Justice Juxtaposed: Cop Assaulters Walk Free, Vaxx Card Offenders Face Bragg’s Wrath


by Jeff Childers

Stout New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the same corpulent crime-fighter prosecuting President Trump, was also the same plump DA who released the border-jumpers without bail last week. Bragg, battered by criticism is, pillow-like, absorbing the body blows, defending his decision to release the renegade border-jumpers, and is bum-rushing a grand jury to indict the same scofflaws who beat down two cops in Times Square recently on camera and were arrested but immediately released to go about their affairs.

It’s almost like they don’t want to know who these people are. For some reason.

In any case, the well-rounded, Soros-supported district attorney’s “no bail” policy will soon be put to the test when the indictments inevitably come through. Then we’ll all see whether the young men — who have no valid i.d. and are deliberately not tracked as “sanctuary policy” (so as not to put the criminals in any danger of ICE deportation) — we’ll see whether Alvin will be able to find any of them to re-arrest once he gets the indictments.

To help avoid confusion, I made this helpful infographic, so you would know where you stand in the two-tiered criminal justice system these days. You are down on the second tier, which is kind of like being assigned to deck one on the cruise ship. You might even be below the second tier, somewhere underneath the Constitutional waterline:

image 5.png

After I made that dandy illustration, I ran across this recent New York Post headline, so obviously we are all getting on the same wavelength:

image 8.png

It was actually a good news story, since last week the judge body-slammed tubby DA Bragg by dismissing all charges against a pair of New Yorkers who bought fake vaccine cards during the pandemic. Bragg had charged them — and fourteen other people — with felony possession of a forged instrument. Bragg wanted years in jail.

But in his written opinion last Tuesday, the judge dismissed all charges against the vaxx card buyers, and shoved it right back in Bragg’s fat face. According to the Post and the order, the judge found the charges constituted and injustice:

Bragg’s office “routinely — nearly daily — move[s] to dismiss significantly more serious counts or entire indictments” to avoid harsher penalties for previously convicted felons or to avoid jeopardizing people’s immigration status, the judge wrote in an opinion issued Tuesday.

…“The Court agrees with the arguments submitted by (defendants) J.O. and R.V. This Court believes that the public will be relieved to know that our judiciary carefully considers the arguments of the parties that come before the court and that the courts will dismiss charges when they constitute an injustice.”

In a bizarre twist, the fake vaccine cards were sold by “adult performer” Jasmine Clifford, who wasn’t trying too hard to hide it either, since she went by her Instagram handle “AntiVaxx Momma.” Here’s one of her tamer pictures:

image 9.png

According to the DA’s office, who arrested and charged her with all sorts of stuff back in 2021, Jasmine sold a total of 250 vaccine cards for $200 each. Which just goes to show you how unpopular the shots are, that even though they were free, people were willing to pay $200, associate with sketchy folks, and risk arrest to avoid the jab.

Unlike the buyers, the judge did not dismiss Jasmine’s charges, but he did have some spicy words, again calling out Alvin Bragg by name, about overcharging the offense, even sprinkling in the word “ludicrous”:

As to (Jasmine) Clifford, the Court finds the recommendation of 2 to 4 years of incarceration to be wholly inconsistent with the plea offers submitted to this Court by District Attorney Bragg’s office within the past year. Indeed, it is common practice for this District Attorney’s office to offer a plea to a lesser included charge of an indictment to avoid the “legislature’s intended sentence” and/or to avoid immigration consequences of a plea. For the People to now rely on People v. Reyes, 174 A.D2d 87 (1st Dept. 1992) for the position that “confidence in the criminal justice system ‘can only be undermined when justice is administered in less than an even-handed fashion'” is quite simply, ludicrous. Notwithstanding the People’s contradictory position in this case, the People have the right to make any lawful plea or recommendation, and the legislature’s mandate enjoins this Court from making an offer less than the statutory minimum, which the defense has conceded is 2 to 4 years of incarceration.

The bottom line from this story is that the judge gave us another example of what I’ve been long claiming would eventually happen: judges aren’t dummies, and they are finally starting to catch on. They usually defer to government and big corporate lawyers far longer than they probably should, but after they realize they’ve been lied to, judges will start dropping the hammer.

To give you something to compare it to, the last time something like this happened was in 2010 or 2011, when judges finally woke up to the fact the bank officials were faking people’s signatures on lost loan documents, hoovering up federal aid bucks while sticking it to borrowers, and were outright lying in affidavits. When all that started becoming obvious, the judges started getting muley and picky and not taking bank attorneys’ word for anything, and as a result people got to live in houses under foreclosure for a couple extra years.

I think we’ve finally reached that point in the post-pandemic — and also perhaps in Alvin Bragg’s DA career. The judges are getting cranky. They’re getting tired of hearing all this organic fertilizer.

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3 of the perps caught in Phoenix sure they were just sight seeing until their court date.

Ya know, to hell with extradition to NY, send them back to the shithole where they came from.

After they are taken out into the desert and given the same treatment they gave the cops.

02/06/24 – Court rules Trump does not have immunity from 2020 election subversion prosecution

Trump gets described as an “officer” in criminal prosecution ruling

One paragraph in Tuesday’s ruling has caught the attention of legal experts who are also watching the 14th Amendment “insurrectionist ban” case that is being argued at the Supreme Court on Thursday.

The cases are entirely separate – this is a criminal prosecution against Donald Trump, and the upcoming Supreme Court case is a civil attempt to remove Trump from state ballots. Further, the appeals court’s findings and explanations in Tuesday’s ruling are not binding on the Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, the appeals ruling refers described the president as an “officer.” There is an open legal question – being argued Thursday before the Supreme Court – over whether the presidency is an “office… under the United States” and whether the presidency is an “officer,” as described in the insurrectionist ban.

The appeals ruling said: “It would be a striking paradox if the President, who alone is vested with the constitutional duty to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,’ were the sole officer capable of defying those laws with impunity.”

So, you think Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden can and should be prosecuted for vaporizing that innocent family in Afghanistan, aiding and abetting illegal immigration, all the fentanyl deaths during his administration, all the rapes committed by illegal immigrants, all the human trafficking, and the drunk-driving deaths caused by his border policies. Well, that might not be a bad idea, even if it sets a dangerous precedent. But, have it your way.

If Biden has total immunity as President, why shouldn’t he vaporize Trump?

NO PRESIDENT should be given what Trump wants.

So, you think Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden can and should be prosecuted for vaporizing that innocent family in Afghanistan, aiding and abetting illegal immigration…

Last edited 20 days ago by Greg

Because it is only YOU that puts that immunity into the context of committing crimes, which comes naturally to a leftist. I’m not surprised that, once again, you are too gutless to answer a question.