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And what is this stupid liberal punk going to do about it? The liberal control of the Supreme Court is over for a long time. It’s back to the Constitution and not liberal ideology guiding the decisions. They should be considering being more reasonable with their abortion zealotry; it’s going to cost them their entire ideology.

Time to resign Chucky Sleaze they have a straight jacket and padded cell for you

The left is now experiencing the results of failing to listen to the will of the people. They depended upon Clinton and Obama appointed judges to legislate from the bench for them instead of doing their jobs. The populous does not support a two tier legal system. They want the law to be applied equally. When a brash man walked into the presidential arena and made promises to the people, they believed him. After he became president and kept his promises, they are poised to reelect him to an additional 4 years. At the end of an 8 year presidency, it is very likely that legislation from the bench will be only something read about in history books is any will still exist. Chucky and Pelosi allowed this to happen and now as their “happy daze” are fading away, they are experiencing the dying quivering of their party and the lack of support for their ideology.

chucky has always been a punk. his immigration scheme with his buddies( alleged immigration lawyer) issuing green cards to the immigrant for a nice fee has been ongoing for years. chucky group funneled high profile and lush immigrants for immediate green cards for a fee. maybe the ag of the corrupt southern new york should look into the five sealed cases against chucky.

here are all those legal experts that went after Barr for simply changing a sentencing recommendation? Schumer directly threatened 2 supreme court justices.He should be disbarred and sanctioned by the senate.
These dems are ghouls the life and safetyof the woman making the decision to murder her unborn child she is expendable to them, no rules no regulations government paid for free for all, no safety, try wearing the wrong eyewear in a factory or going without steel toes. Be cook without a hairnet.

@kitt: This is what motivates Democrats; violence.

@Deplorable Me: Chief Justice Roberts said. “Justices know that criticism comes with the territory, but threatening statements of this sort from the highest levels of government are not only inappropriate, they are dangerous. All Members of the Court will continue to do their job, without fear or favor, from whatever quarter.”
Then there is the right to peacefully protest..sorta kinda

@kitt: This is unprecedented. Imagine these thugs in charge of the government. Fascist slime.

@Deplorable Me: Not only that, imagine if they had complete control of the government and there was no Second Amendment which is exactly what they want.

To be fair to Chuck, if you want to entertain the mob, you must stay out in front of the mob’s anger, directing it away from you at all times.
Chuck chose that group to lead in their hours-of -hate (a la 1984) and found himself pointing the finger at whatever wasn’t him.
Dems created these identity politics mobs and now must own them as well as owning the monsters that they must turn into so as to not be their next target.

red flag this punk’s guns.