Michael Cohen: Trump’s Lawyer-Turned-Thief – But Hey, He’s Honest About Everything Else!


by Jeff Childers

Yesterday’s Trump Trial fireworks included this remarkable Fortune headline: “Michael Cohen says he stole tens of thousands of dollars from Trump’s company.” So — by his own admission — the disbarred lawyer is a chronic dissimulator and a thief

As though he were kneeling in a confessional, President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen admitted yesterday that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from Trump’s company, because — laughably — he thought he was underpaid.

While being pressed by defense attorney Todd Blanche, Cohen admitted that he pocketed cash that was supposed to be reimbursement for a $50,000 payment Cohen claimed he had shelled out to a technology firm. But Cohen actually gave the technology firm just $20,000, he said.

“So you stole from the Trump Organization,” Blanche asked.

“Yes, sir,” Cohen replied. Cohen agreed he never paid the Trump Organization back.

Ha. That’s just the time they know about. Who knows how much thievery Cohen got up to? What else did Cohen steal, apart from Trump’s good reputation?

It’s a bad look for a star witness. Media missed the immeasurable irony of convicting a President for putting the wrong words on his check stubs through the testimony of an admitted thief who isn’t being prosecuted.

Bragg’s lawyers will spin it like this: Cohen told the truth about lying and stealing, so he must have told the truth about the other stuff, too. But anyone who’s been a parent knows that when kids get caught with their little hands in the cookie box, they often cough up part of the truth, and they often hang onto the big lie to a ridiculous point.

Although corporate media quickly got its act together, in the moment yesterday while Cohen was admitting to a crime in open court, all the attorney analysts from the various networks expressed shock, disbelief, and doubt that Bragg could ever overcome reasonable doubt. For now, I’ll just put it this way: if the jury convicts him, Trump’s lawyers will have a lot to work with on appeal.

There are signs that corporate media is starting to craft a standby narrative, a cover story that losing the case was all Michael Cohen’s fault. Yesterday, NPR ran a revealing story with the slightly misleading headline, “How does Trump’s trial end? It may hinge on how jurors feel about sex and privacy. Even NPR thinks it’s not looking too good for persecuting a president.

According to NPR’s legal experts, Bragg has a big timeline problem.

Prosecutors have to show intent to defraud when it comes to the business records. But if prosecutors allege that Trump was trying to defraud the voters, they could run into a timeline problem, because none of these allegedly false entries were made until 2017. That’s well after the 2016 election.

“You can’t defraud voters with documents when those voters are voting in November 2016 if those documents don’t exist yet,” Shugerman said, adding that he feels the target of the alleged fraud hasn’t been made clear by the prosecution.

“Under the statute, intent to defraud needs a target. They’ve never applied it to the general public or anything as broad as the electorate,” he added.

You would think they’d want an airtight case while making presidential prosecution history. But Trump derangement is not constrained by such silly qualms.

Today we’ll discover how much defense case Trump’s lawyers intend to put on. But it doesn’t sound like the parties expect much, since Judge Merchan, masterfully dragging out the case, announced yesterday that no matter what, closing arguments would be delayed until after the upcoming holiday weekend. That gives jurors an extended chance to marinate in all the unavoidable media about the case, unless they all keep their phones turned off for a week.

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The only history these fascists are making is the history of being the first to try to put a person in prison simply for being the front-running opposition party candidate in the United States of America.

Fat ass alvin should be indicted for knowingly put a perjurer in the stand in a trial.

Trump is scum.

Trump live rent free in your brain.

He would add on a room but it isnt needed Trump gets plenty of space.

Well, he’s running for President. Doesn’t that make him relevant?

Biden to Release 1 Million Barrels of Gasoline in Bid to Reduce Prices for Summer Driving Season

That is not the purpose of the SPR. His upcoming election is not an emergency.

Trump is scum.

An assessment from someone that absolutely worships a proven pedophile.

Republican lawfare: More TRUTH than you can stomach.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Why don’t you quit recycling that carpet-munching liar?

