RFK Jr.’s Rise: The Democrat Panic and the Fight for the Youth Vote


by Jeff Childers

It’s not quite panic, not yet, but it’s close. The Hill ran an op-ed yesterday asking the obvious question, “Why are the Democrats suddenly so petrified of RFK Jr.?” Probably because polls show Kennedy is peeling off more disaffected democrats than disaffected Republicans. But let’s see what the Hill’s contributor Douglas MacKinnon thought.

The gist of the article was that the trouble seems to be with younger voters, a staple low-information democrat constituency. MacKinnon cited a startling New York Magazine story that ran last week under this headline:

The New York Magazine article, citing sources inside the Democrat National Committee, explained what it is about the rogue Kennedy that keeps waking Team Biden up in the middle of the night thrashing around in their Egyptian cotton sheets, and their moronic plan to deal with RFK:

The political math is straightforward: Leading Democrats believe that while voters don’t know much about Kennedy, the data suggests he takes more support from Biden than from Trump, and that pro-Trump forces are therefore eager to boost him. Much of his preliminary support appears to come from younger, male voters, and often Black and Latino ones — the exact group that Biden supporters are most concerned about maintaining.

Though many DNC Democrats are wary of talking about it or previewing their plans for fear of giving Kennedy fodder, it is already clear that they will make sure voters associate Kennedy with Trump, and that he is in fact a “stalking horse” and a “spoiler.” They point to conservative mega-donor, Tim Mellon, who has been both the largest donor to Kennedy’s super-PAC (contributing $20 million) and also one of Trump’s biggest backers (giving $15 million to his super-PAC).

Who doesn’t like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.? Trump supporters might not vote for the independent democrat, but they admire his courageous stance against biomedical tyranny. Blue-leaning independents, though, who can’t stomach Trump, but hate Biden, find a candidate to love in RFK.

In other words, an independent-running Kennedy is the dream candidate for a lot of left-leaning independents.

Cowardly Joe Biden won’t debate RFK, but he’ll sure slander the anti-vaccine campaigner behind the scenes.

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