted, sex-obsessed, no-account son of Barack Obama’s no-account vice-president then known simply as Joe Biden sans quote-marks — because in 2014, he was a closer approximation of a real person than is sadly now the case. In fact, he was known as “The Big Guy” among Hunter’s business coterie (though listed as “Pedo Peter” on Hunter’s speed-dial). After the 2014 coup, and for years beyond, Hunter pulled a steady revenue stream out of Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings, a natgas distributor (among other things), serving as a know-nothing, no-show board member. When this monkey business came to the attention of President Trump, and he made a telephone inquiry about it, he was instantly beset by swarms of DC swamp vermin hoisting writs of impeachment.

Fast forward through the past eight years and you have Kiev’s persecution of the Russian-speaking Donbas provinces, the constant shelling and harassment by Banderite Nazis. Between that and the ever more strident urgings for Ukraine to join NATO, President Putin of Russia, Russia, Russia apparently had enough. In February of this year, he started the Special Military Operation to put an end to these hostilities. By April, when whole battalions of Ukrainian Nazis had been exterminated, a call to peace talks was issued by Mr. Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister. This was shot-down without ceremony by “Joe Biden” (that is, by the junta behind him). The genius strategists in Foggy Bottom aimed to “weaken” Russia. To what end? (you might ask). Okay: Reasons….

Hence, many hard-fought battles on-the-ground later, Ukraine has lost roughly 70,000 troops killed to Russia’s roughly 6,000 KIA. The USA pours $10-billion-a-month into this venture, including missiles aplenty and other ordnance, in a stupid effort to prolong the conflict and bankrupt our own land. Thus, Mr. Putin has decided to stop pussyfooting around Ukraine, and declared an upgrade in Russia’s effort to put a conclusive end to these shenanigans. He set this forth clearly in a sober speech Wednesday, which included a reminder to the geniuses in the White House basement game room that Russia is a nuclear power.

“Joe Biden” (looking like the ghost of Konstantin Chernenko) answered in a speech to the UN General Assembly the next day, a maundering recitation of sanctimonious bluster, larded with climate hysteria to alarm and bamboozle the UN’s scores of Third World delegates, with not a word about any possible peace talks — because peaceful resolution of the conflict is the last thing that our government wants. It wants war, meaning we citizens of this land will get it, good and hard, if the puppeteers working “Joe Biden’s” mouth get their way. Prepare to live in an ashtray.

From our side, it may just add up — as I said — to plain bluster. The “Joe Biden” regime has already done enough to hurtle the USA and the rest of Western Civ into a new dark age. The nations of the EU have no idea how they will conduct economic activity without the cheap Russian natgas they used to depend on. They are about to get a harsh lesson on the realistic limits of “green energy” they’ve been prattling about for years. So far, it doesn’t look good for them. A few more months of this and the populace from Riga to Lisbon will be stringing up whole parliaments from the boulevard light standards.

Even if “Joe Biden” doesn’t go for the ashtray option, consider the $350-trillion in leveraged financial derivatives orbiting high above the scene like a numberless fleet of death stars primed to blow at the next interest rate uptick. The Euroland stock markets are already tanking hard as I write at 8:30 EDT today. US futures indicate a week-ending bloodbath on Wall Street. This is nature’s way of registering its no-confidence vote in “Joe Biden’s” management of our affairs. All this is on top of the sucking chest wound that Washington DC has become — the necrotic corruption of every agency, the gathering “vaccine” holocaust, the indecent firehose of lies from high places, the Gestapo sleaze of the DOJ/FBI nexus, and the astounding new twists in officially-promoted sexual degeneracy revealed in our schools and hospitals.

Not to put too fine a point on it: the shit has already hit the fan. We are where we were going. If you truly believe those 2020 national election results, then this is what you voted for, America. Feeling any buyer’s remorse yet? Got the feeling that something must be done? Okay then, what?

Tucker Carlson Discusses Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, Almost Certainly a U.S. Covert Action Against Russia
Tucker Carlson accurately outlined the most likely suspect of the sabotage against Russia’s Nord Stream I and II pipeline today. When you consider the media blitz by Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, last weekend (ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS); specifically pointing out the U.S. position against Russia; it is almost a certainty that U.S. action was behind the underwater detonation of explosives to take out Nord Stream pipeline system.  WATCH: