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One way to make it not so easy would be to have law enforcement in the area and severe penalties for crimes. I guess that makes me 100 times smarter than Ellison.

Then they should be allow to Concealed Carry and lower the population of Rapists by aa few dozen or more

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Here is a novel idea, stop the representation of Congress, the house and even state legislatures based on population numbers alone. Instead, determine representation by county voting results, red vs blue.

Before being elected AG, his live-in girlfriend claimed that during an argument, Ellison dragged her round their living room by her hair. Since he is now offering helpful tips to women; he should also mention that women should consider buzz cuts to make it harder to be dragged.

Yeah, he likes it when they fight back.

RNC Research: Rotten National Committee Research.

DNC Dastardly Nasty Corrupt. You Moron