Kamala Harris’ Still Unexplained Presence at the DNC on January 6


by Julie Kelly

Kamala Harris once again was on the verge of making political history.

Already a trailblazer—the first woman of color in California elected both state attorney general and U.S. Senator—Harris’ colleagues on the afternoon of January 6 were poised to begin the process of certifying her election as the first female vice president.

Harris, a shameless attention hog, presumably would’ve spent the hours leading up to the historic moment walking the halls of Congress to relish the sucking-up of friends and enemies alike. Reporters presumably would have tracked Harris’ movements to document for the history books a full accounting of how the first incoming “Madame Vice President” prepared for the ceremonial event. Perhaps she would have posed for a few endearing photos with the incoming Second Gentleman.

But oddly, that was not the case. Rather than bask in the limelight of her pending coronation, Harris, for reasons still unknown, left the Capitol around 11:25 a.m. on January 6. She had attended a closed door briefing of the Senate Intelligence committee—the only other official business on the Congressional calendar that day—and headed off campus.

Her destination? The headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, just a few blocks away.

And it wasn’t just a quick stop to make a few fundraising calls: Harris remained in the building until 1:15 p.m.—which was after the joint session of Congress convened to debate the Electoral College results—leaving only when evacuated following the discovery of an explosive device outside.

Harris has never explained why she went to the DNC that morning. In fact, she has gone out of her way to avoid the question entirely.

But recent reporting by Darren Beattie at Revolver News that shows law enforcement’s nonchalant response to the discovery of the “pipe bomb” located within striking distance of a sitting U.S. senator and incoming vice president raises new questions about Harris’ decision to go to the DNC rather than stay behind to participate, or at least observe, the historical proceedings.

Not only did Metropolitan Police and Secret Service agents appear unconcerned by the presence of the pipe bomb at the time, but Harris’ behavior ever since belies the seriousness of the situation, one the FBI insisted could have caused death and destruction.

A Nonstop Talker Stops Talking

While the interminably bombastic Harris continues to act as one of the biggest promoters of J6 fiction, comparing the brief disturbance to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, she is inexplicably quiet about one of the most consequential aspects of January 6.

After all, the pipe bomb threat prompted the first wave of panic in the city, forced the reallocation of law enforcement resources, and initiated the lockdown of nearby offices. (A separate device allegedly was found about a half hour earlier near the headquarters of the Republican National Committee.)

News reports circulated immediately thereafter. Rep. Elaine Luria announced on Twitter at 1:46 p.m. that she “just had to evacuate my office because of a pipe bomb reported outside.”

But strangely, Harris omitted her near-death experience at the hands of a MAGA bomber in a tweet posted a few hours later:

Perhaps too traumatized to relive the experience, Harris also didn’t speak of the incident the next day during a six-minute speech condemning the January 6 “attack” and promising that the “rule of law” would prevail.

The very public supporter of BLM rioters in 2020 wasted no time playing the race card; Harris suggested J6ers were being treated more favorably than those who tried to burn down the nation’s capital and the Trump White House in honor of George Floyd just seven months earlier. “We witnessed two systems of justice when we saw one that let extremists storm the United States Capitol and another that released tear gas on peaceful protesters last summer,” Harris, showing no sign of emotional strain at being nearly blown apart the previous day, said during an event with Joe Biden on January 7, 2021.

But no warning about the white supremacist bomber still on the loose.

In the three years since, Harris has maintained her silence with the help of the national news media. Not a single reporter is on record asking Harris or her office about the incident despite dozens of interviews and public appearances since January 6.

A Collective Coverup

The Department of Justice has helped keep the incident under wraps, too. For nearly a year, prosecutors lied in hundreds of charging documents by claiming Harris was inside the Capitol that day, which rendered the building and grounds a “restricted” area. (The alleged presence of Harris and former Vice President Mike Pence, both protectees of the U.S. Secret Service on January 6, has been used as the basis for thousands of trespassing charges. I explain here.)

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Doe anyone know the whereabouts of both Willie brown and Montel Williams that day?

Was heels up harris getting some goodness from her past pimps?

