Just 5% call abortion top concern


by Paul Bedard

Abortion, the No. 1 concern in today’s media and politics, ranks nearly dead last among areas voters care about as they struggle with paying daily bills, soaring inflation, and interest rate hikes, according to a just-released survey.

While the Supreme Court’s decision overruling the 1973 Roe v. Wade right to abortion has dominated today’s network and cable coverage, the latest McLaughlin & Associates poll said just 5% of voters call it a top concern.

Just below abortion, at 1%, is reviewing the 2020 election, over which the media are also obsessing.

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 1.32.14 PM.png

By comparison, 54% cited the economy.
“Only 5% said abortion was top issue. That might change a little, but not with people who can’t afford food or gas or rent or medical bills,” said pollster John McLaughlin, referencing the court’s decision today.
He also told Secrets, “This was no surprise. The decision was leaked a while ago. Most states will not change their laws. Biden’s handlers are desperate to change the subject from the imploding economy.”

President Joe Biden said today that he plans to dig into ways to continue the rights under Roe, but John and Jim McLaughlin said their data show it’s a desperation play to recover his base. In their latest survey, just 23% of Democratic primary voters said Biden was their first pick to run in 2024.

“People are focused right now on inflation, gas, cost of living, public safety, and the disintegration of America,” Jim McLaughlin said. “You know you’re struggling when 77% of Biden’s primary voters are looking for somebody else.”
And while the media were suggesting that the question of abortion will help drive a bigger Democratic turnout in fall elections, the McLaughlins said it also stands to help Republicans.

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Abortion is important to abortion cultists. As Pelosi said, it’s “everything”. Like they think about blacks and Hispanics, the leftists think ALL women are of one mind… THEIRS. Of course, if they are abortion worshippers, they probably “ain’t a woman”.

Probably 80% of the women I know HATE abortion. My wife is far more anti-abortion than I am. I look at it like it IS a woman’s choice, but that late term after 20 weeks is vile and unnecessary. Most of the “women” you see protesting the loudest for abortion are, apparently, protesting for the theory because THEY ain’t getting pregnant, unless they are using roofies on unsuspecting victims and can splint their dingus with popsicle sticks. They’re just throwing a tantrum because, unlike how they like to regulate everyone else’s lives, they object to ANY restraints put on their own.

Basically, though, like all liberals regard my rights and freedoms, I don’t care about abortion. I don’t care if it is totally eliminated or continues. It doesn’t affect me, unless they force me to pay for it. When they start taking MY rights seriously, I’ll have more regards for theirs.

Most of these 5% live in states where abortion will remain legal up until birth.
But they don’t seem to realize this.
Also, any pregnant women who want one can travel to one of these states and get one.
Or, she can just go to a military base in her own state and get one.