Mueller Reportedly Investigating Trump Links To Ukrainian Who Gave Clintons More Than $13 Million


Right before the close, reports that the FBI had raided the office, home and hotel room of Trump attorney Michael Cohen slammed stocks to their lows of the day. The news provoked a furious response from Trump, who again accused Mueller of conducting a “witch hunt” while slamming senior officials in his own Justice Department, who signed off on Mueller supplying the evidence that led to the raid to the local US attorney’s office.

And now, at 8:30 pm ET on a Monday night, the New York Times has reported that Mueller is investigating a $150,000 donation to the Trump foundation that was given from a pro-European Ukrainian businessman during the early days of his campaign.

The donation, which was reportedly solicited by Trump attorney Michael Cohen, was made in exchange for a 20-minute speech that Trump gave about Ukraine and how the US had failed to stop Russia from victimizing the country.

We first learned of the donation shortly after the election. However, the fact that Mueller is investigating the donation was not publicly known.

But there’s a catch: Pinchuk, who has a history of supporting a pro-European Ukraine, was also a major Clinton donor.

Don’t forget, the Clinton Foundation received more individual money from Ukrainian donors than any other foreign country.

Between 2009 and 2013, including when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, according to that foundation, which is based in Kiev, Ukraine. It was created by Mr. Pinchuk, whose fortune stems from a pipe-making company. He served two terms as an elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament and is a proponent of closer ties between Ukraine and the European Union.

Unsurprisingly, Pinchuk and his family are no angels.

He is the son-in-law of a former president of Ukraine whose administration was marred by endemic corruption and human rights violations – exactly the type of donor who would give to the Clinton Foundation.

“Mr. Pinchuk is the son-in-law of a former president of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma, who from 1994 to 2005 led a government criticized for corruption, nepotisk and the murder of dissident journalists.

Pinchuk, who has also been accused of – get this – illegally dumping steel became the focus of a minor controversy during the campaign pertaining to his ties to Clinton. In 2008, Pinchuk made a five-year $29 million commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, according to the Wall Street Journal.

*  * *

All told, Pinchuk gave more than $13 million to the Clinton Foundation since 2006, and promised to give more.

Meanwhile he paid Trump $150,000. That’s roughly 88x more for Clinton than Trump.

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We imagine this won’t be the first leak stemming from the cache of documents that Mueller extracted from the Trump Organization with his subpoena.

But Mueller doesn’t leak. That’s why we’ve heard nothing of any shred of evidence of any Trump collusion with Russia; not because there isn’t any. I know this because Greg tells me so.

Hillary collects millions from foreign contributors as Secretary of State, peddles influence and sells our uranium… no concerns. Trump gets $150,000 before he is even the nominee… UH OH!!!

I guess this is the Department of Justice today.

150 K?!!! The bastid that could have bought 3 ugly pants suits for Harpy GET HIM!

The raid on Cheryl Mills’ office will be coming in the next hour.