Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA): “The Donald Trump and MAGA plan for the border: Alligator moats, bombing northern Mexico, shooting migrants in the legs, and electrifying the fence and putting spikes on them.”


Garcia’s an idiot, but I rather like the plan. It’s a great incentive to vote Trump.



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Ok lets do it!
Dday over 850,000 men, a fraction of what has crossed the border in just 3 years.

Yeah baby. Sign me up. Target practice on some wetbacks.

That’s ridiculous. Shoot them in the “leg”?

Take Hike you miserable little Weasel

Notice the left’s (progressives) response to joe’s failure at the border is a FALSE DILEMMA.
It’s “either joe’s open border OR Robert Garcia’s shoot illegals in the knees, put sharks or gaters in the Rio Grande, electrify the fence, and bomb Mexico.

Actually there are loads of better solutions between those two….
In the next year, joe could execute the laws on the books with regard border crossings.
He might even finish the WALL.
He might put his Border Patrol officers back on duty stopping illegal crossers instead of making them sandwiches.
After he leaves office our next president could go back to Trump’s multi-pronged approach.
Stay in Mexico is one policy.
Crack down on employers of illegals is another.
Build the wall.

Trump actually left an excellent model for what Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden should do. While he never went to the border before he f**ked it up and has only been to El Paso after they did a Newsom on it, I’m sure he could find someone that remembers what it was like. Homan would probably LOVE to offer advice.

Who is the idiot who recommended shooting illegals in the legs instead of the head?

If you shoot an illegal in the head it does not damage. There’s nothing up there to hurt/injure.

What does one expect from Castro’s bastard son?