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six years in the Corp. what a piece of shit this man is. ” God, Country, Corp” biden is clueless as to what America and the men and women that service this country.
Semper Fi!

Go take a Hike Joe Biden

Just imagine if President Trump had said that!
I was just reading that Biden’s staff CONFIRMED it happened. He said it. Sort of under his breath, which takes away the defense that ‘he was joking.’

That just shows Biden’s true nature as a rather dim-witted, entitled parasite. If he doesn’t get just the reaction he wants from the unwashed public, he will snap, “I suspect my IQ is higher than yours.” Or he’ll poke a questioner in the chest with his finger. Or he’ll call his audience “stupid **#&*^%*s.”

This rotten little brat, raised in luxury in the sheltered, hothouse environment of the Beltway, has the ruling-class, aristo’s arrogance. He’s a useless Marie Antoinette clone under his pasty paper-thin skin.

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sleepy joe biden is a disgusting piece of cow manure. His time for being put out to pasture is long since come and gone…

@Nan G: This will be like the video of Biden admitting he extorted Ukraine to protect his corrupt, worthless son (and his own graft). Trump will be blamed. Explicit evidence is meaningless to liberals.

wow, definitely going to check paedophile creep joey for an earwig on Tuesday. one has to wonder how much kiddy porn joe has on his computer. so where is kamslut?? as the vp she should be out there echoing the communist manifesto-the new democrap political values.


Joe Biden Reads Teleprompter Incorrectly: “I Got to the Senate 180 Years Ago”

Joe Biden stated that he “got to the Senate 180 years ago” when delivering a scripted campaign speech from a room in his Delaware home on Saturday.

Joe Biden: “I got to the Senate 180 years ago.” That would’ve been in 1840 when Martin Van Buren was President.

— Richard (@Wildman_AZ) September 27, 2020

That would’ve been in 1840, when Martin Van Buren was President. There were 52 Senators at the time, and the Democratic Party controlled the chamber, with a Whig minority in opposition. Biden was talking about supporting first responders and firefighters, who would’ve existed in a vastly different capacity in the mid-19th century.

Biden did laugh a little bit after he made the error, which seems to have stemmed from faulty teleprompter instructions or Biden simply misreading the screen in front of him.

Biden’s campaign appearances have been almost entirely scripted as of late, with the Democratic Party’s elder figure even going so far as reading from a teleprompter during interviews.

It’s very sad that the Democratic Party elite and Joe Biden’s handlers have allowed this to continue. A man with an arguably severe level of cognitive decline should not be the President of a nation of 330 million people. That is not right.

However, you almost can’t blame them for binding him concisely to the words on the teleprompter. Unscripted campaign appearances have proved to be even more of a disaster, with Biden forgetting the words to the Pledge of Allegiance in a campaign speech earlier this week, for example.

@July 4th American: So… was he “fact checked”? Was that declared a lie? How many Pinocchio’s did he get?

Did he watch JFK 15 years ago? Why does “LT. COL” back the Dems!