Joe Biden Has Another ‘Minor Incursion’ Moment at NATO—and That’s Far From the Worst of It


by Bonchie

Earlier on Thursday, I penned a piece on Joe Biden’s less than preferable arrival at NATO, and while I noted at the time that not answering questions showed weakness on the world stage, I can now say with confidence that I was wrong. Biden definitely should not have answered any questions, and that was made evident after his latest press conference.
As per our usual arrangement, the president kicked things off by proclaiming that he had a pre-selected list of reporters to call on. Unfortunately for Biden, because of his litany of failures, that bit of self-protection isn’t nearly as effective as it once was, and several of the reporters nailed him with tough questions.
One of the biggest blunders of the current crisis involving Russia and Ukraine was Joe Biden publicly stating that a “minor incursion” wouldn’t be met with a swift response. That essentially green-lit Vladimir Putin’s entry into the Donbas region. From there, a full-scale invasion was launched into the rest of Ukraine. Yet, when asked about the possible use of chemical weapons by the Russians, Biden made the same mistake again.

Really? It depends on how bad? The president might as well have just given Putin a written invitation to use chemical weapons without recourse. The fog of war will always exist, and if you give a tyrant an inch, they will take a mile. Biden’s response gives the Russians room to use chemical weapons while hiding behind a variety of excuses. What a completely preventable blunder.
But the self-defeating insanity didn’t stop there. Biden moved past that by deciding to repeat a lie that’s been debunked many times regarding the deterrence effect of threatening sanctions. Worse, he then decided to undercut the world’s current response to the Russian invasion.

For the record, the idea that the Biden administration never said the threat of sanctions was meant to deter Putin is completely false. In fact, it’s a falsehood so easily disprovable that it ranks as one of the top lies the president has told during his tenure. Just days before Russia invaded Ukraine, Kamala Harris was in Europe and said pointedly that sanctions were meant to deter. Other administration officials have also said the same thing.
Biden’s lie was so egregious that even CBS News did an immediate fact-check on it.

Returning to the second part of his answer, though, the president then went on to say that the “answer is no,” when asked about whether actions taken today would cause Russia to change course. That’s an incredible admission if he meant to make it, and it’s even worse of one if he’s just so out of it that he didn’t understand what he was saying. Think about it. If nothing that is being done currently is going to cause Russia to change course, then why…are we doing it? What’s the point of any of the sanctions?
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Rest assured, though. Biden is the “leader of the free world,” and every European leader has total faith in his ability. I mean, look at him.

I’m not even sure what I just watched, and while I could keep going with more clips that will make you scratch your head (this presser was that bad), I’ll end with a doozy, in which the president starts talking about Nazis, Charlottesville, and January 6th for some reason.
Russia has invaded Europe. Biden is in Brussels at NATO, ostensibly trying to solve that crisis. Yet, the president, for reasons completely unknown to the rest of us, goes off on a tangent about…a neo-Nazi rally that occurred half a decade ago? He then repeats the biggest lie he’s ever told in his career, and it’s one he’s repeated more times than I can count, i.e. that Donald Trump said neo-Nazis were “very fine people.” Further, no police officers were killed on January 6th, nor did any die of physical wounds connected to January 6th either.

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Putin is playing biden like the incompetent feckless fool his is.

biden is a complete embarrassment

Putin is pissing on a live spark plug. His invasion of Ukraine will not end well for him.

That is due to the Ukrainians, not idiot Biden. He CAUSED this.

That is due to the Ukrainians, not idiot Biden. 

Without Biden, the Ukrainians would be throwing rocks at Russian tanks.

Really? It depends on how bad? The president might as well have just given Putin a written invitation to use chemical weapons without recourse. 

It would be helpful to define what constitutes “bad”. Kills 5 people? 50? 500? 5,000? It doesn’t matter; it’s just another gutless dodge from leadership and a fear of making a definitive statement that he might have to stand behind.

