Lara Trump: RNC Focused Like a Laser on Election Integrity


by Aldgra Fredly

Republican National Committee (RNC) co-chair Lara Trump said Sunday that election integrity is a top priority in the upcoming November election and the committee is focused on it “like a laser.”

During an interview with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” on April 7, Ms. Trump said that the committee will dedicate all of its resources to its Election Integrity Division “as needed.”

“When you talk about election integrity, it is vital. It is the number one thing that we are focused on, aside from getting out the vote, which, of course, Donald Trump himself will do for us,” Ms. Trump said.

“We are making sure that we leave nothing to chance because we have to understand the importance of this election,” she added.

Former President Donald Trump raked in a massive $50.5 million in funds for his reelection bid on Saturday. With this funding, Ms. Trump, the daughter-in-law of President Trump, said the RNC can now afford to ensure that poll workers are trained and lawyers are present in every voting precinct.

“Prior to last night, the largest single event fundraiser in politics ever was the one that Joe Biden had. And he needed three presidents to haul in $26 million,” she said, referring to President Biden’s fundraiser in March, which included former presidents Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton.

“We needed one man, Donald J. Trump, one president, to double that,” Ms. Trump added.

Ms. Trump said that the outcome of this fundraiser event reflects a shift where “people are not sitting on the sidelines anymore.”

“They understand what’s at stake. It’s a must-win election. And from the election integrity perspective, we’re focused on it like a laser at the RNC,” she added.

Under a joint-fundraising agreement, funds from the fundraiser event will go to the Trump campaign, the former president’s Save America PAC, the RNC, and state GOP parties.

RNC chair Michael Whatley, who was also present for the interview, said the committee will spend “every dollar” raised on two “critical core” missions: increasing voter turnout and protecting the ballot.

Mr. Whatley said that the RNC is working with state legislatures, boards of elections, and secretaries of state to ensure the implementation of the rules of the road.

The committee will file lawsuits if the rules are not adhered to, he said, adding that the RNC had filed over 80 lawsuits in 24 states “to make sure that we have the ground ready to go for safe elections.”

The committee has also been recruiting and training thousands of observers and attorneys “to make sure that we are in the room” when a vote is cast and counted, Mr. Whatley said.

“What we want are fair, accurate, secure, and transparent elections. And when we have it, then we’re going to protect the sanctity of that ballot. We’re going to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat,” he added.

President Trump’s campaign’s fundraiser, dubbed the “Inaugural Leadership Dinner,” was held in hedge fund billionaire John Paulson’s $110 million home in Palm Beach, Florida, on Saturday.

Thie event is a much-needed boost for President Trump, who has been routinely outraised by President Biden amid a financial squeeze due to ballooning lawyer fees and legal payouts from his criminal and civil court cases.

Mr. Paulson told The Epoch Times on Saturday that the event has now claimed the position of being the most successful political fundraiser in U.S. history.

“This sold-out event has raised the most in a single political fundraiser in history. This overwhelming support demonstrates the enthusiasm for President Trump and his policies,” he remarked.


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I suspect they are going to be very, very busy. Democrats are going to take election fraud to a new level, now that lawfare is failing miserably.

Imagine where we might be had the RNC 86’d ronna romney McDaniel two plus years ago?

i.e, the RNC is preparing to declare fraud the moment Trump loses.

The only way he loses buckwheat would be by fraud. TrumpWon in 2020, the democrats gifted biden the presidency fool.

Trump’s poll lead has been less than the error margin for months. Only 60% of republican voters are committed to him. His entire campaign is a fraud.

Hey tell me what great accomplishments make me want to vote for Buyden. Grasping at trump hate straws is sorta pathetic.

Personally, I like the military capitulation biden has perfected. Like the perfect surrender in Afghanistan.

You’d think by now they’d be more proficient at shutting down embassies with all the practice they are getting.

Not wanting a lunatic in the White House is reason enough to vote for Biden.

There is NO sound reason to vote for the incompetent, corrupt, treasonous pedophile, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. He has absolutely, beyond any doubt or argument, proven himself to be a disastrous failure, just as Trump showed what a great job he can do as President.

