Michael Cohen Just Blew Up Bragg’s Case Against Trump


by Matt Margolis

Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump has been in trouble as witness after witness for the prosecution seems to undermine it. Michael Cohen’s testimony proved to be no different.

Bragg’s team really needed a win here after weeks of testimony for the prosecution that proved devastating for its case. Keith Davidson, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, argued during his testimony that the $130,000 transaction with Daniels should not be considered “hush money” but rather a valid “consideration” payment.

Hope Hicks’ testimony delivered another blow to the prosecution’s case when she testified that Trump’s nondisclosure agreement with Daniels aimed to shield his family from potentially damaging media exposure rather than to sway the outcome of the election.

And then Stormy Daniels’ testimony was expertly unraveled by the defense team, which pointed out how she’s repeatedly changed her story depending on what was the most useful and profitable narrative for her at any given time.

The prosecution’s case then came down to the testimony of Michael Cohen. Cohen not only admitted to recording Trump without his knowledge or consent, but he said the recordings showed that Trump was actually just following his advice.

“The most important thing about the audiotape is that there was an audiotape. For most lawyers, watching… listening to this tape is, is really an appalling moment. The very idea that an attorney would tape a client without their knowledge or consent just shatters every aspect of professional conduct, but the tape really doesn’t offer much,” George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow on Monday.

“Like much else in Cohen’s testimony, he gives these details of how he goes to his client and says, ‘I fixed the problem. I arranged for payments.’ I’m, you know, this is not, this story is going to go away, at least before the election and Trump is saying things like ‘good, good,’”

Turley added, “Well, that sounds a lot like a client following the directions of his lawyer. But now the lawyer is telling the jury, I think you should send my client to prison for doing what I suggested for him to do.”

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Time to shake up the entire Court system in New York City and the State as well remove all Soft on Crime types

They have yet to prove any crime occurred. Time to end this fiasco. The judge and his daughter should be tarred and feathered.

All they hope for is a jury of 12 people with the same utter disregard for due process, truth, facts, and the Constitution that will vote to convict Trump based solely on “Orange Man Bad”.

The Orange Man’s makeup is certainly Bad.

02/27/24 – Trump is so weak he can’t beat Biden without Russia’s help.

The sabotage of the defense of Ukraine by Trump’s MAGA puppets was the payment of a debt.

Last edited 11 days ago by Greg

The sabotage of the defense of Ukraine by Trump’s MAGA puppets was the payment of a debt.

Possibly the biggest cope of lifetime, guess what, Ukraine sucks at war, give them the latest and greatest billions of dollars and they lost anyway.

What debt, oh not the 10grand in memes released in 2016 FFS recycle if you must…Hillary stumbling drunk and doing no interviews, then calling Americans names. All the old tried and true tricks did not work with Trump, none of them.
NYT loser.

Last edited 11 days ago by kitt