Murders surge as police are defunded, up 64% in Minneapolis


By Paul Bedard

Murder and other crimes have surged in major cities following the efforts to defend and rein in police activity following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year, according to a law enforcement report.
In Minneapolis, police activity following Floyd’s death while in custody dropped 42%, and possibly as a result, murders surged 64%, said the report from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund shared with Secrets.
The report said that in 10 major cities where cops were sharply criticized, police activity dropped 48% since June 2020 and murders rose 56%.
Nationally, murders jumped 25% to the highest point since 1995. A year before, former President Bill Clinton and then-Sen. Joe Biden pushed through a crime bill that granted millions to police and established the “three strikes” provision that helped to fill the nation’s jails and increase the length of sentences.
The report suggested that the new crime spike was the result of liberal communities handcuffing police, cutting funds, and publicly mocking law enforcement.

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Is this the results the left was seeking? That’s not a rhetorical question; it’s a legitimate question that needs an answer because no one can understand the irrational and incomprehensible behavior of the left. It would certainly seem that seeing more violence, more injury, more deaths, more property destruction serves their agenda, one where destroying law enforcement, the justice system and due process accelerates the goal of creating a totalitarian police state.

Poverty promotes crime. Democrat polices placed and keep minorities in poverty. Minorities represent a disproportional number of police encounters. Propaganda encourages minorities to distrust law enforcement and resist them. Resistance to police in simple encounters increases the probability of tragic results. Democrats exploit tragedies.

Do the math.

Last night on Hannity, Geraldo and Dan Bongino argued about police errors which have tragic results. Geraldo was arguing that the police should not be making stops for minor infractions, yet that is what law enforcement is. That is EXACTLY how most criminals are caught and a stop for expired auto registration resulted in an accused attempted armed robber that had broken the terms of his bail (NOT carrying weapons) with a warrant out for his arrest being arrested… before he decided to fight with police and try to run. It resulted in his accidental death, but accused armed robbers need to be judged and put in jail if found guilty.

How about an example of a cop killing a suspect that does NOT resist arrest and fight? Anyone but me see the common thread here?

Defunding the police and the resultant reduction of law enforcement hurts, as predicted, those in poverty and minorities FIRST and MOST. Do Democrats acknowledge this? Do Democrats CARE that those they pretend most earnestly to care about are who are harmed THE MOST? Well… nuh-uh. Not one bit. Because they DON’T care. They care about the ultimate goal, the totalitarian police state, and as always, the ends justifies the means, no matter who is hurt or dies.

“Is this the result the left was seeking?”
Possibly not but they don’t mind it one bit. It’s just more grist for the mill that – properly spun – will add to the narrative. The left LOVES AND ADORES CHAOS because chaos breeds fear and fearful people are more easily hoodwinked. It’s as simple as that. Ben Franklin not withstanding, fearful people will happily trade essential liberties for the merest hint of safety.

Wonder what happened to the ‘gentleman’ (Michael, I think), who argued with me that the discussion about defunding the police, didn’t actually, you know, mean, taking away money ‘defunding’, just a reimagining of how policing should/could work.

Couldn’t have been liberal misdirection and obfuscation could it?

Nah, lefties would never do something like that…

(rolls eyes)

January 6, 2021 – Massive 1-Year Rise In Homicide Rates Collided With The Pandemic In 2020:

More NPR PBS propaganda? How does progressive brainfarts explain defunding the police and allowing violent rioters to be bailed or charges dropped after attempted murder of officers make the situation better?

So the answer according to NPR is once vaccines are more fully rolled out homicides will drop off. Wanna bet?
That NPR story uses a lot of words but basically says nothing.
As more cities cut police budgets it will have predictable results. Maybe NPR can figure it out then.