Martha’s Vineyard Home Proves Obama Knows Global Warming’s a Hoax


Barack and Michelle Obama are proving with the purchase of a $15 million home on Martha’s Vineyard that they know Global Warming is a hoax.

Do you want to know the very last thing a true believer in Global Warming would ever do…?

Move to an island and invest $15 million in a home with a — no joke — ocean view. But…

According to various news reports, Barry and Michelle are doing exactly that, and I do mean exactly that

Here’s a photo of the estate, all 7,000 square feet of the mansion and the surrounding property… You see all that blue stuff off to the right…? That’s the Atlantic Ocean, y’all…

Now, some might see an awful lot of hypocrisy in a Global Warming believer like Obama purchasing a massive estate that will create an equally massive carbon footprint.

Fair enough.

But that only proves Barry’s a hypocrite, not that he’s a Global Warming Denier.

More at Breitbart

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With AL Gore’s sea level rising so rapidly, the 3.3 foot elevation of Obama’s modest abode will soon be a victim of AGW. Just shows how into the ideology the believers are into the scam.

@Randy: @Randy:

maybe the nest series of hurricanes will impart some damage. recall the idiot al stated that NYC would be underwater by 2014..polar population has tripled and brown bear population has doubled.

The HQ of the notorious Sierra Club is still in San Francisco the National Audubon Society is in NYC if these Eco-Freaks realy beleived in Global Warming/Climate Change then they would have moved further inland and many Eco-Wackos still live on the coasts

If you like your mansion on the coast, you can KEEP your mansion on the coast. PERIOD.

Since Obama has reached that point where “you have enough money”, why doesn’t he donate his pension to charity or have the government cancel it? Social Security and health benefits are “means tested”, why not these pensions?

Why don’t they go live in The Stanly House there The Shining was filmed HERE’S JOHNNY its said to be haunted

the pack ice in the Bering Sea started to from late July. sooo much for climate change.

Dem candidates yelling about global warming and blaming air conditioners, cars, plastic straws, and jets -while living large- is probably not the best way to win office.

Soooooo, the Dem leadership has canceled a proposed pres debate on climate change.

Everyone knows global warming, or “climate change,” is a hoax issue.
One that all the tax dollars on earth couldn’t change.

But one USED by commies to separate useful idiots from their money.
And, should they be elected they could enforce taking money from more people by force of gov’tal power.
AOC’s brain even said that was the reason he created the “green new deal.”
She’s such a dumb useful idiot she is still touting the GND as if it really would “save the planet,” instead of making lefty leaders richer than they already are.

Obama has, what, now, three fabulous homes?
One in DC. one in Chicago, now this new one.
Also Michelle rented a $23million house one in Hollywood Hills.
I guess it hides the fact they live apart.

Obamas Park in Handicapped Spot For Two Hours While Dining at Trendy Sushi Restaurant in Los Angeles

Wouldn’t the story be more entertaining if the headline read;
“MAGA Patriot pulls up to LA Sushi restaurant with Dodge diesel 3500 and drags Obama’s SUV out of handicap parking spot so mother in law can park with a legitimate handicap flag.”

Now that would be a story!

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

Such compassionate and principled people. Those are the kinds of shit that Democrats worship.

Now you’re master class trolling, Trumpwon.
Vladimir Putin is master class trolling today, too.
As the EU orders all their subjects to turn off the heat and not cook on their stoves, Putin has a 24/7 video up on a European version of TicToc.
It shows a stove top with every burner on full blast.
The elites of the globalist rulers of the EU keep taking this video down and it just keeps popping up again.