One-in-five US mail-in voters admit to election fraud: 13 million dodgy votes


by Joanne Codling

For three years they told us it was the most secure election in history, and only deniers would question the result, but a simple poll of voters by the The Heartland Institute shows cheating was widespread in mail-in voting.

In the contest to decide who would control the most powerful country on Earth, as many as 43% of voters cast ballots by mail. If the media pundits care so much about democracy, why didn’t they do a poll like this two years ago? Why didn’t the Republicans or the Democrats? Presumably they knew what they would find.

As David Evans points out, this adds up to 13 million fraudulent votes out of 158 million total, nearly double the difference between the Biden tally of 81 million and Trump result of 74 million. That alone could easily have swung things.

In terms of the future of Western Civilization, it’s hard to think of anything much more important than US election security. Almost all the other crimes depend on who’s writing the rules, or who has the power to set things straight.  As Mark Steyn says he’s increasing weirded out by some people’s need to pretend what’s going on is somehow normal. What’s the point of analyzing candidates and parties as if either means what it does in functioning societies? “There’s no point pretending this is a normal situation, right?”

Trump Demands Action After 20 Percent of Mail-in Voters Admit to Fraud in 2020 Election Survey

By Tom Izimek, The Epoch Times

The new survey shows 17 percent of mail-in voters admitting to voting in a state where they are no longer permanent residents; 21 percent filling out ballots for others; 17 percent signing ballots for family members without consent, and 8 percent reporting offers of “pay” or “reward” for their vote.

What’s more, 10 percent of all respondents to the survey (carried on a representative sample of 1,085 likely voters) said they know a friend, family member, co-worker, or other acquaintance who admitted to casting a mail-in ballot fraudulently.

“This is the biggest story of the year, and Republicans must do something about it,” the former president [Donald Trump] wrote.

It’s not just about mail-in voter cheating.

Further, 10% of all respondents — not just those who said they voted by mail — claimed that they know “a friend, family member, co-worker, or other acquaintance who has admitted … that he or she cast a mail-in ballot in 2020 in a state other than his or her state of permanent residence.”

Eight percent of all respondents said “a friend, family member, or organization, such as a political party” offered them “pay” or a “reward” for agreeing to vote in the 2020 election.

Heartland Institute

If 20% are admitting to fraud in a simple poll, how many more actually did it?

Not to mention cheating by vote-flipping from electronic voting machines, or missing logs, counterfeit ballots, suitcases of votes hidden under the table, or 3am deliveries of ballots that nearly all went for Biden. Or hiding the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell.

We know who cheats in elections: they’re the ones who won’t clean up voter rolls, don’t want ID checks, and who like electronic hackable voting gizmos. The Uniparty depends on it.

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The 2020 election was stolen. There is no other explanation for biden having received 81 million ballots. It did not happen full stop.

The Heartland Institute is no institute. It’s a disinformation outlet that was originally created to discredit scientific conclusions about the serious health risks of tobacco smoke.

There’s no legitimate survey that reveals 20 percent of mail-in votes were fraudulent. It’s complete bullshit.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Yet the reports of fraud involving mail in ballots are rampant. No wonder Democrats support that means of stealing elections so ardently.

CLAIMS of massive and widespread fraud are rampant. Evidence supporting such claims is NONEXISTENT. You will find it all collected together and presented for public inspection NOWHERE.

Social media is not a true reflection of reality.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

So, by NO election fraud, what Democrats mean is only 20% is fraud.