Joe Biden’s Campaign Speech in North Carolina Was a Disaster


by Matt Margolis

Remember how Democrats rushed to the television cameras after Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, shouting, “See? He’s vigorous! He can totally handle the presidency!”

Now, as we’ve previously reported, some expert opinion holds that Biden’s team medicated him for the speech. Even if we ignore that, it’s amusing how Democrats have hinged their entire argument that Biden is physically and mentally capable of handling the presidency on just one speech, and they dare to believe that the issue is thereby settled.

The problem with this argument is that Biden still has to go out there and campaign, and the same public that saw him at the State of the Union earlier this month will also see his later performances — like his campaign speech in North Carolina on Tuesday, which was a disaster. Let me put it this way: after that speech, he should just give up on trying to flip the state.

Currently, Donald Trump has a +4.4 spread in the RealClearPolitics average in North Carolina and has led in every single poll there for a year now. Biden had a +3.0 spread there at this point in 2020. But let’s get back to the campaign speech.

While doing his usual pitch on healthcare, anti-Israeli activists interrupted him, and he seemed weak, feeble, and confused, telling his supporters to “be patient with them” and conceding that “they have a point.”

It couldn’t be more obvious that Biden has given up on pretending to be on Israel’s side anymore. It was downhill from there.

Slurring. Mumbling. Zero energy. Other times, he seemed to trip on his teleprompter.

While boasting about this economy, he said, “Leading economists aren’t making much fun of Bidenomics anymore. They’re thinking maybe it works.”

That’s weird. He used to say that leading economists agreed that Bidenomics was great. Is he now admitting that they thought it was bad? And who are these economists anyway? I’m sure he doesn’t even know.

And then there was the moment he appeared to forget that Kamala Harris was there with him.

Does this look or sound like the same guy we saw at the State of the Union? No. He looks weak, tired, and, frankly, confused.


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Did the train track over the Francis Scott Key bridge fall into the water also?

And then this;

We have suspected for as long as biden has been installed that the man behind the curtain is in fact obama

Barry was a puppet to the WEF, he has to be there in the shadows now because Biden is basically brain dead.
I would be interested in all calls about the bridge accident from London. Any political donations from Lloyds or its associates.

“No one’s ever reduced the debt that much! Including me!”

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is simply a lying, incompetent, corrupt, treasonous pedophile. Nothing more.

Poor widdle Hunter whines that there is a two-tiered justice system because he’s being prosecuted for tax fraud. “Two-tiered justice system”? In AMERICA? IMPOSSIBLE!!

 Paul Krugman is that one leading economist who always agrees with whatever joe says, obama says, liberals say.
I’m sure he can summon up a posse of like-minded sycophants at will.

Krugman is proof that the Nobel Prize is awarded for ideology, not knowledge or accomplishment. Obama as well.

Last edited 15 days ago by Just Plain Bill

It’s Obama… The New York Times Admits Obama is Running the Deal — Steve Bannon Weighs In on What We Already Knew (VIDEO)

As always the Major News Networks and CNN will be falling all over themselves trying to make Biden look like Hero when in fact he’s a Zero

They are more fraudulent than Bankman Fried.