Report, Lawfare Beach Friends Meet Every Friday to Discuss Legal Filings and Best Trump Attack Strategy


by Sundance

This is not going to be a surprise for regular CTH readers; however, Politico is outlining how a group of Lawfare ideologues meet every Friday to discuss their constructed legal filings and the next week of attack angles against President Donald Trump.

In essence, the core group inside the meeting are what Christine Blasey-Ford called the “beach friends” when discussing who constructed the legal avenues for the ridiculous attack against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

As we have noted for the past several years, it’s this same group of Lawfare ideologues, mostly former DOJ administrators and lawyers, who are behind every anti-Trump effort.   The primary trio is Mary McCord, Norm Eisen (left in red tie), and Andrew Weissmann.

These are the three members who write the briefs and court motions that Jack Smith then files.

Mary McCord worked in the DOJ-NSD to secure the first Title-1 warrant against the Trump campaign; then she created the Logan Act violation to use against Michael Flynn; then she went to work with Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler on both impeachment efforts; then McCord went to work for Bennie Thompson on the J6 committee; then she worked as the liaison between the J6 Committee and Fulton County DA Fani Willis, and now Mary McCord currently works for Jack Smith on the special counsel effort.

Politico outlines how Lawfare operative Norm Eisen organizes the weekly Lawfare meeting and lists the participants who also join in.  Remember, Mary McCord, Norm Eisen and Andrew Weissmann are the primary Lawfare agents.

Via POLITICO – […] Every Friday, they meet on Zoom to hash out the latest twists and turns in the Trump legal saga — and intellectually stress-test the arguments facing Trump on his journey through the American legal system.

The meetings are off the record — a chance for the group’s members, many of whom are formally or loosely affiliated with different media outlets, to grapple with a seemingly endless array of novel legal issues before they hit the airwaves or take to print or digital outlets to weigh in with their thoughts.

The group’s host is Norman Eisen, a senior Obama administration official, longtime Trump critic and CNN legal analyst, who has been convening the group since 2022 as Trump’s legal woes ramped up. Eisen was also a key member of the team of lawyers assembled by House Democrats to handle Trump’s first impeachment.

[…] The regular attendees on Eisen’s call include Bill Kristol, the longtime conservative commentator, and Laurence Tribe, the famed liberal constitutional law professor. John Dean, who was White House counsel under Richard Nixon before pleading guilty to obstruction of justice in connection with Watergate, joins the calls, as does George Conway, a conservative lawyer and co-founder of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. Andrew Weissmann, a longtime federal prosecutor who served as one of the senior prosecutors on Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation and is now a legal analyst for MSNBC, is another regular on the calls. Jeffrey Toobin, a pioneer in the field of cable news legal analysis, is also a member of the crew. The rest of the group includes recognizable names from the worlds of politics, law and media.

[…] You probably know some of the other regular participants on the call, which draws in some of the most recognizable names in the Anti-Trump Cinematic Universe.

They currently include Obama-era U.S. Attorneys Harry Litman, Barbara McQuade and Joyce White Vance. Litman is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, a cable news regular and a podcast host. McQuade and Vance co-host a podcast and are under contract with MSNBC, as are two other regular attendees — Jennifer Rubin, an opinion writer for the Washington Post who often covers Trump’s legal affairs, and Mary McCord, a former federal prosecutor and high-ranking official in the Justice Department who co-hosts a podcast for MSNBC with Weissmann. Karen Agnifilo, a former senior prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and CNN commentator, is an occasional attendee, as is Elliot Williams, also a former federal prosecutor who provides commentary on CNN. (read more)

There are many people in media pretending to be surprised to see this article outlining all the participants in the anti-Trump effort as it gives the appearance of an organized and collaborative effort between media and the Lawfare group. However, all of the surprise is just that, pretense.

The entire DC world knows exactly what is going on and who is participating. You do not have some super incredible insight, knowledge or discernment that is not also known and available to every politician, pundit and entity in DC circles. They all know this game and they know the players within it.

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It won’t work unless it’s rigged.

It’s purpose is to tie up Trump so he can’t campaign.
In that, it is succeeding.
Melania is taking to the campaign trail as are sons and daughters-in-law.
Trump will make speeches from in front of the courthouse when he can’t get to a campaign stop.
All of this goes away once the election is over.

Welcome to Bolshevik America. This started with obama and his demented desire to fundamentally change America.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

another regular on the calls. Jeffrey Toobin, well we know his contributions to these zoomie circle jerks its why the Lincoln Project tunes in.
Recently there was a big raid on one of Barry’s pals house Diddy, no charges filed yet, must be another clean up project by the FBI.
comment image?q=50&fit=crop&w=960&h=500&dpr=1.5

Wouldn’t you like to see what happens to the Villains near the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark happen to Soros(Father & Son)Gates and Schwabe would you like to see George Soros Melt and Gates Head Explode?

