Jury Selection Circus: Trump’s Hush-Money Trial Unveils New York’s Finest Biased Jurors


by Jeff Childers

The Wall Street Journal ran its update on the Trump “Mischaracterization” trial yesterday headlined, “Jury for Donald Trump’s Hush-Money Trial Takes Shape: An Oncology Nurse, a Software Engineer, a Teacher.”  The short version is: things moved faster in the courtroom yesterday than was expected, (it happens), and the first seven jurors were selected. At this point, the first witness could be called as early as Monday in what might be the most important — and simultaneously the stupidest — criminal case in American history.

Things jurors reportedly said during voire dire suggested New Yorkers may be trying to sneak onto the Trump jury for reasons other than civic responsibility. Much of what they said was literally unbelievable.

One prospective juror, a social-media marketer, assured the lawyers she wasn’t into politics. “Obviously, I know about President Trump. I’m a female,” the woman ambiguously stated. When asked what she meant, she explained “I know that there have been opinions on how he doesn’t treat females correctly. Stuff like that.” She added, “I honestly don’t know the story. So I don’t have a view on it.”

Totally unbiased.

Another potential juror, a Transportation Authority retiree, insisted to lawyers that she had no idea what the case was even about, since she’d been staying at a lake without internet for the last couple months. When pressed for an opinion, she conceded she was no Trump fan: “There is very little we probably agree on policy-wise.”

She knows all Trump’s policy views, but never heard of the trial. Uh huh.

A third juror, the married IT consultant who was one of the seven selected, waxed eloquent, saying he personally found Trump “fascinating and mysterious.” When asked what he meant, the juror explained he marveled how polarizing Trump was: “He walks into a room and he sets people off one way or another,” the juror said. “Really, this one guy can do all of this.”

I may be judging too harshly, but to my trained ear, none of the three sounded genuine about their lack of bias. The effort to cover up their bias suggests dishonesty. Tellingly, none referred to Trump using his formal title, “president.” The IT consultant — obviously trying hard to seem neutral — gave away his real feelings by referring to Trump as “this guy,” which clearly telegraphed a kind of bottled-up disrespect.

Only twelve percent of Manhattan residents voted for Trump in 2020. The voter list is basically the same as the potential juror list. So.

To be honest, it’s difficult to imagine anyone could get on that jury by telling the truth. Everyone who votes has already formed an opinion about President Trump and has almost certainly expressed that opinion at the ballot box, if you believe the turnout numbers.

As I said yesterday, the jury system is a great fit for 99.9% of cases. But not for presidents.

Liberal media ran headlines yesterday blaring about Trump “dozing off” at one point during the long day. I suppose it was fair game, given how much entertainment is provided throughout the rest of the year by Biden’s bumbles and gaffes. But in this case, it meant nothing. For the participants, trial can at times be painfully dull. For example, lawyers often object and then go up to the front for whispered private talks with the judge. That happens over and over and over. Or sometimes the judge calls a recess and nothing happens for a while. Or the lawyers argue some tedious procedural motion.

It’s never dull for the lawyers. The lawyers are always doing something at trial. Trial time flies. It’s maximum adrenaline. Me, I never eat on trial days, since I don’t want to spare the energy for digestion. Trial is never boring for me, but that’s only because we lawyers are included in everything, like all those private conferences at the bench, where I’m scrambling to win or keep the other side from winning.

Meanwhile the client often has to sit around at the table doodling uncomplimentary sketches of the judge on their legal pad. So Trump rested his eyes, that’s all. I don’t blame him. Ho hum.

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Soros and his ilk need to all be deported and Soros returned to his Home Nation to be tried convicted and hanged

You spelled “anti-Constitutional, America-hating fascist idiot”… correctly.

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