Merkel won’t grant asylum to Pakistani Christian woman for fear of stoking resentment in British Muslims



Home Secretary Sajid Javid has argued passionately the case for granting Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian who’s conviction for blasphemy was recently pushed after eight years in solitary confinement, asylum in the UK.

An investigation by the daily mail revealed that on the day Asia was seized, she was accused of blasphemy, paraded through her village with her neck bound by a leather noose, beaten with sticks, and told by a makeshift sharia court that her life would only be spare if she converted to Islam.

She refused to accept Islam, and was consequently whipped with sticks and sandals until semi-unconscious. Her life was only saved when a teacher intervened and stated that she should be handed over to the police.

Despite these horrific events, Mrs May has been persuaded to refuse asylum to the Christian mother on the grounds that granting Bib asylum would ‘stoke tensions’ among British Muslims. Since her acquittal, demonstrations by hardline Islamists have taken place demanding she be hanged.

Bibi is facing constant death threats and is being hunted across Pakistan, unable to be reunited with her five children as she is forced to move from safe house to safe house.

Voice of Europe

Seems we know who controls the country now.

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Allow enough Muslims into your country, then you have to worry about violence erupting in response to common sense humanitarian decisions.

Merkel is a Dumb Koff a typical liberal Germany needs to have them removed