And here I thought their names were John.

In an announcement earlier this month reminding the public of a $500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the pipe bomber, FBI officials again omitted Harris’ name.

Why not offer a $1 million reward? $10 million? After all, the FBI is not likely to turn itself in. But, maybe there’s a simple explanation for why there is not more interest in solving this deadly threat… Kamala is BLACK! Racism!! Racism!!

Could Kamala have covered up her presence at the DNC in order to keep attention away from the fact that the Secret Service was at the DNC building and thus keep the public in the dark about the fact that the Secret Service missed the pipe bombs in their sweep and reacted with suspicious nonchalance when ultimately informed of the bomb? 

With the Democrat’s history of throwing anyone involved in law enforcement under that bus (unless they can exploit an incident for political purposes), I think we can rule that hypothesis RIGHT out. Maybe ask the Border Patrol how likely it is for Democrats to stand up for law enforcement. Yeah… nuh-uh.

The bombs were props. They were never intended to go off. Exactly what was the motive for putting them there, we don’t know.

Kamala doesn’t care about POC.
She was a doper while she sent POC to prison in CA over personal use drugs.
It was an ACT that hurt POC more than whites.

Harris pimped Jussie Smollett’s “attack,” a year earlier as if he were the victim of an attack by “white supremacists.”
She was ready when her friend Jussie reported his “attack” with her “anti-lynching” legislation.comment image
She wanted whites behind bars for 30 years if any POC said they were hurt (bodily harm) by whites.
She rammed the bill thru based on his lies so it is law today.
Unfortunately, for her and Jussie, no one has been sent to prison for this because it was all an ACT!

Was Kamala’s visit to the DNC Jan 6th also part of an ACT?
How could we be surprised if we find out it was?

Surrounded by Useful Idiots some too young to know their being used by the left

DNC Dastardly Nasty Criminal’s Robbing us blind to provide free Gifts to the Illegal Aliens/Furure Democrats Voters and Supporters also the turncoat Open Borders Republicans

comment image

The timer fixed to the outside of the bomb turns out to be a one-hour egg-timer, planted seventeen hours before. How’s that supposed to work?

Why did the Metro Police and the Secret Service detail not act with more concern? Perhaps they made contact with the FBI who told them it was a dud. Why else would they leave kamel-a behind in the DNC building when they left?

Maybe the Capital police who were already firing flash bang grenades and rubber bullets at the crowd had produced the necessary riot to adjourn the joint session in an emergency. Therefore, they had the interruption they needed to stop the electoral vote counting knowing that upon resumption, emergency rules changed previously by pelosi would prohibit challenges going forward. They had their coup d’é·tat.

Last edited 30 days ago by TrumpWon

Oh boy,

Violent Jan 6 Police Officer Lila Morris Who Beat a Dying Rosanne Boyland 4 Times with Her Stick Takes the Stand THEN WHISKED OUT OF COURTROOM VIA SECRET EXIT BY FED AGENT ENTOURAGE! Read the Dirty Details!

She should be held responsible for the death of Rosanne Boyland

Hmmm… two black officers murdered two white protesters. Sounds like a hate crime epidemic.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald Destroys the Leftist Narrative That January 6th Was a Coup (VIDEO)

The latest narrative Greenwald is trying to exorcise from the souls of liberals is that January 6 was an attempted coup, armed rebellion, or an insurrection. It’s an emphatic no on all fronts. Joe Biden is president, the military was not deployed, and Trump left willingly. All of the characteristics of a traditional coup d’état are absent, and the former Guardian journalist slaps down all the points made by liberals Destiny and the Krassenstein brothers, Ed and Brian.

Someone clipped Greenwald shredding all the points made by the Krassensteins and Destiny, aka Steven Kenneth Bonnell, a video game streamer, by photoshopping bruises and cuts on their faces every time Greenwald delivered a counterpunch:


A hilarious piece of work.

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Rep. Massie Confirms Person Who Found January 6 Pipe Bombs is CURRENT US Capitol Police Officer (VIDEO)

Nothing to see here. Round up the usual suspects, deny them their rights and imprison them.