Manchin Stymies Democrats Again, Says He Won’t Stand for End-Run Around Senate Rules


Does Sen. Joe Manchin keep buckets of cold water with him at all times? It certainly seems that way, because he keeps throwing them on congressional Democrats’ hopes.
He did it again on Wednesday during an interview with Fox News, vowing not to vote to overrule the Senate parliamentarian when his party’s $1.75 trillion spending bill comes up for debate.
“I’m not going to vote to overrule the parliamentarian,” he said. “I’m not going to do that. They all know that.”
Much of President Joe Biden’s agenda has been solely economic in nature due to the fact that Democrats have 50 votes in the Senate and can only pass bills through a process called budget reconciliation without breaking the filibuster. Essentially, budgetary matters aren’t subject to the 60-vote supermajority.

However, the rules governing what can go in a reconciliation bill are ambiguous at best — which is why Democrats have tried to fit a number of proposals into reconciliation legislation under the argument that their primary impact is economic. These included a $15 federal minimum wage and a sweeping immigration bill providing amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.
In both cases, however, the Senate parliamentarian — who provides guidance as to whether or not the provision meets the criteria to be included in reconciliation legislation — ruled against them.
There are two reasons the parliamentarian is pertinent at the moment.

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The Democrats aren’t unaware of the signs; they simply don’t care. They keep lying and saying the wasteful spending monstrosity is “wildly popular” when it is the very thing that is killing what little support they already had. They simply don’t care what the people want; THEY want socialism, totalitarianism and a police state. They also know they have but a year to get their socialist agenda shoved down the people’s throats, the corrosive debt added to the pile and the Constitution mortally wounded.

One wonders what it will take to buy off Manchin and Sinema.

Liberal Democrats hate the U.S. Constitution and want to replace it with various UN Treaties Biden,Clinton,Obama Etc