Media Isn’t Bothered By Hunter Biden’s Use of N-Word



Hunter Biden repeatedly used the N-word while addressing his white attorney George Mesires, text messages from 2018 and 2019 obtained by the Daily Mail show. However, that isn’t the story. Instead, the story is that the media views it as a non-story.
Blue-chip media outlets don’t hide their inconsistencies, they embrace them. We all know that if this were Don Jr., it’d lead primetime programs on CNN and MSNBC as well as every morning talk show. But it’s not Don Jr. Hunter Biden is the first son of a protected administration, so his use of the N-word isn’t worth a headline.
As cable news blogger Johnny Dollar discovered, CNN made no mention of it anywhere on their website.

Perhaps CNN is selective when covering a sitting president’s son. CNN waits for the big stories, like:

It’s accurate to surmise that Hunter’s use of the word wasn’t malicious. He said it to a white person in a conversation that excluded race. That’s fair, though an argument built around context would be novel.

When the N-word has been uttered by those less coddled than Hunter, the media offers no such grace or common sense.
NASCAR driver Kyle Larson is still apologizing for his similarly foolish but non-malicious use of the word. Larson was crucified in the media, fired by Chip Ganassi Racing, and lost nearly all of his sponsors.
College-aged students, much younger than Hunter was in 2018-19, have had their lives ruined for past uses of the slur. Mimi Groves, now 19, was kicked off the University of Tennessee’s cheer team after a classmate arbitrarily posted an old video of Groves saying the N-word in high school. The headlines of the videos made it worse. As Groves puts it, her “dream” was shattered. Groves was over-punished. But what did you expect? She’s a Groves, not a Biden.
What’s evident is that outrage is rarely honest or consistent. Media members, politicians, and influencers strategically pick their spots about when they will say they are offended and demand change.

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Well, digging-deep cancel culture didn’t worry about idiot Daddy Biden dropping N-bombs all over the place in the Senate. This is how much ANYONE cares about the use of the word. Like every other “principle” of the left and Democrat party, it’s just a weapon.

snowflakes, and ground zero idiots all have thin skins and crap for brains. In general, people who belong to the snowflake generation have an exaggerated sense of uniqueness. they all personify an exaggerated sense of what’s politically correct, lack moral and ethical judgement, narcissistic and pathological liars. additionally, pundits label them as a conflictive generation since, according to certain opinions, they can’t tolerate criticism, especially if it’s an intelligent attack on their way of thinking. somewhere beginning in the middle of puberty, the average individuals makes the transition from puberty/teenager to adult. millenniums/snowflakes continue to dwell in this transitional phase. Simply placed: discussing anything with these people is like talking to a 3 y/o who argues that he/she can fly. hunter biden is stuck in this transition. OH he received his jd from yale, another liberal, anti-American, anti-Semitic, domestic loving terrorist university.

Yale, founded by a slave trader, doesn’t suffer any cancel culture.

Hunter has white liberal privilege. The Democrat media complex can’t be bothered, by pretty much anything that could be detrimentally Biden related.

And idiot Pop had dinner with them. Nothing corrupt here. Noooooo….