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A large majority of Americans are for Trump.

The only guy with stickers all over his hardhat…

When many hardhats look alike he knows thats his damn hat. He has a good message for Biden.

Go kiss a spitting Cobra Lizard Lips

What do you have plastered on your tin foil hat?

What do you have plastered on your tin foil hat?

Hillary/Kaine 2016, I’m with Her, Love trumps hate, emails what emails.

The only guy with stickers all over his hardhat…

You mean like the guys who make sure your electricity and phone is still working? The guys who built the building you live in? The guys who built the bridge you drive over so your stupid ass doesn’t fall into the river? Or maybe the roads you drive on?

What an ignorant, arrogant evil bastard you are.

That is what you so disparingly refer to as “the poorly educated”; the working class core of America that doesn’t have a college education… er, indoctrination. They do the heavy lifting for the country and suffer first from the terrible economy. HE is the voice of America.

Hardhats are way better then some Climate Jerks blocking the Roads and Streets with their stupid sit-downs, Pinhead

Jerks like you that watch fake news shows like GMA,TODAY,SUNDAY MORING 60 Minutes CBS Morning News and ready leftists Rags like the NYT,s WP Time and Newsweek


As far as we are concerned Trump created the NYC skyline ad has devoted so much of his resource’s ad time to improvig the place. Those who seek to belittle him should be ashamed of themselves.
Just another New Yorker for Trump! 2024

SAVAGE: Trump Sends Video of New York Construction Worker Telling Biden “F*ck You” in Response to Request for Comment on Biden’s Union Support from CBS

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Please tell me again that this is the best economy in the world! I just LOVE to hear that bullshit!