Why don’t you listen to what she says, and then point out what isn’t true?

Instead, you launch moronic insults. Why would that be?

You expect me to listen to 20 minutes of dumbed down propaganda from a bull dyke?
Thats a hard no.

That bull-dyke has never been honest about anything, makes a living lying and this is certainly no different. Remember that home run she hit with Trump’s stolen tax forms? How about her dedicated commitment to the “Russian collusion” hoax, long after it was proven a lie?

Lickety split a favorite pastime of the lesbian crotch pie eater.

I suppose you would know.

Radical madcow transacts in nothing but lies.

Then tell us what isn’t true about what she’s saying.

You can’t, can you?

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

What Rachael Madcow is doing is called “projection”, Comrade Greggie. She is accusing the right exactly what the left is doing.

“If you go after a judge’s family, you demonize a prosecutor and bring bogus allegations and charges against them, it is YOU who is breaking the legal system.”

Where is this Goebbels imitator when Clarance Thomas and Sam Alito and their families are being attacked? You relish in attacking Thomas. You also seem to relish twerking on Madcow’s face.

She is a hack yet you do your level best to create clickbait for her/him/it.

It isn’t projection when the FACTS back her up. But you’ll never know that because you avoid factual sources and informed opinion like poison.

None of you have directly addressed a single thing she’s saying.

You can’t.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

None of you have directly addressed a single thing she’s saying.

You fucking moron; I quoted her/him/it verbatim. How is that not addressing “a single thing she’s saying?

Madcow is nothing more than a left wing hack spewing her projections to low IQ idiots like you. She is talking about “lawfare.” Remember how you used to link to the Lawfare website? Remember who sent Marc Elias out to get state courts to change election laws in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution?

Take your bullshit somewhere else.

We’re taking our “bullshit” to the polls and putting Trump down for the count.

Hike your lying ass right over to that voting booth, Comrade Greggie.

Just remember this; the lessons states, including Georgia, learned in 2020 are not going to facilitate the blatant theft the DNC pulled off then. States have passed laws that will help prevent the theft, especially the mail in ballot theft, that your degenerate party pulled in 2020. And preventing Zuckerberg from dumping another $400+ million into electioneering for the DNC.

Odd, it was a Democrat president that warned us against voter fraud and spoke against mail in ballots.

Did you follow what Maddow explained has been going own in Georgia? Was it over your head?

People like you are so pig-headed stupid we need a new word to differentiate between them and the routinely stupid. Something that suggests normal stupidity combined with heavy doses vindictiveness and malice…

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Did you follow what Maddow explained has been going own in Georgia? Was it over your head?

Madcow doesn’t “explain” anything. She is a shock-jock, nothing more, nothing less. Her entire schtick is taking the actions of the left in this country and accusing the right of those actions. You have to really be dumb to believe a damn thing she says.

You want stupidity? Madcow’s followers have IQs that are less than the average shoe size. That includes you with your dreams of twerking on her face.

Last edited 1 month ago by retire05

Maddow explained the situation very clearly, along with the implications of it.

Clarity and truth are very dangerous to authoritarian politicians. This is why you hate her.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Wow, Greg takes not showing his Goddess of Lies the proper deference, respect and worship pretty damned seriously, doesn’t he?

yes, he did this same thing a couple of weeks ago. How dare she get down voted without having listened to her bullshit.

Well, no doubt, Greg just adores liars.

Madcow before she became a man.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mully

 “The Herrings run OAN on this McDonald’s business model where you keep the customer happy and the business runs itself. If the customers happen to be crazy conspiracy consumers, then that’s what they’re selling. They are grifters in the outrage culture”.

~Martin Golingan, former OAN producer~

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Such as?

More fun.

Maddow’s “I’m Not a Real Journalist” Defense Prevails in Court

Maddow’s win is America’s gain.

No one can credibly claim that Maddow’s show is real news.

Well… almost no one, though “credibly” would be a concept foreign to him.

That’s all Mr. Madcow has ever done.