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Once they switch out Joe Biden for their real choice they will probably lose even more voters, those who had respect for the system.

The Dems have lost women, given up on Hispanics, turned their backs on blacks, shown disdain for the working man and alienated gays and lesbians.
So, who’s left?
The dead, for sure.
And all those ballots they can harvest.
Then they can lose boxes of ballots in all the wrong places.
Still, that won’t be enough.

And, if Jon Stewart say it, it’s FACT.

I always knew all that entertainment/propaganda was going to be the very thing that undermine the Dems. There ability to us media/entertainment/education to get votes is now the reason they will lose them.

@Nathan Blue: I guess even then they never viewed Biden as a serious candidate. It is amazing how they can’t see their own hypocrisy.