Psst…Merrick Garland — I Found Your Domestic Terrorists


by Stephen Kruiser

Ever since Joe Biden and his commie clown-car puppet-masters started occupying the Oval Office, tales have been told of an imminent domestic terror threat. The terrorist group that Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray have red-flagged as the greatest danger is known as “Trump Supporters.”

Since these people have been in power, the threats and violence in the United States of America have been coming from pretty much everywhere except the oft-referenced white conservative males. Speaking for myself, I’ve never even attended a right-wing nutjob terrorist event. I’m still so exhausted from the effort I put into trying to kill humanity with my opposition to net neutrality back in the day that I haven’t had the energy for anything else.

A good rule of thumb in 2024 America is to find out where any leftist protests are happening and steer clear of them because that’s where the real potential for violence is. I’m not saying they’re all violent. I’m just saying that large groups of entitled, permanently aggrieved leftists who have grown up in a world without consequences can be a bit powder keg-ish.

The Brownshirt resurrection on American college campuses is a far greater threat than any of the Dems’ embellishment of what happened on Jan. 6, 2021. This is from something that Matt wrote over the weekend:

The Orthodox rabbi at Columbia University and Barnard College issued a statement advising Jewish students to leave campus and return home because of ongoing demonstrations by anti-Israel activists that threaten their safety.

Rabbi Elie Buechler, director of OU-LJIC at Columbia/Barnard, urged students via WhatsApp to leave campus “as soon as possible” prior to the onset of Passover. He emphasized the urgency of the situation, noting that “what we are witnessing in and around campus is terrible and tragic.”

Democratic elected officials have been harassed by these anti-Semitic, pro-Hamas lunatics, but they’re still feeding the frenzy with their tepid support of Israel in its war against Hamas. Every time Biden or any other prominent Democrat lets fly with some “Pity poor Gaza” rhetoric, it’s a wink and a nudge for the mob.

Our sister site Twitchy has a post featuring a video of Biden holding hands while walking with notorious anti-Semite and Squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. There are so many things wrong with the optics of this that they can’t all be listed here.

Back to the situation at Columbia. This is from my colleague David Strom at HotAir:

Remote learning is back, as Columbia University has ceded its campus to the antisemites.

No, I am not kidding. Columbia has fallen. Hamasholes now occupy the campus, and the administration appears to have conceded the campus to them.

This is the American Left while they have one of their own in the White House. Sure, there’s a family squabble going on at the moment, but Biden is still their boy.

These people are only going to get worse. Nothing ever satisfies their thirst for grievance and playing the victim. They openly propose making those who disagree with them feel inconvenienced and unsafe. There is nothing but escalation in the future for these brats if the adults keep caving to them.

Again, just a suggestion, but maybe Garland and Wray should stop going after people who sing hymns outside abortion clinics and send the FBI on a tour of our institutions of higher learning to take care of the real looming domestic terror danger.


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In other news a Gun Control Democrat from Minnesota was arrested for Burglary just recently