Report: Hunter Biden Had Access to Joe Biden’s Top Secret/SCIF-Designated Materials Including National Defense Info Related to US Troop Deployment


by Cristina Laila

Hunter Biden had access to then-VP Joe Biden’s Top Secret/SCIF-designated materials including national defense information related to US troop deployment while he was on vacation in Nantucket.

Via Paul Sperry:

Last year TGP reported that Hunter Biden likely received classified information from Joe Biden on Ukraine and then emailed the information to his business partner Devon Archer.

According to emails uncovered from the “Laptop from Hell,” Hunter Biden sent his business partner Devon Archer a very detailed email on Ukraine on April 13, 2014 – just one week before Joe Biden visited Ukraine to meet with then-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

It appears Hunter Biden was emailing Devon Archer information he received from a briefing from his father Joe Biden or directly from top-secret documents.

“A curiously well-informed email about Ukraine, Russia and the UK on Hunter Biden’s laptop is a thread that links the President’s classified documents scandal to the Delaware federal investigation into his son’s foreign business dealings.” – the New York Post’s Miranda Devine wrote.

Joe Biden STOLE SCIF-designated classified documents and improperly stored them at the Penn Biden Center, his Delaware garage, his Virginia rental home, and his lawyer’s Boston office.

Some of the most highly sensitive documents were stored at Penn Biden Center in an unlocked office and closet.

According to Special Counsel Robert Hur, Joe Biden kept more than 600 pages of classified documents in unlocked drawers/closets at the Penn Biden Center and stored some of them in dilapidated boxes in his Delaware garage and other unsecured locations where Hunter Biden could easily access them.

The FBI identified numerous folders, including many labeled “EYES ONLY VPOTUS” which contained highly classified material related to intelligence sources and methods.

“Mr. Biden’s office did not lock,” Hur said in his 345-page report, “and the adjoining outer office where Mr. Biden’s executive assistant maintained his files was always accessible through Mr. Biden’s office.” In a footnote, Hur added that “the Vice President’s office could only be locked from the inside using a panic button.”

Visitors from all walks of life, including dangerous actors from China and Ukraine had access to the classified documents stored at Penn Biden Center.

There was virtually no real security at the Penn Biden Center and in 2019 visitors no longer needed a key fob or security escort to access the floor where all of the stolen classified documents were stored, according to Hur’s report reviewed by this reporter.

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That’s why Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden STOLE the classified documents: to SELL THE INFORMATION, which he did, having Hunter peddle it.

But, that’s OK with Democrats. Trump securing the nation and growing the economy is the threat.

A clear violation of the Espionage Act. Ohers are in prison for far less violations.

Peter Navarro comes to mind. In prison for contempt of Congress for ignoring an unconstitutional subpoena.