NATO’s Yipping Chihuahuas Strain Their Leash as Russia Gears Up for Next Wave


by Simplicius

We start today with a new Hollywood production that must be seen to be believed for its crass dramatization and phony caricaturization of the war by the actor Zelensky:

He’s trying to galvanize European support on the eve of the Swiss “Peace Conference” coming up in the middle of June, where he hopes to make some grand gesture toward solidarity against Russia.

In the above performance, by the way, he cites Russia’s destruction of Ukrainian books as some sort of tragedy, even crudely invoking Fahrenheit 451 for some emotive effect; how convenient, then, that he leaves out his own Guy Montag moment:

Funny how some books are more valuable than others.

But getting back:

The ongoing effort being coordinated from the highest offices of the shadow deepstate of the Atlanticist West sees a major campaign of European/NATO pressure against Russia with threats of boots on the ground. This has picked up pace, with Lithuanian foreign minister Landsbergis attempting to take the lead in sending troops for the putative purpose of ‘training’ on Ukraine’s territory:

Meanwhile, Der Spiegel writes that the Baltics and Poland “will not wait” for Russian troops to be “deployed on their border” and would send troops to Ukraine if Russian forces achieve a major breakthrough:

I suppose the Baltics aren’t great with geography, given that they already share a border with Russia.

But beyond that, they continue to seed the ground with potential falseflag justifications for some type of war against Russia. This week, the new claim of ‘threat’ is Russia allegedly seeking to capture Finland’s Aland Island:


This is lurid absurdity and tragicomedy in one. How abjectly brainwashed and brainless does one’s populace have to be to truly believe Russia seeks to invade those worthless islands belonging to two insignificant countries? From the Newsweek article above:

Sweden’s NATO accession has made the Gotland issue even more pointed. “I’m sure that Putin even has both eyes on Gotland,” Micael Bydén—the supreme commander of Sweden’s armed forces—told the German editorial network RND this week. “Putin’s goal is to gain control of the Baltic Sea.”

“If Russia takes control and seals off the Baltic Sea, it would have an enormous impact on our lives—in Sweden and all other countries bordering the Baltic Sea. We can’t allow that,” Bydén added.

This is of course all part and parcel to the longstanding 3SI or Three Seas Initiative, the cabal’s plan to extend the Empire’s hegemony over all the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Sea.

The hysteria continues apace with the corporate deepstate mill churning out one fake after another to propagandize European chattel into total fear and obedience into accepting the corporo-banking cabal’s need for global war:

Sure, it’s Russia that’s sabotaging everything, not the guys who did Nordstream.

The U.S. in the meantime has stepped up provocations of its own by flying nuclear bombers over the Baltics in a clearly threatening continuation of the campaign to pressure and rattle Russia, displaying some sort of ‘solidarity of strength’:


Interestingly, a video has appeared showing Russian troops dismantling navigation buoys on the Narva River between Russia and the ‘dwarf country’ of Estonia:

⚡️⚡️In the video, Russian border guards dismantle navigation buoys installed by Estonia.

The line of control on the Narva River is reviewed every spring as the course of the river changes over time.

Before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the buoys were mainly installed by mutual agreement between Russia and Estonia, but since 2023 the Russian side no longer agrees with Estonia’s position on the location of the buoys, the Estonian department reports⚡️⚡️

While Russian MOD reportedly proposed moving Russia’s border within the Baltic Sea:

Russian Ministry of Defense proposed moving Russia’s border with Lithuania and Finland in the Baltic Sea

Russia believes that the current border was approved in 1985 and does not correspond to the current “geographical situation.”

The new border will allow the use of the Baltic Sea as internal sea waters. Rosreestr was instructed to take into account changes in the Russian state border in the Baltic Sea, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was instructed to deposit copies of the adjusted and reissued maps with the UN Secretary General.

The changes are expected to come into force in January 2025



Well, two can play the game of cheap theater. Plus, if true, the above is likely a preemptive prophylactic against a move the Baltics had already threatened for a while since the start of the SMO: to play ‘games’ with their EEZs (Economic Exclusivity Zones) by widening them in the Gulf of Finland and elsewhere to prevent the Russian fleet’s ability to make passage of any kind.


Meanwhile the Estonian president Alar Karis stated that the West “must bring Putin and Russia to their knees” before any serious negotiations can ensue:

More and more the Atlanticist cabal of the EU and DC-controlled West are demonstrating just how totalitarian and undemocratic they’ve become. Yesterday a quite revealing story surfaced from the current Georgian prime minister Irakli Kobakhidze about how he was essentially threatened with assassination by EU commissioner Olivér Várhelyi for his perceived ‘pro-Russian’ foreign agent law.




But most shocking of all, instead of being buried in the mill of the ‘interesting/probable but unverifiable’ as is usually the case with such juicy rumors, the actual EU official in question came out and outright admitted it—but, of course, he couched it with an excuse about how he was actually trying to help Kobakhidze by warning him that he was engendering a ‘dangerous’ sentiment which could lead to a similar fate as that of the recently shot Robert Fico:

Commissioner Várhelyi: “Being fully aware of the very strong pro-EU sentiment of the Georgian society, during my phone conversation I felt the need to call the attention of the Prime Minister on the importance not to enflame further the already fragile situation by adopting this law which could lead to further polarisation and to possible uncontrolled situations on the streets of Tbilisi.  In this regard, the latest tragic event in Slovakia was made as an example and as a reference to where such high level of polarisation can lead in a society even in Europe. Once again, I regret that one part of my phone call was not just fully taken out of context but was also presented to the public in a way which could give rise to a complete misinterpretation of the originally intended aim of my phone call.”

How noble of him!

Do you see how these gangsters operate? Is it any coincidence that just as their global cabal begins crumbling at speed we witness them resort to the furthest scale of desperate tactics? Iran’s entire ruling government taken out, Robert Fico shot, now Georgian PM being openly threatened with assassination; that’s likely just the tip of the iceberg we can see—many other resistance sphere leaders and politicians most likely face quieter threats which they don’t make public.

Kobakhidze also gave another interesting statement about how the U.S. has been trying to turn Georgia into a war front against Russia since 2002:

Naturally, the timing comes right after Putin took office, and was merely the continuation of the Chechen war of the caucuses that the CIA lost and for which it needed a replacement to keep Russia from ever rising from its knees. Of course, the first Ukrainian color (Orange) revolution occurred not long after that in 2004—the opening sallies of a long multi-vectored war to destroy Russia and balkanize the Slavic people, which are not only the most numerous ethnicity in all of Europe, but represent the greatest threat to the Anglo-Atlanticist Empire.

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