Michael Cohen Gets Destroyed During Cross Examination, Leaving Anderson Cooper Stunned



It was another bad day for the case against Donald Trump after the former president’s legal team absolutely destroyed Michael Cohen. But don’t take my word for it. Trump’s lawyer, Todd Blanche, was so effective at boxing Cohen in on his lies that he left CNN’s Anderson Cooper absolutely stunned.

“But the last 20 minutes of court today right before the lunch break, it was incredible,” he admitted. “Elie Honig on my program last night had talked about, on a cross-examination, lawyers want to kind of put the witness in a — build a box around the witness and then slam it shut. That’s what Todd Blanche did to Michael Cohen.”

“I mean, the story that Todd Blanche just methodically went through, this sequence of events of this phone conversation that alleged — that Michael Cohen had testified to previously, that he had had this consequential phone conversation with Donald Trump, it was a 90-second phone conversation, I believe, was October 24 was the day it was testified to in — around 8:00 p.m. or so at night,” he added.

Cooper explained how Blanche meticulously dismantled Cohen’s previous testimony about a pivotal phone conversation with Trump. Blanche methodically scrutinized text message transcripts, revealing that harassing prank calls from a 14-year-old prompted Cohen’s call to Trump, which was not solely about the Stormy Daniels affair.

This revelation, Cooper noted, undermines Cohen’s credibility, as he had previously asserted that Trump approved the Stormy Daniels payment during that call. Cohen’s narrative has shifted, casting doubt on his testimony implicating Trump in the affair.

It was an extraordinary cross-examination by Todd Blanche. And Michael Cohen’s — throughout the day, Michael Cohen, when cornered in — when he found himself in a corner, he does have a pattern of suddenly not understanding the question that’s being asked, or seemingly, kind of, I mean, one could say buying time to try to figure out what — how he wants to answer.

But he definitely suddenly starts to have Todd Blanche repeat questions and say, “I don’t quite understand what you mean.” “I’m confused by the question.” But this time, Michael Cohen was cornered in what appeared to be a lie, I think, to many in the room, and had to adjust suddenly his memory that he had just testified to on Tuesday.

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Merchan is too biased to do the right thing

Not when the whole point of the lawfare is to destroy Trump.

Cohen was the worst of all of the prosecution’s witnesses. How stupid to save the worst for last. Did the prosecution not think the defense would surgically open this liar?

At this point the prosecutions case has not proven whatsoever the unknown crime Trump was supposed to have committed.

Last edited 30 days ago by TrumpWon

Stormy really sucked, though. She was about as fake as her tits.

So, there were emails both before and after the phone call that show what the real reason Cohen talked with Trump and what he then did as a result of his phone conversation.
But Cohen’s “prep” for this trial didn’t use any of those emails, so Cohen was just making up the entire phone call being all about Stormy to “get Trump.”
Now he’s been eviscerated in front of the jury.
And he was the best the prosecution had.
Should be a call for dismissal and this time the judge should say, Yes.

Now, let’s see if the left actually knows what “perjury” is.

Well, golly gee whiz, who saw THIS coming? Cohen’s treasure trove of “evidence” is the strongest part of this ridiculous insult to the once-respected justice system. In fact, Cohen’s honesty, credibility and integrity is a good representation of the entire Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden regime.

Just like in the movie THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA he catches big Fish(Marlin)but by the time he reaches Port the Sharks leave him with the Skeleton