San Francisco’s Strangest Proposal Yet – The Criminalization of Closure


by Jeff Childers

Yesterday, Fox News ran a widely-reported story headlined, “San Francisco proposal would allow lawsuits over grocery store closures.” Apparently unsatisfied that the City isn’t being demolished fast enough, a maniac on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors now seeks to criminalize businesses closing  because they are being criminalized.

image 11.png

The lunatic proposal would require grocery store owners to give six months written notice before closing to the Board of Supervisors and to the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. The store would also have to post notices at all entrances and exits to inform the general public. If they don’t comply, the owners would be subject to class action lawsuits.

They aren’t called the Laws of Supply and Demand for nothing. They are called “laws” because they are LAWS, not just theories or good ideas. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you can’t just pass an ordinance and change the way the laws of economics work.

Forcing businesses to stick it out for six months and do all these notices when things aren’t working out is a great way to convince new businesses not to open stores in San Fransisco. Nice job, morons.

Perhaps the Board of Supervisors deserves partial credit for trying. Or maybe not. Is it possible — just spitballing here — is there any chance they are trying to fix the wrong problem? I mean, do we have any clues as to what else might be making stores close, apart from ‘greed?’ I don’t know whether this means anything, but the following paragraph from the article caught my eye:

Last year, a Whole Foods location in San Francisco closed a little more than one year after it opened. Records indicated that the Market Street location was the scene of 568 emergency calls in a 13-month period due to incidents such as vagrants throwing food, yelling, fighting and attempting to defecate on the floor, according to the New York Times. At least 14 arrests were made at the location.

My goodness. San Fransisco sounds a lot like the inside of the monkey cage on a particularly restless day. But note the numbers: five hundred and sixty-eight emergency calls, but only fourteen arrests. So. Fox was telling us without telling us.

Why is San Fransisco’s Board of Supervisors afraid of punishing small crimes? If Florida can stop a drunk from sitting half-naked in a garbage can, why can’t San Fransisco stop lunatics from fighting in and trying to defecate on its grocery stores? For Pete’s sake.

It might be, as I’ve suggested before, this is coordinated enemy action. It might be a plot to lower property values through non-enforcment of crimes and destroy valuable urban centers, designed to help billionaire oligarchs buy up big cities for pennies on the dollar. It could be that. But after watching this video clip from Atlanta’s most recent Board of Commissioners meeting, I’m teetering back toward the explanation being a national crisis of incompetence:

image 12.png

CLIP: Atlanta’s diverse and wise city councillors sagely debate public policy (0:27).

Remember, Atlanta — Fulton County — is also where standout District Attorney Fanny Willis prosecutes crime. She’s the one on the Trump lawsuit who recently advised, in open court, under oath, that “if I owe somebody a G, they gonna get a G.”  So it seems like a whole-of-government problem.

You cannot make this stuff up. Somebody call Ayn Rand.

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I recall the left screaming “We have to do SOMETHING!”
That’s almost always a recipe for disaster.
Policies need thinking thru, not going by gut.
But the left is criminalizing thinking as “white supremacy.”
Man! Are they ever painting themselves into a corner!
These store are going to close because their bottom line demands it.
If the gov’t wants to freely supply food to everyone, they can open their own stores.comment image

Just a few short years ago, the first transgender flotus, aka Big Mike, was complaining about the abundance of “Food Deserts” in primarily urban areas. Well, looks like the deserts will be back thanks to local soros back DA’s who would prefer to persecute innocent MAGA citizens over the hardened criminals.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

Husband to wife with 2 black eyes and a broken arm, “You aint going anywhere.”

Heres a gem

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

My brother once told me (back in the ’80’s) that when Atlanta was courting businesses to move there, they would show videos of the Dallas city council meetings (which I used to listen to on the radio, just for entertainment). Every meeting, some black activist would try to take over the meeting with some new “racist” incident that demanded justice. Now, it appears other cities can use their tactic against them.

San Francisco might be able to impose such a monumentally stupid ordinance on businesses seeking new licenses, but I don’t see how they can arbitrarily impose this on existing businesses. But, then again, totalitarians can do anything they want. It’s always the same pattern; the left creates a disaster but, instead of seeing their failure and reversing course, they impose MORE disasters to try and make the original disastrous a bit less disastrous.