Political Prisoners: The Controversy of 1512c2 Unboxed


Thread via Julie Kelly

The sh*tshow related to SCOTUS review of 1512c2 continues to escalate. If–and when–SCOTUS overturns DOJ/DC court abuse of obstruction, a full investigation into those responsible–starting with ex chief judge Beryl Howell–is absolutely necessary.

Howell sentenced Matthew Bledsoe to 48 months in prison mostly for his conviction of 1512c2, the only felony count against him.

Howell is one of 15 judges on DC district court to deny motions to dismiss 1512c2. Only one–Carl Nichols–did. His opinion is the source of the SCOTUS review.

A DC jury found Bledsoe guilty in July 2022 after a few hours of deliberation. He has already been in jail for a year.

His attorney asking for release pending his own appeal of 1512c2, which is on hold pending SCOTUS decision.

Howell ordered Bledsoe to wear a monitor and follow curfew orders before and after trial–based on the one felony count. He has no criminal record.

W/o 1512c2 conviction, Bledsoe’s attorney claims longest sentence for the 4 misdemeanors would’ve been 16 months (the longest I’ve seen for conviction on 4 common J6 misdemeanors is 12 months)

With good behavior, Bledsoe would be out by now.

Political prisoners.

BTW, Matthew Graves @USAO_DC, wanted Bledsoe sentenced to almost 6 years in prison

Graves big mad that Bledsoe’s struggle session about the 2020 election didn’t go like he wanted:

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It WOULD be justice if everyone involved in putting political dissidents in prison suffered the same fate, times three.