Idiot Biden thinks he can still tell any lie he thinks covers his ass and failures and the media will support it and let it slide. But even the Ministry of Propaganda is so embarrassed by the lies that idiot Biden spews forth nowadays that they call him on them more and more. Or, it could be that they all got the memo that idiot Biden is to be cashiered before he completely destroys the Democrat party, once and for all.

Idiot Biden embarrasses us before the world. First, Europe got that incoherent whore Kamala. Then they get the weakest president* this nation has ever seen. I hope they realize they are on their own.

*A blundering incompetent brought forth through election fraud

Last edited 2 years ago by Just Plain Bill

He admits the sanctions are on innocents that never profited off Ukraine, and will ship our food off to foreign countries not keep our prices under control.
Called Poland a war zone.
He is arming nazis in Ukraine, but doesnt like the fake ones(dressed up FBI or Antifa) in the US.
I like how he is called the traveling package lol.

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

And the demented pervert told the 82nd Troops in Poland today that they would find out how brave the Ukrainians are when they get there. The the WH had to walk back his statement saying there were no plans to send U.S. troops into Ukraine which probably would have triggered WWIII,. We’ll find out just how serious this fool is taken. If Russia launches a pre-emptive strike against us, we’ll know they take him seriously.  If they don’t, then we’ll know that he is viewed as an idiot who is in serious cognitive decline,   

03/25/22 – Russian troops attack own commanding officer after suffering heavy losses

Russian troops reportedly attacked their own commanding officer by running him over with a tank after many in their brigade were killed amid the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk said in a post on Facebook that Russian Col. Yuri Medvedev was attacked after fighting in Ukraine left nearly half of the men in the 37th Motor Rifle Brigade dead, The Washington Post reported

Tsymbaliuk said the brigade injured both of Medvedev’s legs by hitting him with a tank, causing him to be hospitalized, per the newspaper.

The incident occurred roughly 30 miles from Kyiv in Makariv, Ukraine, according to the Post. The country reportedly retook the town this week after Russia gained control of it earlier in the war.

A senior Western official told the newspaper he thinks Medvedev has died, saying the incident shows the low morale among the Russian troops in Ukraine.

He was killed “as a consequence of the scale of the losses taken by his own brigade,” the official said, per the Post. 

NATO estimated earlier this week that as many as 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed as Ukraine continues to mount fierce resistance against Moscow’s assault.

Several high-ranking officers are reported to be among the deceased, with Russian officials reportedly confirming Sunday that a navy commander had been killed and Russian state TV saying last week that one of the country’s top commanders had died, among others.

Russia has been accused by the U.S. of committing war crimes in the conflict, as Ukrainian officials say Moscow is targeting civilians and structures such as hospitals, schools, residential buildings and bomb shelters in Ukraine. 

Mutinies among the Russian military are aren’t unprecedented, and have occasionally been consequential. July 1917 comes to mind.

03/25/22 – Russian commander ‘has DIED after being run over with a tank by his own mutinous troops’ as Western officials say Ukraine has disabled 20 BATTALIONS – but warn Putin is assembling 10 more as he goes ‘all in’ behind ‘botched’ invasion

A Russian brigade commander in Ukraine has died after being run down with a tank by his own mutinous troops, it was revealed today.

Western officials believe Colonel Yuri Medvedev was brutally taken out after his 37th Motor Rifle Brigade suffered huge losses.

A lieutenant general commanding the 49th Combined Arms Army has also died in the fighting – the seventh to perish in the war. 

News of Colonel Medvedev’s fate – backed by recent footage of the extraordinary episode – came amid claims that 20 of the 120 battalions massed by Vladimir Putin have been rendered inoperative by Ukraine’s staunch resistance.

However, Putin is said to be assembling at least 10 more to shore up his army, with officials warning that shows he is going ‘all in’ behind his ‘botched’ invasion – and could be preparing to launch a chemical attack to turn the tide. 

