Questioning the Connection: Exploring the COVID Vaccine’s Role in the Cancer Outbreak


by Jeff Childers

The latest corporate media to co-opt Princess Kate’s cancer into its thematic hook was CNN, which yesterday ran its own young-cancer story (framed as an op-ed) headlined, “Oncologist: Kate’s diagnosis is part of a troubling trend.” No kidding. But it was the same fake-news bull puckey we’ve seen in many other articles this week.

CNN even cited the same 1990-2019 cancer study that all the other fake-news articles did (though CNN also added a JAMA study, which also conveniently ends in 2019). Apparently cancer research ended in 2019, at least as far as they know.

Remember, the white-coated medical fetishists defending the jabs, including CNN’s op-ed author, fanatically argue there’s no such thing as turbo cancer! But try describing this paragraph from CNN’s article without using the words “turbo cancer:”

During the past week alone, I saw a 37-year-old with breast cancer that had already metastasized to her lymph nodes, bones, lung and liver. In the room next door was a 45-year-old with colon cancer that had spread so diffusely throughout the liver that it had become packed and enlarged with the tumors. Both patients had stage IV cancers that can potentially be controlled for a finite time but are no longer curable.

So, not only is this jab-happy oncologist seeing lots of young people presenting with old-people cancers, they are also presenting in Stage 4, post-metastases. I’d like to know what he calls that, if it’s something besides turbo cancer.

Responding to all those cancerous corporate media limited hangouts this week, yesterday the feisty Washington Times ran a mirror op-ed by Pierre Kory, also about the young cancer epidemic, headlined “Princess Catherine is one of many more young adults with cancer.”  I usually don’t report from conservative media, so as not to create a conservative echo chamber, but this story was such a good example it required comment.

The Washington Times’ op-ed followed the same general outline as did the clone army of awful, duplicative, narrative-bending, limited hangout, fake-news stories we’ve seen spreading through corporate media this week about what even they admit is an ‘epidemic’ of young cancers. But whereas the corporate media versions all capped their data in 2019, so as to avoid throwing any shade on the miracle injections, the Washington Times’s story focused on much more useful post-2021 data.

In other words, the Washington Times actually informed its readers, instead of contributing to their early dementia like CNN, the Guardian, and the Telegraph have.

If you want to understand the real reason why corporate media is suddenly freaking out, consider these ‘young cancer’ facts reported in the Washington Times’ article. It’s not because of cancer trends between 1990 and 2019:

  • In 2021, colorectal cancer suddenly shot from fourth place to the leading cause of cancer death in men under 50. It leapt to second place in women.
  • Young adult oral and liver cancer deaths spiked since 2021. So did deadly cervical tumors in women ages 30 through 44, which tellingly reversed “decades of decline” — not a long, slow increase as corporate media would have you believe. It’s the exact opposite.
  • According to the CDC’s heavily manipulated data, between pre-pandemic 2019 and 2023, across all ages, cancer deaths rose by +2%. And in young people aged 15 to 44 years, cancer mortality rose twice as fast, to +4%.
  • Some cancers had mortality increases far exceeding +2% and +4%. Deaths from the aforementioned colorectal cancer rose +17% in the 15-to-44 group, four times the population-wide increase.
  • Uterine cancer deaths shot up +37% among 25-to-44-year-olds between 2019 and 2023; they rose +15% overall (all ages).
  • Whatever they want to call it, more and more oncologists are seeing what we would call ‘turbo cancer.’ The Times’ article quoted William Dahut, the American Cancer Society’s chief scientific officer, who said “Colorectal cancers are presenting with more aggressive disease and larger tumors at diagnosis, which is more difficult to treat.”
  • Instead of citing out-of-date cancer studies ending in 2019, the Times cited recent studies, like a new preprint study of U.S. data, which found cancer deaths among 15-to-44-year-olds had “accelerated substantially” in 2021, over +6% above baseline, and then surged in a single year to +8% in 2022.
  • The Times cited another recent study from the United Kingdom finding “highly statistically significant” increases in cancer mortality in the same 15-to-44 age group during 2021 and 2022.
  • It is so weird how none of the bigger corporate media platforms can seem to find these newer studies. They appear lost in time back in the pre-pandemic era. Maybe we should feel sympathy since corporate media reporters are probably getting harassed by scary Sleestacks, like the time-traveling Marshall family from the Land of the Lost.
Arr! No cancer research after 2019 or we’ll eat you! And never say ‘jab!’

The Times’ facts are just some of the parts we know about. But the CDC gets the raw data from states and large insurance networks, and we never get to see that raw data until it has been massaged and “improved” by CDC’s data controllers. So the CDC knows. This week, Kate’s cancer unlocked a storm of ‘young cancer epidemic’ stories.

But sure, let’s all pretend the cancer epidemic cause is baffling and mysterious and has been creeping up behind us for decades without anyone noticing. La la la!

Who cares what caused it? What difference, at this point, does it make? The important thing is what to do about it!

Yeah, but the problem is we need to stop jabbing everybody who’ll sit still long enough. Like poor, uninformed college kids who aren’t paying attention and just want to go to class.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this thought: What else do 15-to-44 year olds have in common, different from other groups? Well, they’re the working age cohort. In other words, they are the ones most likely to have run into the propeller blades of an employment or school-related jab mandate. I’m just saying.

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