There is not one good reason to vote for biden.


They should just do a pre-election inspection of State Farm Arena’s water mains to eliminate that excuse to commit massive fraud again.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

04/08/24 – Trump Looking to Sue Judge in Porn Star Hush Money Case in Last-Ditch Effort to Delay Trial – —————–
Former President Donald Trump is expected to attempt to delay his impending criminal case in New York City by suing Judge Juan Merchan over the judge’s latest gag order imposed on him, The New York Times reported on Monday.

Trump is expected to become the first former president to stand trial as a criminal defendant, accused of falsifying business records in order to hide payments made to Stormy Daniels so she wouldn’t reveal their affair while he was running for president. The trial is set to begin on April 15, but court records revealed that Trump’s legal team was “filing an action” against Merchan:

Two people with knowledge of the matter said that Mr. Trump’s lawyers on Monday planned to file the action calling on an appeals court to delay the trial and to challenge a gag order that Justice Merchan recently imposed on the former president. The order prevents Mr. Trump from attacking witnesses, prosecutors and the judge’s own family.

The move, according to the Times, is not expected to be successful given the “unorthodox” nature of it being a lawsuit against the judge.

Another filing showed that Trump’s team wants to move the trial outside of Manhattan, where a jury of his peers could be made up of people who are likely not fans of Trump: “The request reflects his deep unpopularity in the solidly Democratic borough.”

Just days ago, Judge Merchan denied the Trump team another move to delay the trial based on Trump’s immunity claims, citing the “untimely” manner of the filing.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Like anyone Trump has the right to every legal avenue to see that he obtains a fair trial.
These guys cant even get a trial

J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Seeks Donations for Medical Expenses – Finally Sees Doctor After Years of Abuse, Beatings, and Neglect

Trump has used every legal avenue money can buy to AVOID trials.


Does Joe have 100 % of the transgender vote?

As is his right as a citizen. tell me what store does he shop at to buy these things? Just repeating a line you heard on TV?

So, you think it wiser to encourage trials that are only being held for political purposes?

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

“That Didn’t Stop Us” – Biden Brags About Ignoring Supreme Court on His Scheme to Unilaterally Cancel Student Loan Debt (VIDEO)

Is joe above the law? Does he not respect the rule of law?

So, you think that fascist lawfare, making our justice system resemble the type of justice they had in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, something to be proud of? I find it rather embarrassing on a global scale. Only totalitarian fascist police state regimes do this sort of thing. I guess I’m not surprised you find it entertaining.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Last edited 2 months ago by Just Plain Bill

If Trump wins it was a fair election; if Trump loses, it wasn’t?

That’s basically what the Trump bullshit comes down to.

The only reason Trump gets another shot at destroying American democracy is because Senate Republicans didn’t have the balls to convict him. They gave him a pass, and then wrung their hands and moaned about how it was really up to the courts.

Now they’re attacking the courts. Now it’s “lawfare” that anyone dares to prosecute.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Bullshit made up garbage charges.Where Trump has to prove himself innocent, but they dont take testimony from experts and do take it from those that testify they lied under oath.
Their star witness this guy is a piece of work, his own actions are never his fault.

Trump backstabbed Cohen, who’d always been a loyal soldier, and left him to rot in prison. Cohen will tell all and the whole country will hear.

You’ve got that bassackwards, like most of your views. It was Cohen who dallied with Stormy and stabbed Trump in the back. Why do you only believe proven liars?

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Maybe this one came directly from Grok, Musk’s unsupervised AI headline generator:

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Well, it’s reported (from prison) by another of your Presidential hopefuls, so you should fully embrace it.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Convict Trump for what? You never say. You seem to believe that “Orange Man Bad” is some kind of federal crime Trump can be tried and sentenced for. What is it you want to convict him for?

I only hope Trump’s next chance to “destroy America” goes as well as his last one, when America did better than she had in decades. The real, horrific damage to the nation has been caused by Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the incompetent, weak, degenerate, corrupt, treasonous pedophile.