A Western official said Russia’s failure to organize so far has been ‘remarkable’, pouring scorn on claims today that it had achieved the main military objectives.

They said that losses had been ‘really high’ in some areas. At the outset 115-120 battalion tactical groups were in the Russian force, but 20 battalions were now not thought to be ‘combat effective’ and had been withdrawn, either because repairs were needed to vehicles or because of massive losses.

In some instances three battalions had been merged together to redeploy. 

The official said of Colonel Medvedev: ‘He was killed by his own troops we believe as a consequence of the scale of losses that had been taken by his brigade,’ they added. ‘That gives an insight into some of the morale challenges the Russian forces are having.’

The official added that the colonel appeared to have been run down using a tank. ‘We believe he was killed by his own troops deliberately,’ they said. 

The comments came after footage allegedly showed Colonel Medvedev being stretchered into a hospital after suffering severe injuries to his legs…

It All Comes Together: Hunter, Burisma, Kolomoisky, Zelensky and the “Children Burned Alive in Donetsk”

Is the US being drawn into WW 3 over the corruption of the Biden crime family? Burisma Holdings is owned by oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who backed the campaign of President Volodymyr Zelensky and funded the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, writes blogger Kanekoa the Great. The profound corruption of Hunter Biden and The Big Guy in Ukraine may also explain Hunter’s mysterious reference to “children burned alive in Donetsk.”

Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Congressman Seeks Facebook, Twitter Records Related to Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Its not that nobody cares FCC rules prohibit them showing any pictures. The Bidens are sick bastids.
Trashing our founding documents.

Joe Biden Tells US Servicemen in Poland, “Don’t Jump!” – Calls Declaration of Independence “Corny” (VIDEO)

Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Well, THAT’S where you are f**king wrong, Scooter. It needs to be investigated and idiot Biden impeached for his corruption. Idiot Biden is the reason all this is going down right now. HE is the disaster. Putin would still be in his cage were it not for idiot Biden’s stupidity, incompetence and being the puppet of leftist globalists like Obama.

Nobody gives a rat’s ass about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Two-thirds of Americans say Hunter Biden laptop ‘important’ story: poll

Most Americans not only believe the revelations about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop are “important,” they also think President Biden had knowledge of — and may have made money from — his son’s foreign business deals, a new poll shows.

Of 1,000 US voters polled by Rasmussen Reports, 66% believe the laptop story is important and 48% percent say it is “very important,” according to the survey published Thursday.

Only 15% of those polled say the contents of Hunter’s laptop are “not at all important.”

The laptop — the existence of which was exclusively reported by The Post in October 2020 — contained a trove of emails, text messages, photos and financial documents exchanged between Hunter, his family and business associates.
The cache of files detailed how the president’s son used his family name and the attendant political connections as leverage in overseas business dealings.

You see greg, you are in the minority yet again. Real Americans do care about the laptop from hell. They care because it exposes the facts that biden and his entire family are crooked and liars. These are your kind of people because you are one of them.

True dat.

Most Americans believe biden is a crook and the head of a mafia style crime family

Last edited 2 years ago by TrumpWon

Clintons, Obama, Biden, Benefitted from Ukraine-U.S. Relations

Gee, too bad he can’t work that magic for the US economy, huh?

Claiming to know what “most Americans believe” is utter nonsense.

03/25/22 – Biden and EU agree landmark gas deal to break Kremlin’s hold

Joe Biden has agreed a landmark energy supply deal with the EU under which the US will increase transatlantic gas deliveries, in the hope of weakening the power the Kremlin wields thanks to its natural resources.

Speaking in Brussels after the deal was agreed on Friday, the US president said Vladimir Putin exploited Russia’s status as Europe’s main supplier of gas to “coerce and manipulate his neighbours” and that the proceeds of gas and oil sales “drive his war machine” during the invasion of Ukraine.

