NBC News Column Smear: Goya CEO on ‘Quest for White Acceptance’


Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue’s support for President Trump can only mean he’s a racial sell-out who poisons his own people, according to a bigoted and small-minded columnist at NBC News.

The only old, white, male privilege I’m aware of is that we old, white males can still vote for whomever we wish without having our identities questioned. Whether we vote Democrat or Republican, Green or Libertarian, everyone shrugs… Old, white guys being old, white guys just isn’t news.

Everyone, else, though… Wow. Times are tough.

If blacks don’t vote Democrat, they “ain’t black,” as one infamous, white racist recently put it. Blacks who don’t vote Democrat are relentlessly attacked and demonized. Not just by white racists like Joe Biden, but by the corporate media and by their own, the most vocal parts of the black community.

Women who don’t vote Democrat are not women — at least, that’s the argument from hysterical feminists and the news media.

Gays who don’t vote Democrat aren’t gay, or something…

And now Bob Unanue, CEO of Goya Goods, is not really Hispanic.

His sin?

He digs President Trump and had the moral courage to say so out loud.

“We are truly blessed, at the same time, to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder,” Unanue said at a Rose Garden ceremony last week.

To make matters worse, once the left launched their oh-so predictable blacklisting and boycotting campaigns, Unanue refused to back down — which, these days, is like quadrupling your original sin. It’s bad enough you’re a political apostate, but to thumb your nose at the left-wing mob…?

Oh, no, that cannot be allowed. After all, that might give others the courage to thumb their nose at the left-wing mob… And then it all falls apart.

So now, on the pages of NBC News, the next phase of the attack against has begun. We’ve all seen it before. It’s as predictable as the sunrise… Unanue will now be smeared as a racial sellout: [emphasis added]

Well, as a long-time supporter of Republican candidates, Unanue has had no problem shunning his grandfather’s Puerto Rican migrant roots by playing up his family’s Spanish and European ones — as though the quest for white acceptance is something noble to achieve in these times.

Plus, those who have been following Goya already know it has a tendency to step away from more progressive political causes, such as its decision in 2017 to stop sponsoring the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, which was planning to honor Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar López Rivera. In 2013, the company had to offer a weak apology for slapping a large, tacky Goya logo on a statue in the Bronx, New York City, honoring baseball legend Roberto Clemente. The situation sparked cries that all the company really cared about was commodifying Latino heritage — not celebrating it.

Did you catch all that? “Shunning” his “Puerto Rican roots,” on a “quest for white acceptance,” “commodifying” (which isn’t really a word) his Latino heritage instead of celebrating it.

Oh, and Unanue is also poisoning his own people with his food products:

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Continue to buy Goya Products Boycott Nike and Levis and tell NBC to Screw It the Lying Peacock continues to lie

the company really cared about was commodifying Latino heritage — not celebrating it.

And this is a bad thing why?
The peacock has turned into the cuckoo.

Oh, and Unanue is also poisoning his own people with his food products.

When I first moved to Long Beach, CA in the 1970’s there were only a few Mexican street food vendors.
One thing my mother, a public health nurse, noticed was how many foods these Mexicans sold in unfired clay pots.
These leach LEAD, the heavy mineral, right into the foods.
So, did they stop poisoning their own people, who were their target customers?
Not up until the day I moved away in the 2010’s.
Goya’s foods are safe to eat.
They, unlike Mexican street foods, fall under USDA rules for food safety.
One thing I noted about their recipes, having bought Goya products in the past, is they are too darn full of salt!
I cut out or way down on their recommended salt and the results are just wonderful.