No one with a brain is surprised, They also send a representative to the White House regularly to make sure the DoJ is fully in the loop. Anyone that believes otherwise is a gutless coward that can’t face the fact that they support a fascist regime or they simply approve of the fascism.

McCord sounds like a real patriot with the best interests of the nation at heart.

That’s a funny way to look at fascism. Well, except for fascists.

New members of the Secret Society of Super Villains or the Legion of Doom

Tell it to the judge.

What? Are you trying to discuss a subject that’s way over your head, groomer?

Check this one

Armed Secret Service Agent Assigned to Kamala Harris Gets Into Fight with Other Agents at Joint Base Andrews, Has to be Physically Restrained

What is it about these leftists and their USSS? I recall the USSS had numerous discipline issues under the moron Obama. I guess that’s just the kind of culture these anti-American slime create.

comment image

Harrington’s claim is crap. They keep recycling the same disproven claims.

Arizona county didn’t accept 18K ballots after 2020 election day

06/07/2022 – CLAIM: A document dated Nov. 4, 2020, shows that election officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, wrongfully accepted 18,000 ballots after election day in 2020.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. A form used by Maricopa County election officials is being misrepresented as proof that the ballots were accepted after election day. The form is actually a receipt that confirms when early ballots in unopened envelopes — received prior to the deadline on election day — were handed off to a private vendor to be scanned, a spokesperson for the Maricopa County Elections Department told The Associated Press.

The CEO of the vendor, Runbeck Election Services, also confirmed the form’s purpose.

THE FACTS: An image of a form is being shared widely on social media with false claims that it shows Maricopa County officials improperly counted thousands of ballots after the 2020 general election.

The form features the header, “MC INBOUND – RECEIPT OF DELIVERY,” as well as a listed date of Nov. 4, 2020, the day after the election. Below are a series of rows and columns. The left hand side features rows with titles like “LATES” and “POST OFFICE INBOUND.” One of the columns is titled “QTY OF PIECES” and a handwritten “18,000” is featured in the column’s top row.

“BREAKING: Maricopa County accepted 18,000 ballots AFTER election day,” one Twitter user wrote on Saturday with an image of the form. The tweet was shared over 1,000 times.

Megan Gilbertson, a spokesperson for the Maricopa County Elections Department, said that while the form in the image is authentic, it does not show ballots that were received late, after the election day deadline.

“It’s not a receipt of when we first came into possession of the envelopes,” Gilbertson said in reference to the form circulating online.

“It’s a record of when we transferred the envelopes to our vendor to be scanned,” she added. “These are a receipt of early ballots received prior to 7:00 p.m. on election day.”

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

If it is crap then provide what it is you are disputing. Saying it is crap does not make it crap. Again, as in the past you were wrong, you are wrong again.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things in my life. When I am, I have no problem admitting it. My ego doesn’t depend on maintaining imaginary infallibility.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

The claim is recycled because the evidence is never examined by you self-denying leftists. Whenever the evidence is examined, the accusations are proven.

Its AZ, run by the cartels.

They signed and formally submitted official documents fraudulently certifying that they were, in fact, the duly elected and lawfully qualified electors. They were not, and knew damn well that they were not.

Arizona indicts 18 in election interference case, including Giuliani and Meadows

Ok but AZ was called less than an hour after the closing of the polls, and thousands and thousands of ballots were not even scanned yet? Ballots handed to a “vendor” unopened signatures unverified the next day. Where were the thousands Ballots held up until that point? did all 18 thousand arrive all at once on election day? Difficult to believe all those democrats couldnt post their votes earlier.

No one but democrats interfered in the election, the election was questioned as is our right as citizens.

Then they cheated in 2022.

MI AG Investigator Babbles Incoherently Under Oath…Can’t Explain Why He Subpeonaed Give Send Go For Names and Bank Account Routing Numbers of Donors Who Contributed To Fund For 2020 GOP Electors

comment image

Michigan’s iron-fisted Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel’s criminal case against 15 MI GOP electors to for President Trump in 2020 is literally falling apart.

At about the 47-minute mark, the lawyer representing MI GOP elector and RNC Committeewoman Kathy Berden destroys Dana Nessel’s special investigator, who, under oath, attempts to explain why he subpoenaed Give Send Go for records showing the names, donor amounts, bank account numbers, and routing numbers of individuals who contributed to the criminal defense funds of the alternate electors.