He said the partnership with the EU would strip Putin of that weapon by ending Europe’s dependence on Russian energy before the end of the decade.

The proposals also aim to cut Europe’s gas usage overall by focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy, in order to meet climate goals.

Russia supplied about 155 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas to Europe last year and typically accounts for about 40% of the continent’s demand.

The EU has already said it hopes to cut Russian imports by two-thirds by the end of the year, by importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) from other countries, and bringing forward renewable projects and energy efficiency measures.

Under the deal with Biden, the US will assist in the short term by delivering increased shipments of LNG to Europe, with 15bcm added this year.

That implies 37bcm in deliveries, while Europe has committed to an eventual 50bcm a year in additional imports, as part of a plan to unhook itself from Russian gas supplies by the end of the decade.

Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, said: “This amount is replacing one-third already of the Russian gas going to Europe today. So we are right on track now to diversify away from Russian gas and towards our friends and partners, reliable and trustworthy suppliers.”

This, plus Ukraine’s unbreakable will to resist their country’s invasion, is how Putin loses.

The border on Ukraine is not important. Why is biden going to the Poland /Ukraine border but ignores the invasion on our southern border?

12 straight months of 158k illegal aliens crossing in our country at the southern border.

wasn’t camel a suppose to fix the border?

14 billion would have been better spent at our border. But, biden could not launder that money as easily as he does from Ukraine

The Ukraine is a diversion away from Biden’s dismal time in office where he has ruined everything for Americans

The Border Crisis Bound to Get Worse if Title 42 Allowed to Expire

biden has committed treason at our southern border

The Ukraine is a diversion…

It’s not ‘a diversion’. It’s a world crisis that Biden is dealing with–a defining moment in world history.

Not important to Americans

biden is the last person having any level of significance. He cannot even wipe his own ass.

Our southern border is much more important to Americans than some border thousands of miles away. The Ukraine border is not important to Americans

Turn on the news, moron.

No, the southern border is another massive disaster created by idiot Biden. Just because he creates another one doesn’t make the existing disasters go away. Worse, the southern border disaster could be so easily resolved.

Not important to Americans

Sure. Neither was Hitler, right?

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Our southern border is more important to Americans than the Ukraine border as it should be

Last edited 2 years ago by TrumpWon

greg “Not important to Americans

Sure. Neither was Hitler, right?”
It is you cheering on Nazis in Ukraine, you want them armed to the teeth as they hide behind innocents.
The elite sit in luxury hotel suites eating gormet food while extending the carnage with their inability to solve the issue with negotiations. They are planning a digital monetary system massive rationing.

Comrade Greggie, you continue to believe the lies that Biden can deal with anything.

Basically, what Biden does is repeat the talking points given him by Ron Klain. Other than that, he only provides gibberish whenever he is speaking extemporaneously.

I’m growing very weary of hearing your traitorous, anti-American, pro-Putin fifth column crap, all intended to help put the most corrupt, mentally unbalanced, and undeniably dangerous president in US history back in the Oval Office.

President Biden has organized the push-back against an invading tyrant. It appears to be working, and NATO has yet to fire a single shot. That’s the sort of foreign policy that I can appreciate. Do I care about higher gas prices? Yeah, but that will have been a small sacrifice, if Putin is beaten back and contained. The price to America if Putin ISN’T stopped could be enormous. Stopping Putin is essential for a number of reasons—demonstrating where the free world draws a line to China being one of them.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Remember when these Communist shitbags were all lovey, dovey with Putin when he was criticizing GWB? They are a bunch of frauds.

Especially when they have done nothing but champion lockdowns, mandates, censorship, weaponization of government agencies against those who don’t share their beliefs, violence against those who don’t share their beliefs, bemoaning the Constitution etc. etc. They are all cut from the same mold. The pot calling the kettle black,.

BTW, how’s that “Putin is losing” narrative working out?

Much better than would have been expected 3 weeks ago.

