Mobile and Online Voting Will be the Next “Ballot Access” Scam


by Capt. Seth Keshel

Many highly regarded voices on the political right shrugged off Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s executive action to institute Automatic Voter Registration in the Commonwealth last September.  Scott Presler was among those voices, and he was quick to point out that after the first several weeks of the program’s rollout, Pennsylvania continued with a strong Republican registration trend in most of its 67 counties.  What he failed to call attention to is that the number of unaffiliated voters, those who are registered to vote and don’t care about politics, but get added to the rolls anyway, will skyrocket in coming months and years.  He also is painfully unaware, or doesn’t care, about the following factoid:

At the time of the 2020 election, 20 states operated Automatic Voter Registration.  Biden won 18, and Trump won 2 – Alaska and West Virginia.

The electoral vote count for those 20 states was 243 to 9 in favor of Biden.

So, sounds good, huh?  90% of states that operate Automatic Voter Registration mint enough new registrations to wait and see how the Republican vote comes in, and then, if they didn’t get enough work done on the front end of a weeks-long early voting period, use sophisticated software, data, and technology you’re not allowed to see in order to backdate virtual mail ballot requests and include them in the count, a dubious sin made easier to commit by public acceptance of it supposedly taking days or weeks to count supposed mail-in ballots.

Democrats don’t call this election manipulation.  They call it providing ballot access.  Remember, it’s not abortion, it’s reproductive health.  It’s not illegal invasion, it’s fleeing from violence.  It’s not gun confiscation, it’s public safety.  The left has mastered the deceptive use of the English language, and many on the right play along with it because they don’t want to be called mean names by people who are paid to gaslight online and on TV.

For the Republicans who still have their heads up their fourth points of contact (look up that military term on your spare time), like those who reportedly lead the RNC’s election integrity efforts in Pennsylvania who won’t claim a lick of wrongdoing in the state’s 2020 quasi-election, look no further than this snippet, posted by Alex Soros on X on March 20:

Two men standing in front of a window

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That, of course, is the son of modern-day Bond villain George Soros, dressed like a kid who got his ass kicked for his lunch money and posing with someone his family bankrolls and owns who happens to be the governor of one of the most critical electoral states on the 2024 landscape.  Shapiro also happens to have been the Attorney General at the time of the 2020 race who stated there was no way Trump would win once the ballots were counted – as the top law enforcement official in Pennsylvania.  Shapiro is one of the slimiest Democrat politicians most Americans are unfamiliar with; time will tell if he becomes a household name or not.

Any notion that Automatic Voter Registration in Pennsylvania is a good thing should automatically be done away with now that Soros is lauding him for enhancing “access to the ballot.”  I was unaware, with more people owning vehicles now than at any point in human history, and with the average American venturing out every day for dining out, working out, going to a ballgame, going to church, getting hair done, having a drink at the bar, going to see a performance of some sort, taking kids to school, or running any variety of errands, that ballot access was a problem.  Even Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, which has lost more than 90,000 of its 1930 population thanks to Democrat failures, reported presidential results in 2020 from 125 voting locations.  Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh, had 1,324!

If that many locations spread throughout its counties weren’t enough, Pennsylvania was flooded with mail-in ballots for the 2020 race, a problem that will only grow more severe thanks to Republican idiocy in enshrining Act 77 and believing we can out-harvest the biggest cheaters in the game in their own backyards, which includes one of the corruption capitals of the Western Hemisphere, Philadelphia.  And still, we are now talking about enhancing ballot access? Who, exactly, couldn’t get a ballot if they wanted to vote?

A measure of a strong candidate is his or her ability to motivate low propensity voters to leave their homes, rather than engaging in dinner, ballgames, or other activities, and wait in line in the elements to vote.  The great ones, those who inspire the belief that they can create change, get the people out of their seats and to the polls naturally.  Ballot access, as it is called, destroys the nature of political choice and all but forces everyone, including those who only know what Taylor Swift thinks about a situation, to cast a ballot, or worse, be voted on behalf of because they were automatically registered to vote and have no plans to vote, and won’t think twice or ask themselves if their name will be used as a marker for a vote in a pinch for a candidate who needs to stay alive to fulfill his or her vows to the death cult they belong to and are funded by.

Texas made early voting a matter of convenience in the 1980s.  Motor Voter, although not automatic at the time, came around in the 1990s.  Oregon rolled out mail-in voting shortly thereafter and had it fully in place for the 2000 presidential election.  The idea of ballot harvesting was first thrown around in California about a decade ago and was closely followed by a spate of states (24 now, plus Washington, D.C.) rushing to institute Automatic Voter Registration to create an endless garden of registrants who will be issued a mail-in ballot whether they want it or not.  Ballot access, they say.

