Nothing Is Going to Bump Jill Biden From the Elder-Abuse Train


by Stephen Kruiser

Yes, this is another discussion about Joe Biden being addled, embarrassing, and a detriment to the security of the country. These are tough to avoid because Joe Biden is, after all, addled, embarrassing, and a detriment to the security of the country.

I’m going a little easy on him there. He’s actually a detriment to the security of a lot of people all over the world.

Joe Biden had already mentally lost a step or three thousand when he got into office in 2021. He was never the sharpest tool in anyone’s shed in the first place, so the drop-off was disturbing once it was paired with access to the launch codes.

His decline since then was steady for a while but has accelerated in the past year. Biden’s physical deterioration has picked up the pace quite a bit during that time as well. None of this is a partisan mean dig on Biden. He’s 80; this stuff happens.

The most power the average 80-year-old man has access to is the TV remote, though. Maybe a riding mower.

Joe Biden is currently playing the role of the Most Powerful Man in the World, which is where this becomes a David Lynch/John Carpenter collaboration.

Biden’s latest “Why do they let him on camera?!?!?” moment isn’t going to ease the fears of anyone who’s worried about him being the titular head of the United States while the world is sprouting violent hot spots all over. Matt wrote about it yesterday:

During an Oval Office meeting with the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani, observers noticed President Joe Biden holding an extremely detailed crib sheet to get through the meeting.

And when I say detailed, I mean detailed.

“Biden, 81, turned to the script — which included an all-caps stage direction on when to pause in his comments to allow for an interpreter to translate — to make his first public statement since Iran launched an unprecedented direct missile and drone attack on Israel over the weekend,” noted the New York Post. “The president glanced down at his script repeatedly as he sat beside Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’a Al-Sudani.”


It’s incidents like this that give people a legitimate reason to think that Biden won’t make it to November. The thinking is that he’ll get so bad that the DNC will force him out. Some even believe that he may step aside of his own accord.

I maintain that neither of those scenarios is realistic as long as Jill Biden is drawing breath.

It was the summer of 2020 when I first wrote about Jill Biden’s lack of concern about her husband’s embarrassing public episodes. Her ambition and desire to be first lady are all that matter to her. Woe be unto anyone who tries to get in her way, even the higher-ups at the Democratic National Committee.

I’m not saying that Jill Biden is willing to go full “Weekend at Bernie’s” to cling to power, but there’s not much short of that she wouldn’t do. Whenever someone hits me with a scenario with Biden being moved aside before November, I insist that Jill Biden is the immovable force that will be encountered.

The DNC wants to keep Biden at the top for several reasons, but that’s an entirely separate column.

As long as they have DOCTOR Mama Jill in place, they don’t have to worry about him going anywhere.

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Jill may have been the head of the biden crime family.
We’ve had hints.
One time she was the one who led the response when a bad story broke about the bidens.
Her advice, sent in an email to Hunter and found on his laptop, was for everyone to clam up until they had a chance to get together and “get their story straight.”
Jill has already, more than once, been at meetings the president is supposed to go to — in his place.
Jill’s been seen perusing presidential briefings, perhaps top secret.
Jill has leaked timely info against Kamala’s ability to keep staff happy.
And she’s overseen joe’s medication for big events. Those medications are a trade off: for a few minutes of “clarity” joe risks his long-term health.
joe probably doesn’t even realize that anymore.

This is all a vivid lesson on why we shouldn’t let election fraud pick winners. This has been a total, complete, unmitigated disaster and that is all because the guy in office is NOT the guy the majority of American voters who actually legally vote voted for. He is, literally, the Mancherian candidate.

There is a possibility that small doses of LSD helps to reverse dementia, I’d say that they need to keep Joey stoned for a month.