McAuliffe’s Infamous ‘Parents’ Quip Wasn’t a Gaffe — It’s How Democrats Think



Terry McAuliffe made an extraordinary in-kind contribution to the campaign of his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, when he declared during their debate that, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” In no small part due to that one comment, a governor’s race that looked like a sure thing for Democrats is effectively a toss-up with a week to go.

If Youngkin manages to pull off the upset, most political observers will look at this McAuliffe comment as a turning point in the race. But while many people have portrayed the statement as a gaffe, in reality, all McAuliffe was doing was expressing a view that is held by an overwhelming majority of Democrats. And this is backed up by a new poll from USA Today/Suffolk, which shows a tied race.
At one point the pollsters asked, “Should parents or school boards have more of an influence on a school’s curriculum?” Overall, 50 percent said parents and 39 percent said school boards. But the partisan breakdown is something to behold. While Republicans, 79 percent to 12 percent, said parents should have more influence, the numbers were reversed for Democrats, with 70 percent saying school boards should have more of a say and only 16 percent siding with parents. Among independents, it was 57-32 in favor of parents.
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Whether or not Youngkin is able to overcome the huge built-in advantages Democrats have in Virginia and emerge victorious, the competitiveness of the race suggests that Republicans running next year should lean into the idea of giving parents more of a say over their children’s educations.

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And this Nit-Wit should have nothing to do with the Education System him and the rest of the Democrat/Globalists should be banished to the Amazon for life and even longer

Anybody who believes that Youngkin has a chinaman’s chance also believes that last year’s general election was entirely honest, above board and completely free of fraud.

“But while many people have portrayed the statement as a gaffe” Well, it wasn’t a gaffe because McAuliffe doubled down on his remark and stood behind it… until the polls showed he stepped on his crank. Like most Democrats, he turned on a dime and began lying about supporting parents.

Democrats support the government being the sole authority on indoctrinating their children because they are lazy and stupid. If they haven’t thought of killing them in the womb, then they are more than happy to just turn over their upbringing to the central government.

Dear God, I want that corrupt Clintonista scumbag McAullife is defeated. Expect massive fraud (again) in support of terrible Terry, but maybe it will be exposed, overcome and defeated.

BOOM! Missouri and Ohio Terminate National School Boards Association Membership Over Letter Labeling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Mcawful will lose November 2 along with the house of delegates in Virginia. 2021 Virginia will be a referendum on biden and a precursyfor 2022

That’s sadly hilarious.

“After being told by all mainstream media outlets that his words were as the holy revelation of a resplendent god, Barack Obama flew home to write a memoir about it.”

But oh…if you like Trump? Can’t have anyone challenging the WON’s supremacy.

We need to remember they fed one of their daughters to Hollywood Harvey as an “intern” so maybe having his daughter raped wouldnt outrage him at all.
They knew everyone knew.

Obama has no idea what is happening in the real world. He showed up in Virginia and got a synopsis of reality from McAuliffe and went forth and made a complete fool of himself.

Democrat elites, who have all their whims and needs catered to, have no idea what real life consists of. After Obama’s “help”, McAuliffe drops in the polls… again. Idiot Biden can only do further damage, but having that moron there only shows how desperate Democrats are. Next plan: FRAUD.

Funny… idiot Biden doesn’t have time to go to the border and behold the disaster he has wrought but he has plenty of time for this shit.