Reuters: A Migrant Caravan is Coming and it is Spectacular


by Karen Townsend

Spectacular in this case means alarming. There is a huge caravan of mostly Central American and Caribbean migrants walking from southern Mexico with the goal of reaching the U.S.-Mexico border. There are thousands of people in the caravan.

Reuters reported that they walked from the southern border city Tapachula on Sunday to arrive in Alvaro Obregon to spend Christmas Eve in a public square and then continue walking north to cross Mexico until they reach the U.S. border.

Migrant rights activist Luis Garcia Villagran urged that migrants must not become political bargaining chips in the upcoming presidential election in the United States, where migrants were heading.

“We won’t be stopped, we’ll keep walking,” he said.

Local authorities estimated the size of the caravan to average about 8,000 people per day. A Reuters witness traveling with the group said most migrants were from Central and South America but also the Caribbean.

8,000 people per day from one caravan. The southern border is already seeing daily averages of 8,000 to up to 10,000 illegal immigrants per day on a regular basis. It is an historic level of illegal immigration yet the Biden administration is deliberately allowing it to become the new normal.

That migrant rights activist might want to talk to Joe Biden if he’s concerned about illegal immigrants being in the fray during the 2024 presidential election. Too late, it’s already happened and it should. Joe Biden politicized the management of the southern border when he ended Trump’s border policies and agreements on his first day in office. Biden wanted to show he is the anti-Trump president when it comes to the border and he sure did. Trump had the border as secured as it can get and Biden undid it all. He should have been impeached for dereliction of his top duty – to keep the homeland safe – but he had a Democrat-controlled House for most of his administration.

The number of illegal immigrants that were recorded by Border Patrol in November was an all-time record high for the United States. As the Biden border crisis continues, month after month, CBP has developed a habit of reporting the previous month’s numbers later and later into the next month. It’s bad and they try to put it off as long as possible.

The person facing a possible impeachment process over his dereliction of duty at the southern border is DHS Secretary Mayorkas. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green calls Mayorkas “cowardly” for trying to bury the November numbers in a late Friday news dump ahead of the Christmas weekend.

Among the Border Patrol arrests in November were 18 people whose names were on the terrorism watchlist. Through the first two months of fiscal 2024, agents have nabbed 30 terrorism suspects at the southern border, putting the country on pace to break the record of 169 set under Mr. Biden in the previous year.

Customs and Border Protection released the numbers Friday afternoon, ahead of the Christmas holiday weekend.

Republicans said that seemed to be an attempt to bury the bad news amid holiday cheer.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green said it was “cowardly of Mr. Mayorkas.”

The scariest part is the number of people apprehended that appear on the terror watch list. Those are just the ones who were apprehended, not the ones who were gotaways. Who knows how many people on the terror watch list are roaming around the country undetected? The government does not know. In FY 2023, there was a record number of people apprehended on the terror watch list. FY 2024 isn’t looking any better so far.

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Send them to all those Democrat Run Cities start with Chicago

“We won’t be stopped, we’ll keep walking,” he said.

That sounds an awful lot like a threat to national security. No doubt, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden will do NOTHING to stop it. Also, not a single whining, blubbering, lying Democrat mayor or government that has been complaining about getting loads of illegal immigrants dumped on them, will rally and demand the caravan be stopped and blocked 100%.

Maybe biden should go meet them at the border. Surely there will be some hair to smell and even some young female children to shower with.

Muslim Mob Terrorizes Christmas Shoppers in Small, Peaceful Tennessee City (VIDEO)

Time to get these fuckers out of our country.

They illegal block traffic, they deface public property, the assault and terrorize innocent citizens. No arrests, no penalties, just tacit approval from the DNC.

Time to get these fuckers out of our country.

That should include any US citizen that joins in. If they don’t like it here and want to join the “Palestinians”, let them go somewhere else and do it.

Since it’s not overpopulation these people are fleeing from, what is it?
It is the natural results of “progressive” gov’t.
Take Cuba.
Cuba just legalized euthanizing any of their people they want.
That means you.
Anyone the gov’t considers to be people with chronic degenerative and irreversible diseases, with intractable suffering, who are in an agonizing or terminal phase of life or who have suffered injuries that place them in this condition will be euthanized.
So, RATIONING in socialized health care boils down (every time) to DEATH PANELS.
And all Cuba’s gov’t soldiers have to do to get the opponents of their “dear leader” killed is INJURE them!
And, Central and South American countries include quite a few led by “progressives.”