Pro-Hamas Lunatics Are Louder, Dumber, and More Unstable Than Ever


by Stephen Kruiser

There is a popular story these days that is told by Democrats, commie academics, and the barking evil that is the American mainstream media. In this story, Donald Trump and his political supporters are the root of all the divisiveness in the United States of America. Tales are told of an angry populism that’s a powder keg that is just waiting to explode into an epidemic of rampant domestic terrorism.

Yeah, not so much.

The reality is that every dark, dangerous thing that has erupted in recent years in this country has come from the Left.

The Obama years emboldened American leftists; the Biden years have weaponized them. It’s understandable. After they succeeded in leg-humping the pandemic and using it to install a senile puppet in the Oval Office, they probably thought they were invincible.

The Biden regime-supported crazy has really been unleashed since the Hamas attacks on Israel last October. The hatred for Israel and anti-Semitism that leftists have been harboring for years have been on full, loud display.

A couple of stories this week indicate that it’s all going to get worse before it gets better.

The first is the most disturbing, which Grayson Bakich wrote about:

The Israel-Hamas war has proven to be one of the most polarizing issues in the country, as leftists have staged massive protests in support of Palestine and by extension Hamas. But evidently, this member of the Air Force felt so passionate about it that he set himself on fire in protest outside the Israeli embassy in Washington.

TMZ reported that the currently unidentified man appeared in front of the embassy in uniform and supposedly said he would “no longer be complicit in genocide” before he impersonated Thich Quang Duc. Task and Purpose added he shouted “Free Palestine” multiple times throughout his little stunt before authorities extinguished him and hauled him off to the hospital, where he is being treated for “critical life-threatening injuries.”

That was written before all of the facts were in. The young man’s name was Aaron Bushnell, and he would soon die from his injuries.

We don’t know what else may have been going on in Bushnell’s life. He was obviously very troubled, but we have no idea how long that’s been the case. Since Bushnell’s death has given him leftist folk-hero martyr status, we aren’t going to know anytime soon.

Whatever may have been troubling Bushnell, it’s clear that it was exacerbated by the ignorant pro-Hamas crowd that doesn’t understand what genocide is. His inner demons pushed him over the edge, but it’s a safe bet that they were given an assist by a leftist rage mob that never shuts up.

While disparaging people on the other side may be a big part of my brand, my keyboard isn’t merely spewing hyperbole. Most of my caustic comments are descriptive and accurate. When I refer to someone as a “commie,” a little digging into that person will find some commie in there.

It’s easy to be dismissive of one’s political opponents by calling them crazy, but I’m not off base when referring to the pro-Hamas crowd as mentally unstable, especially after one of them lit himself on fire to make a point.

Sadly, they have more vocal cords than brains. Michael wrote yesterday about a mini mob of them screaming “Genocide supporter!” at Jerry Seinfeld.

These toxic weirdos love publicly harassing people they don’t agree with. Democratic politicians have been encouraging the behavior for years. While anti-Semitism does course through the Democratic party, a lot of the older Dems are supporters of Israel. Many of them are now getting a taste of the unhinged behavior that they overlooked when it was only being directed at the Right.

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Just like their paramors in Islam.
Loud, dumb and unstable.
Difference is, in Islam being right is irrelevant, here being right still matters,
In Islam simply insulting one of “the prophet’s” followers is a crime punishable by death.

Here insulting a Muslim is just a disagreement with no punishment.
Or it should be.

However, because they are so loud, dumb and unstable, they react like they are going to kill you.
So, in the West entire governments are buckling to their wishes, no matter how stupid and unhelpful those are.
The British Paliament just buckled.
Some French provinces have buckled.
A few cities here in America, like Long Beach, CA and Minneapolis are buckling.

Will we skip communism and fall to Islam?
The globalists who are waiting in the wings with their 6 months’ worth food and water want to know.

Open Borders with Biden the Blunder how many Hamas is streaming across t he Border

before authorities extinguished him and hauled him off to the hospital, where he is being treated for “critical life-threatening injuries.”

Oh, great. He survived and is cost taxpayers money to treat this charred chump. How are people like this even IN our military? This could have just as easily turned into another Ft. Hood.

Yes, the left encourages violent intimidation of the opposition, but sometimes it gets out of control. It’s fine when they are destroying businesses and creating an excuse for Democrats to pass oppressive laws and further their “racism” narrative, but these morons are going AGAINST the Democrat fundamental characteristic of pandering to every interest group while keeping them apart. So, Democrats pander to Jews and radical Islamists simultaneously even though they have diametrically opposed values. However, after the October 7th attacks, the Democrats are caught in the middle being forced to choose a side and they are still trying to kiss the asses of both.

It’s kind of fun to watch.

What is truly amazing is that Democrats lust after the support and votes of these terrorist-supporting anti-Semites. Why would anyone court such animals? Only Democrats… no class, no conscience, no morality.

Apparently joe is a loud, dumb, unstable pro-Hamas lunatic.
He falsely claimed there would be a cease-fire by Monday.
Turns out neither Hamas nor Israel have any knowledge of any such cease-fire in the works!

Time magazine tried (and failed) to make an equivalence between Hamas toady Aaron Bushnell’s suicide by fire with early Christians being MURDERED by two Roman emperors, Nero and Diocletian.

Sorry, Time, but killing yourself is NOT the same as being executed for refusing to convert away from Christianity and into paganism.

Hopefully, maybe it will become a trend and “catch on”.

Steve “memory holed” DOMINION!$#@!*!@#?*. Why? DOMINION elected many of “our leaders”!


Aaron Bushnell proves that our nation is not at risk from “right-wing extremists,” but rather from progressive liberals.
Aaron Bushnell wasn’t just some impromptu Antifa sympathizer. In fact, he had been part of US Intelligence and held a security clearance.
Aaron Bushnell shared to an un-named friend secret knowledge of US troops fighting in Hamas tunnels in Gaza, just hours ahead of his death.
The friend suggested that Aaron had stated US had troops on the ground, who were killing large numbers of Palestinians. The friend believes these claims may be true as Aaron’s job was to process intelligence data and some of that was linked to Gaza conflict. 
Aaron Bushnell’s social media has been scrubbed but had included his mocking of the deaths of US servicemen.
He helped head a Defund Police Atlanta org as well as supported Antifa.

As we have seen, though, just because someone has a security clearance and deals in intelligence information doesn’t mean they won’t lie, and leftists are the worst.

Bradley Manning (later cut off his own balls to be called Chelsea) coes to mind.
These sexual deviants sure are disruptive.
It’s almost like their entire existence consists of screaming, “Look at ME!!!”

And Vindman.

Vindman is a pig. I heard him on a talk show even before Obama became POTUS ranting how the US needed to help Ukraine with billions of $$. He needs to be deported.

Funny how he f**ked over the only guy that actually helped Ukraine without doing it to steal money from them. Leads one to believe he had his hand in the till also.

I see plenty of useful idiots marching from the City proving their useful idiots