Politico Admits a Trump Candidacy Would Be the End of Ukraine!


by Jacob Creech

Holy shit… it’s all starting to make sense.

Not only can the Deep State not allow Trump to be President, they can’t even allow him to become the CANDIDATE because his influence will get the House GOP to stand firm on halting all funding for Ukraine.

If Ukraine falls, the Deep State are completely f*cked. Their offshore racket is gone, their funding dries up, and Russia are still accusing them of making biological weapons. Everything is at stake here.

Now it’s starting to make sense why they tried to take Trump off the ballot so soon. Why they are desperate to speed up Jack Smith Special Counsel. Why they are desperate to promote any other GOP candidate besides Trump. Why there is so much escalation and new conflict worldwide. Why Ukraine are committing terror attacks on civilians trying to incite WW3. It’s why all these attacks are happening NOW.

They can’t let Trump be the candidate. If he performs well in the early primaries, Ukraine funding is toast, and the Deep State face extinction. I thought they had until November to figure it out, but apparently they have WAY less time than that.

Everything revolves around funding for Ukraine. They want to use Israel to justify packaging funding for Ukraine. They are promoting DeSantis and Haley, DESPERATELY trying to get one of these two to beat Trump in the Primary because they support funding Ukraine.

Politico just admitted the Deep State’s entire plan.


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Not the end of Ukraine just Ukraine as we now know it. It will have open churches, elections a press with competitors, be neutral, old men with no feet wont be sent to front lines to be slaughtered

Why should we borrow money to fund ANYONE ELSES war?
We have our own problems
comment image

Rapists should all do Life without Parole and no Pardons or early release we don’t need anymore Willy Hortons

Old Utah story, 2017.
When they got the probation they had already been in prison 3 & 1/2 years.
The victim agreed with probation.
She sneaked out to party with the three men and wanted to party with them.
Next, their immigration status was investigated.
Lastly, they were all deported.

Happy ending

Republicans are beginning to see there is a ground swell for President Trump and are jumping on early so as to avoid late term criticism. Yesterday both Tom Emmer(Tom Emmer. It’s time to unite around Trump) and Senator Tom Cotton(https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2024/jan/04/arkansas-cotton-endorses-donald-trumps/) are now publicly announcing support of Trump. Neither have been strong MAGA/Trump supporters and could almost have been designated “Never Trumpers”.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Why does it take leverage to try and get Democrats to support securing the border and protecting American citizens? With Democrats, this seems to be their LAST priority.

I fear we are about to see scenes in our country we never dreamed we’d see here. Democrats are desperate and dangerous and their is no limit to the depths they will sink to in order to maintain their grip on power. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has created all these problems for the Democrats which are assuring them widespread defeat in 2024, yet all they want is to cheat enough to keep the making it worse.