Nation’s Dumbest Supreme? Justice Elena Kagan Warns East Coast Could Be ‘Swallowed By The Ocean’


by Carmine Sabia

The hyperbole machine is strong with liberals and that sometimes includes Supreme Court Justices.
Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan penned the dissent in the EPA case after the administration of President Joe Biden was defeated on Thursday, and she gave an ominous warning that the East Coast could be “swallowed by the ocean.”
“Whatever else this Court may know about, it does not have a clue about how to address climate change,” the Justice said. “And let’s say the obvious: The stakes here are high. Yet the Court today prevents congressionally authorized agency action to curb power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions.”
“If the current rate of emissions continues, children born this year could live to see parts of the Eastern seaboard swallowed by the ocean,” she said in the dissent, signed onto by the Justice Stephen Breyer, who retired on Thursday, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in the 6-3 case.
“Today, the Court strips the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the power Congress gave it to respond to ‘the most pressing environmental challenge of our time,’” she said.
“The Court appoints itself — instead of Congress or the expert agency — the decisionmaker on climate policy. I cannot think of many things more frightening,” she said.
Justice Neil Gorsuch hit back at her claims in his concurring decision in which he said, “the Court hardly professes to ‘appoint itself’ ‘the decision-maker on climate policy.’”
“The Court acknowledges only that, under our Constitution, the people’s elected representatives in Congress are the decisionmakers here — and they have not clearly granted the agency the authority it claims for itself,” he said.
In the case of West Virginia v. the Environmental Protection Agency, the Court ruled 6-3 to curb the agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gasses.
Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion. The Court’s three liberal justices dissented.


“Republican attorneys general will argue the EPA has no authority to regulate planet-warming emissions from the power sector. Instead, they will say that authority should be given to Congress,” CNN reported. The case also has enormous implications for Biden’s climate agenda. With legislative action on climate looking uncertain at best, a Supreme Court decision siding with coal companies could undercut an important way the administration planned to slash emissions at a moment when scientists are sounding alarms about the accelerating pace of global warming.”
“The power sector is the country’s second-largest emitter of greenhouse gas. Power emissions rose last year, mainly driven by coal. Experts say West Virginia v. EPA is a highly unusual case, because there is no current EPA rule on power plant emissions. Plaintiffs are asking the court to block the EPA from implementing future rules,” the outlet added.
West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, the main plaintiff in the case, was joined by Republican attorneys general from more than a dozen other states.
The plaintiffs challenged the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions coming from power plants.
They also argued that this power should be taken away from the agency and given to Congress.

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Last edited 1 year ago by Mully

God and allah awful ugly

Kagan’s actions would shred democracy

The Court seems the most rational at the moment. Roberts is always a concern and caving Kavanaugh might now preset a future problem.

There will most likely not be another vacancy throughout the remainder of the illegitimate bidens time. But, there is always the possibility of an assignation by a democrat domestic terrorist to try to sway the balance of the present Court.

Well, don’t blame Kagan; almost every hyperbolic prediction the left makes about climate change is stupid. What is troublesome is that she doesn’t understand how our system of government works… or doesn’t care.

Now, I don’t pretend to be a Constitutional law expert, but I know the government is not allowed to create an agency out of thin air and then that un-elected agency assumes ultimate power over farms, businesses and industry. What the ruling does is tell Congress to do its job and legislate. Democrats have been abusing the power (or lack thereof) of the EPA to carry out policy. They even have a little game they play where the government sues the EPA and then they work out a “plea deal” to give the EPA what they wanted to do in the first place. THAT’S the kind of crap the SCOTUS is telling the EPA and Congress that is unconstitutional and must stop.

SCOTUS was Kagan’s reward for keeping Obama’s college transcripts secret when he needed her to.
She is a pretty dumb bunny if she really thinks the Eastern seabord is going underwater anytime soon.
Physics 101:comment image?itok=4F9a7c6g

I read that 10 inches of snow melts into 1 inch of water

10 inches of snow melt inch one inch of water

Someone needs to tell this Dim-Bulb that the Obama,s are living on the East Coast Marthas Vineyard

It isnt as funny as Guam tipping over but damn close.