President Nothing – Voters realize Joe Biden is a figurehead for Obama


by Don Surber

Winston Churchill 1940: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.”

Joe Biden today: “I have nothing to offer.”

President Nothing.

And 36% of Americans are cool with that.

A pre-Christmas poll of 984 Americans by JLPartners on behalf of the Daily Mail asked voters to describe in one word what each candidate hopes to achieve in a second term.

Revenge was the No. 1 answer for Trump.

Nothing was the No. 1 answer for Biden.

The poll also found 40% favor Trump, 36% favor Biden, 4% favor RFK Jr. and 1% favor Cornel West. Jill Stein got zero percent and it looks like 19% said none of the above.

Joni Mitchell was right. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Media reports concentrated on the revenge answer, which simply confirms that President Trump is a logical man. Look, they have indicted him four times on 91 bogus charges while suing him for fraud in a case where the bank loaned him money and he paid it back on time and with interest.

Of course you seek revenge.

But the appeal of Biden goes unexamined. The press has never fully explained why people voted for him. Oh sure, they said he was not Trump, but Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Pocahontas Warren also were not Trump in 2020 and each was well ahead of Biden when they suddenly dropped out of the rest after raising millions and garnering far more votes than he had.

Whatever happened to the unspent millions they raised? No one in the media seems interested in finding that out. The press is too busy advancing the Democrat Party line to bother with holding Democrats accountable.

We know what happened. Obama picked Biden just as he had picked Hillary four years earlier. After Biden failed in Iowa and New Hampshire, Obama paid off the rivals and had Jim Clyburn fix the South Carolina primary, which for Democrats is largely a black primary.

Unleashing a pandemic panic and race riots across the nation, Obama almost pulled it off. He needed a last-minute mail-in forgery operation to take key states to seal the deal.

Knowing Trump had the votes to come back in 2024, Obama has had him impeached, indicted and in civil court. Trump soldiers on.

But is it enough? This poll indicates that this time around, Biden will be examined and people are finding he is a nothing.

Pollster James Johnson told the Daily Mail, “Voters might think Trump is guilty of the charges he has put to him, including a sizeable chunk of Republicans, but his record in his first term means he is still attracting support.

“But look closer and it becomes clear that Trump’s lead is more because of Biden weakness than Trump strength.

“Biden has taken a particular hit amongst 18-29 year old women, and suffers from low enthusiasm amongst black people too. There is also a big chunk of undecideds — one in ten of Biden 2020 voters — who might not like Biden but can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump.

“The takeaway from this has to be that, come the election, the race will be tighter. As we end 2023, both candidates have it all to play for.”

The simplest way out for Democrats would be to replace Biden on the ticket with a younger man who looks like Martin Sheen, right? The party could then roll out the JFK line about a new generation taking over.

The problem is the Democrats don’t have a Martin Sheen or even a Charlie Sheen. A look at their bench shows the party has a bunch of geezers in the Senate. Among the under 60 crowd, only John Fetterman stands out and not in a good way.

A look at their mayors shows a bunch of Angela Davises and Huey Newtons who allow hoodlums to loot stores, knock out Asians and Jews, and otherwise terrorize their towns. Democrats have turned the great American cities into third world hellholes with sections reserved for drug zombies who live on the streets.

Democrat governors are a pack of Karens who want to run your life. They treat their constituents like they would their exes. I have a hard time deciding who is worse, Whitmer in Michigan or Hochul in New York.

Thank God that I live in West Virginia.

The closest Democrats have to a normal president is Gavin Newsom but he is blocked by Kamala. Skipping over the FIRST BLACK WOMAN VICE PRESIDENT for a white male millionaire will turn off the black vote. Black people provide one-fourth of the votes that Democrats now receive.

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But the appeal of Biden goes unexamined. The press has never fully explained why people voted for him. 

That is based on the false premise that Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden actually received more legitimate votes than Trump did. When you accept election fraud as the reason this moron is in the White House now, none of the reactions are surprising.

Hey Obama, thanks for nothing.

Yeah… TWICE.

A very simple question. Are you better off now that you were 4 years ago?