So what could possibly come next?  Will we be voluntold to hand deliver mail-ballots to everyone on the list and seal the envelope for them?  Not likely.  What is a more plausible next step is for ballot access to start extending into online voting or voting on your phone.  In fact, some counties are already playing with it, and have indeed had it in play.  Utah County, Utah, which lies just south of Salt Lake County, had it around for the 2020 presidential election, and swears by their blockchain technology.  I’m not writing today to debate the merits of blockchain technology – in fact, a number of people I respect are excited about it for the future.  But that is the future, this is now.  Utah County, which used Voatz in the 2020 race, had some highly curious returns for the one who received the vaunted 81 million votes (note: I do not have a split for how many votes were cast by Voatz, and how many were cast by Utah’s standard all-mail voting procedures and potentially harvested up).

Before I dig into Utah County, here is some context.  It is one of the most heavily Republican urban counties in America, mirroring Utah’s heavily Republican disposition.

Trump had 192,812 votes in the 2020 election, which is nearly 36,000 more than Utahn Mitt Romney had in 2012, and accounting for the 35.8% other party (McMullin and others) share in 2016, puts Trump about right on target for any Republican in terms of vote output.  Now, let’s do Biden.

Here are Democrat vote totals since 1968:

Humphrey 1968 16,629

McGovern 1972 10,828 (-5,801)

Carter 1976 18,327 (+7,499)

Carter 1980 12,166 (-6,161)

Mondale 1984 14,801 (+2,635)

Dukakis 1988 18,533 (+3,732)

Clinton 1992 14,090 (-4,443)

Clinton 1996 18,291 (+4,201)

Gore 2000 16,445 (-1,846)

Kerry 2004 17,357 (+912)

Obama 2008 29,567 (+12,210)

Obama 2012 17,281 (-12,286)

Clinton 2016 28,522 (+11,241)

Let’s do a little forecasting.  Obama has the record gain of 12,210 in the 2008 race and gave it all back and then some when Romney ran against him in 2012.  The sugar high for the Democrats came and went, certainly for the BYU voting crowd in Provo.  Clinton, in a year Trump couldn’t consolidate the Utah Republican base thanks to intentional division, got most of Obama’s 2008 vote total back.  If we give Clinton potential for more without the disparate third-party share, she may have been in the low 30,000s, but certainly not higher based on 5 decades of presidential returns.  I’ve already told you Trump came in with what appears to be a standard Republican share in 2020, and guess what – population growth in the county, per the 2020 census, mirrors the growth seen in the 1990s and 2000s – meaning we already can predict about how many Biden votes we will see based on past performance, and known incumbent performance.

If Biden gains what Obama gained in 2008, he will come in at 40,732.  If he doubles that gain, he will come in at 52,942.  If his campaign is truly as electric as it appears from his basement, and he triples, Obama’s gain, he will come in at 64,152.

Biden 2020: 76,033

That is right, folks, with the Republican in a Republican dominated county coming in at a full share, Joe Biden quadrupled the all-time Democrat vote gain record for a single cycle.  Total votes certified by the county went like this in the five preceding elections:

2000 120,256

2004 149,173

2008 157,279

2012 177,713

2016 203,642

Gains of 20,000-30,000 votes are commonplace since the turn of the millennium – so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see 230,000 or more votes on the board and certified by the county.  Doubling the high total gain observed in 2004 would put us just past 260,000 votes in Utah County.  So what was the total count?



So, you see, if blockchain is a valid solution for voting, it’s not ready yet, and studies into Voatz have shown plenty of issues.  West Virginia even reported an attempted hack in one of its pilot counties several years back.  I have beat the drum about Utah County’s insane results, in a state that has had mail-in balloting for more than a decade with no issues with ballot access, but have been turned back at every turn by these wonderful Republicans who definitely don’t come from a state with a leadership bent on forcing Mitt Romney upon the American public (sarcasm intended).

High turnout, whether authentic or contrived by voter registration and compulsory voting scams, is not good for an uneducated nation with little idea about how civics impacts the people.  Do you know what doesn’t get hacked, and what can’t get intercepted in the mail, or picked up by nefarious gangs of paid hacks who are compensated per ballot?

VOTING IN PERSON – at the precinct, on paper given to you after showing a valid ID, counted by hand at that precinct, and reported that same evening.

Ballot access comes when people get off their lazy asses and cast a paper ballot, just like food access comes when I get in my truck and go to a store or restaurant, and airport access comes when I drive there, pay to park, and enter through security and into the terminals to board for my destination.  Before anyone accuses me of being hard of heart, I support absentee balloting for overseas military and the legitimately disabled only, with limited windows of early voting for those who legitimately cannot vote on Election Day.

Ballot access is the next big gaslighting effort for election reform, and it will result in expansion into mobile and online voting that cannot be put back in the barn once it gets loose if we do not call things like Automatic Voter Registration out for what they are while they are right here in front of us, Josh Shapiro, and Alex Soros.


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