Communist intimidation tactic. The Democrats want to make sure that people will not financially support any effort to uncover and expose the rampant election fraud in this country.

At the 60 minute mark and for five minutes the AG investigator steps all over his dick. The Judge intervenes because he is incoherent and finally suggests there should be a break.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Mary McCord is married to Sheldon Snook. Sheldon Snook is an advisor to John Roberts. Yes, THAT John Roberts of the Supreme court.

The rats have infested deeply.

McCord has a extensive history of miscreant behavior. Her day is coming soon, in 2025 along with a long list of others too long to list here.

Ok Zuckerberg is buying ticktock. He has vast experience in censorship and data collection to sell.
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

04/25/24 – Trump’s attorney: Presidential coup attempts may be unprosecutableThe Supreme Court oral argument was a reflection of how a president can avoid accountability
…Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked, would a president asking the military to engage in a coup be an “official act” — and therefore not prosecutable?

Here’s the exchange that followed.

Sauer: I think that, as the chief justice pointed out earlier, where there is a whole series of, you know, sort of guidelines against that so to speak. Like the [Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)] prohibits the military from following a plainly unlawful act. … That might well be an official act and you would have to be, as I’ll say in response to all these kinds of hypotheticals, has to be impeached and convicted before he can be criminally prosecuted. But I emphasize to the court that —

Sotomayor: Well, he’s gone, let’s say, this president who ordered the military to stage a coup. He’s no longer president. He wasn’t impeached. He couldn’t be impeached. But he ordered the military to stage a coup. And you’re saying that’s an official act?

Sauer: I think it would depend on—

Sotomayor: That’s immune.

Sauer: I think it would depend on the circumstances, whether it was an official act. If it were an official act, again, he would have to be impeached—

Sotomayor: What does that mean, depend on the circumstances? He was the president. He is the commander-in-chief. He talks to his generals all the time. And he told the generals, I don’t feel like leaving office. I want to stage a coup. Is that immune?

Sauer: If it’s an official act, there needs to be impeachment and conviction beforehand because the framers viewed that kind of very low risk—

Sotomayor: If it’s an official act. Is it an official act?

Sauer: On the way you’ve described that hypothetical, it could well be. I just don’t know. We’d have to, again, it’s a fact specific context, specific determination—

Sauer: That answer sounds to me as though it’s, like, yeah, under my attest, it’s an official act. But that sure sounds bad, doesn’t it?

Sauer: Well, it certainly sounds very bad. And that’s why the framers have — and that’s why the framers have a whole series of structural checks that have successfully for the last 234 years, prevented that very kind of extreme hypothetical. And that is the wisdom of the framers. What they viewed as the risk that needed to be guarded against was not the the notion that the president might escape a criminal prosecution for something very, very unlikely in these unlikely scenarios. They viewed much more likely and much more destructive to the republic, the risk of factional strife discussed by George Washington.

Sotomayor: The framers did not put an immunity clause into the Constitution. They knew how to; there were immunity clauses in some state constitutions. They knew how to give legislative immunity. They didn’t provide immunity to the president. And, you know, not so surprising. They were reacting against a monarch who claimed to be above the law. Wasn’t the whole point that the president was not a monarch and the president was not supposed to be above the law?

That was the exchange, word for word, so don’t bother with your typical “Washington Post—dismissed” tap dance. It is what it is.

Trump’s lawyers are advocating a position before the Supreme Court that would allow any president to attempt to overthrow an election to remain in office—even using the military—and subsequently escape criminal prosecution if the coup fails, unless first impeached and convicted by Congress.

As we’ve already seen, if such a president has any more than 1/3 of the Senate as allies conviction becomes impossible.

Too bad, Comrade Greggie, that in spite of all your professed legalize, you don’t understand the difficulty in trying to answer Sotomayor’s scrambled eggs question.

Trump’s lawyers are advocating a position before the Supreme Court that would allow any president to attempt to overthrow an election to remain in office—even using the military—and subsequently escape criminal prosecution if the coup fails, unless first impeached and convicted by Congress.


Last edited 1 month ago by retire05

Sotomayor nailed Sauer’s pathetic butt to the barn door exactly as Judge Pan did during the Appeals Court oral arguments.

Trump’s lawyers know there’s no way in hell the Supreme Court is going to give him an immunity pass on his bullshit. It’s only another stalling tactic intended to push Trump’s trial dates past election day.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Sotomayor nailed Sauer’s pathetic butt to the barn door

How so?

The coup attempts were from Democrats and Sotomayor is corrupt and should resign.