John Kerry Reveals that the Moderate, Centrist Democrat Promised to Us by NeverTrump Is a Passionate Supporter of “The Great Reset,” and Plans to Remake Society At a Dizzying Speed


by Ace

Oh wait, NeverTrump lied to me again, in order to please their Democrat billionaire backers?

I’m shocked. Saddened and shocked.

John Kerry reveals Biden’s devotion to radical ‘Great Reset’ movement Justin Haskins, Opinion Contributor 

In June, elites at important international institutions such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations launched a far-reaching campaign to “reset” the global economy.

The plan involves dramatically increasing the power of government through expansive new social programs like the Green New Deal and using vast regulatory schemes and government programs to coerce corporations into supporting left-wing causes.

The two justifications for the proposal, which has been aptly named by its supporters the “Great Reset,” are the COVID-19 pandemic (the short-term justification) and the so-called “climate crisis” caused by global warming (the long-term justification).

According to the Great Reset’s supporters, the plan would fundamentally transform much of society. As World Economic Forum (WEF) head Klaus Schwab wrote back in June, “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

…[I]n America, most policymakers – including President-elect Joe Biden – have been relatively quiet about the Great Reset, leaving many to speculate what a Biden administration would do to support or oppose this radical plan.

…At a panel discussion about the Great Reset hosted by the World Economic Forum in mid-November, former Secretary of State John Kerry – Biden’s would-be special presidential envoy for climate – firmly declared that the Biden administration will support the Great Reset and that the Great Reset “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.”

But would John Kerry know China Joe’s thinking?

Yes, he would:

@DailyCaller – 56m Joe Biden calls John Kerry “my best buddy”

Just over the transom: Kerry says Biden’s idea for all the Keystone XL workers and frackers he’s making unemployed is to Learn to Code.

@tomselliott – 1h John Kerry on Biden putting oil/gas workers out of work: “What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices. That they have alternatives. They can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels.”

Socialism, the cure for the disaster economy the Democrats and their NeverTrump allies gave us:

The Federal Reserve acknowledged the economy has softened in recent weeks but kept policy on hold while it watches the effects of a Covid-19 vaccine rollout on business activity and hiring.

The Fed has set short-term interest rates near zero, launched a bond-purchase program of $120 billion per month, and said it will keep stimulative measures in place until its goals of lower unemployment and 2% inflation are achieved.

A commenter quoted some media asshole as saying the economy was “mysteriously weakening.”

Yes, it’s a real mystery.

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Kerry the traitor who signed the Small Arms Control Treaty for Obama the Democrats are Americas big time enemy along with the UN and the Globalists CFR

@DailyCaller – 56m Joe Biden calls John Kerry “my best buddy”

Well, their kids were both involved in peddling US influence around the world. Was Kerry demanding a 50% cut like Pops Biden was?

The economy has “mysteriously weakened”. Gee, why would watching a president* destroy 100,000 jobs, destroy our energy industry and energy independence and commit trillions of dollars and resources to a boondoggle in his first couple of days cause any concerns in the economy?