Corruption? No, that’s Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. Extortion? No, again, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. Treason, selling out the American people? Oops… once again, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden. How about causing the deaths of hundreds of US citizens through ill-conceived open-border immigration polices? Yep, you guess it… Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden.

And who attacks the courts? Well, who was it that goaded violent leftists to illegally protest at the homes of Supreme Court Justices, one almost being assassinated (the would-be assassin being slow-walked through his process). Who attacks judges when they don’t join in the leftist lawfare strategy? Yeah… leftists.

Is it a lack of balls that holds Democrats back from calling out Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden for willfully violating Supreme Court decisions, supporting perjury, shielding his criminal son from prosecution, being held accountable for stealing, illegally retaining, storing and sharing classified documents, influence peddling and murdering an innocent Afghan family to try and “look tough”?

And why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Not guilty!

Newsflash: When you’re in active military service, following orders is not optional. COVID was a threat to military readiness. Have your forgotten that COVID outbreak sidelined a Navy aircraft carrier?

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

When you’re in active military service, following orders is not optional.

Does the US military have the right to force a soldier to get a tattoo?
No one, not even Admiral Rachel Levin, has the authority to force someone to inject an unproven serum into their body. Or do you not support the Fourth Amendment?

You clearly have never served in the U.S. military.

What about the fact that COVID put a US nuclear aircraft carrier out of action? That pretty much sinks your entire bullshit argument, doesn’t it? Which of course is the reason you ignored the point entirely.

Lance Castle landed in the stockade for a damn good reason. Cell extraction happens when a prisoner defies orders and refuses to cooperate. Calculated forced compliance invariably follows. He brought it on himself.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

No, because he wasn’t on a carrier nor shipping out. Plus, crews were quarantined before shipping out, so if none have the virus before they ship out, how will they get it shipboard? Pretty much holes YOUR stupid argument below the waterline.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

What about the fact that COVID put a US nuclear aircraft carrier out of action?

Injecting the non-vaccine vaccine that only served to get Democrats like Anthony Fauci rich, would not have avoided that, would it? You came here, day after day, telling us how the “vaccine” would prevent both contraction AND transmission.

It didn’t, did it, and that pretty much sinks your entire bullshit argument, doesn’t it, Comrade Greggie? 

Your argument makes no sense.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

It was a viral pneumonia z packs and steroids in a timely manner. The jabby did nothing to stop it, the jabby caused much more harm than good.
july 20, 2022 UK It reveals that, during April and May of this year, 4,647 vaccinated people died with COVID-19, compared to 288 unvaccinated people. 

Covid vaccine injuries exposed in newly uncovered data

They freak out and pull all the lettuce from the shelves for 6 sick people but heart damage they let fly,let that sink in.

But good news we will be watching the polls much closer.
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Not if it’s an unconstitutional or illegal order. COVID was no threat to healthy, young men and women.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Last edited 2 months ago by Just Plain Bill

Read the charges. Charges are what the Biden impeachment clowns can’t come up with.

Convict Trump for what? 

So, he should be convicted for running against Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden for President and having a very, very good chance of winning? THAT’S what the charges are. The evidence against Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is overwhelming and clearly shows he and his entire family were not only involved in influence peddling and evading taxes. Their influence peddling involved treasonous activity. THAT’S your guy. Only bona fide America haters support that pile of fetid shit.

Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?

Espionage its simple he was caught with the documents. The GOP never grabs the low hanging fruit.
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion
Id say 8 to 12 million is an invasion Some Judge in Illinois says they can be armed. So we now can have an armed invasion, terrorists being released into the country.
Doesnt matter at this point the election will determine if a new DOJ will consider all this illegal.

I sure hope someone uses that stupid, dumbass judge’s ruling in defense of some citizen denied the right to self defense. These Democrats never contemplate the effects of their spontaneous stupidity.

Our constitution was and is for American citizens. Not invaders of our country.
Allowing them to be armed will make the removal a dangerous venture for our public servants.
Refugees that chant death to America should be moved up on the list for defunding and removal.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

To the left, the Constitution is something to be referred to as they violate the law, otherwise it is ignored.