Never Trumpers continue losing


by Don Surber

In the early 1980s, I was newspapering in Parkersburg, West Virginia. One day a Department of Highways crew was sent to repaint the faded double yellow lines along Division Street. They did not remove the road kill.

I remember that incident occasionally when some genius comes up with the idea that there is a center in politics that we should embrace. The political center is not what they think it is. There are people headed toward capitalism and on the opposite side of the road are people headed to hell, which in politics is spelled socialism. Each believes they are on the right side of the road.

On Saturday, genius Kevin D. Williamson — who blew off Donald Trump in 2016 as a witless ape who would fade fast in the primaries — wrote a column in the New York Post giving Joe Biden election advice. Biden has been in 10 general elections and won all 10 of them. While he is at it, Williamson should try giving lessons on grace to Caitlin Clark.

Williamson is pretty thick.

In his earlier witless ape piece, Williamson wrote,

“We’ve been to this corner of Crazytown before. If we’re going to have a billionaire dope running for the presidency, I prefer Ross Perot and his cracked tales of Vietnamese hit squads dispatched to take him out while Lee Atwater plotted to crash his daughter’s wedding with phonied-up lesbian sex pictures.”

Perot became the first high-tech billionaire in the 1960s with a company he started with $1,000. Don’t take my word for it. Time magazine said it.

That story explained how, in 1969, he sent planeloads of humanitarian aid to our POWs held in Hanoi and also sent some of their wives and children to Paris to lobby for an end to the war. If that is being a dope billionaire, how about we get 100 more dopes like him?

You can see why men who accomplish things in life have a distaste for writers.

In Williamson’s Saturday piece — “Democrats think that simply not being Trump is enough to beat him — but it won’t be” — he finally dropped all pretense of being anything but a socialist in conservative clothing.

The genius wrote:

I am not sure that there is such a thing as a “Nikki Haley Republican,” but the former South Carolina governor beat Donald Trump in the Vermont and DC Republican primaries, took about 40% of the vote in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and finished up her campaign having won more than 20% of the vote in the races she contested.

This is laughable. She got her butt handed to her in her home state and thanks to open primaries and re-registrations she got some Democrat votes in Democrat strongholds. (New Hampshire last voted for a Republican presidential candidate 20 years ago.) Biden does not have to pursue those votes. They are his. They are so loyal that they tried to sabotage Trump.

But failed.

Williamson wants Biden to campaign this year — “The fact that Biden didn’t have to reach out much to win in 2020 doesn’t mean that he can ignore winnable Republican moderates in 2024.”

Oh please do so because the only way the man can campaign is on a darkened stage so jacked up on drugs that he has to cancel the next two days for fear of revealing the lizard inside his skin. Eventually the drugs won’t work and the whole charade will collapse.

But if Biden really got 81 million votes last time, he would not need Republican votes, right? Really, he doesn’t expect them to vote for him. He expects them to die, Mister Bond.

The idea of a middle ground in America is ludicrous because you cannot compromise with a totalitarian government that allows (indeed, stages) riots to disrupt the election while imprisoning those who dare protest how the election was disrupted. The Capitol Police and FBI informants lured them into the Capitol, then arrested them for entering.

Never Trumpers pretend there are moderates but Mitt Romney and the like are in cahoots with Democrats to stop conservatives. Consider the No Labels scam. It promised to give voters an alternative to a Trump-Biden race. That collapsed when the Democrats realized this would help Trump.

The Hill reported,

“Democrats scored a tactical win this week after No Labels, a group that had been pushing for a potential third-party presidential bid, announced it was dismantling its effort this year.

“Democrat strategists, party officials and activists had kept close tabs on the centrist group, trying to monitor their movements and assess their money as they sought to recruit a prominent rival to President Biden and former President Trump.

“But after bypassing several of their deadlines to unveil a candidate, leaders finally said they’re calling it quits, prompting Democrats worried about a third-party threat to breathe easier — for now.”

RFK Jr. is still in, however, and Biden has denied him Secret Service protection even though his father was shot and killed running for president, five years after his uncle was assassinated as president. The people who brought you J6 are sending a rather blunt message to Mister Kennedy.

That is a terrible thought but we are dealing with terrible people. Washington has way too much power to ruin your life.

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Never Trumpers are rinos and little r republicans wearing democrat clothes. They are democrats and the sooner the Republican Party rids itself of these useless idiots, the better.
MAGA is the America First party.

Biden Now at Risk of Being Left Off Two State Election Ballots – 26 Electoral College Votes at Stake

According to polling in 7 battleground States, 30% of black men and 11% of black women, intend to vote for Trump in 2024.

In 2020, Trump won 12% of the black male vote, and 6% of the black female vote.

These are CATASTROPHIC numbers for Biden.

Last edited 2 months ago by TrumpWon

Just who is in charge of CBS? Do you wanna bet the government has copies of all of her files via CBS?

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

OF COURSE they kept copies. That was the whole point of holding the information.

“Never Trumpers,” are the right-of-center militant wing of the Uniparty.
Both Never Trumpers and RINOs prefer a dem to Trump.

I used to feel sorry for Kevin Williamson as he was a black child adopted by white liberal parents who had to “rebel,” but ended up in a political camp near his parents.
Not anymore.
He’s like Beau biden, firstborn so he had to rebel, by becoming less corrupt and despicable than dad or stepmom.

Beau didn’t live long enough to find himself and Kevin is still rebelling, but weakly.

You will never see this for Biden