And Georgia or Ukraine will promptly become part of NATO, just to give the bastard the finger. Nothing is ever going back to normal for Vladimir Putin.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Putin has diminished his army, wrecked the Russian economy, pulled NATO together, and put the economy of his Chinese buddy at risk, all without conquering Ukraine. So, he should get what he wants?

The official Kremlin spin of Putin’s military debacle; Russia announces that the First Phase of The Plan is nearing completion:

Russia reframes war goals as Ukrainians advance near Kyiv

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg


It’s Putin’s spin…or your spin?

The first phase of the WEF’s consolidation of power is, indeed, almost complete.

Meanwhile, while the now-hawkish MSM has you distracted, the Davos folks through their proxies of the EU and the USA are playing “Russian Roulette.”

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

The Second Phase is the part where Putin retains control of the territory he already had control of, while NATO expands by one or more formerly-neutral countries which his behavior has frightened or pissed off.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

…or so Klaus hopes.

But I see the narrative has separated from reality.

NATO expands

Perhaps a bit of introspection is needed on behalf of the idiot you propagandize for?

One might wonder if the abuse and torture of Russian soldiers might have a little something to do with that.

But it is bad news for greg and the other cheerleaders who want wwIII.

Be careful what you wish for, Europe. You didn’t like Trump taking tough with you, telling you the truth you didn’t want to hear. You’ve replaced “mean” with “moronic” and that is dangerous around aggressive despots. But, this is what you asked for.

Get used to it bitch.

I’m growing very weary of hearing your traitorous, anti-American, pro-Putin fifth column crap, all intended to help put the most corrupt, mentally unbalanced, and undeniably dangerous president in US history back in the Oval Office.

You’re so full of sh!t it’s pathetic. Me, anti-American? Pro-Putin? Listen, Sh!thead, you have no idea of my life and what it’s been devoted to. Yet, try as I may, you will NEVER type one negative word about your Chinese Communist handlers. You must really think you are fooling people. You’re not.

As to “corrupt, mentally unbalanced and undeniably dangerous,” no president, in the history of this nation, fills that description more than Joseph Biden. Him, and his whole damn corrupt family including his youngest son, his daughter and her husband and his brother. Grifters, all of them.

Jill Biden is Edith Wilson, Part Deux. She should be arrested for senior abuse.
But you will continue to come here every day and defend the indefensible.

Tell us, Comrade Greggie, how long have you been pimping for the CCP?

Sh!thead, you have no idea…

The words that people write reveal what’s bottled up inside of them.

I’m growing very weary of hearing your traitorous, anti-American, pro-Putin fifth column crap, all intended to help put the most corrupt, mentally unbalanced, and undeniably dangerous president in US history back in the Oval Office.

It is anti-American to steal an election with fraud. It was pro-Putin to knee-cap our energy production capabilities, which made Putin’s revenues skyrocket. It was pro-Putin to green light the Nord Stream II pipeline so Putin can hold Europe hostage for energy. It was pro-Putin fifth columnist propaganda to call Trump a traitor, spy on him, investigate him for what Hillary did, impeach him for what idiot Biden did and undercut every negotiation with foreign nations he undertook.

Greggie, Biden has been as effective as you are. He is not stopping anything but actually destroying the US economy with no gain. Not even a village idiot can be as ignorant as you appear in your posts.

Zelenskyy disagrees with you.

Did it ever occur to you the gaff from Biden on Russian regime change will be the only context from Biden the average Russian citizens will see on his local news? They won’t take it as a gaff. They won’t see the “walk back”. How many “walk backs” before this gets real and fools like you either shut up or figure it out?
You call Trump dangerous. We had peace, prosperity and low inflation with Trump. Your kind said Trump would bring on WWIII. Well what happened? Trump opened our energy sector, which lowered prices. Putin hated all of that. He needs high oil prices to thrive. Which is exactly what Biden is giving him. Biden was even in on canceling a proposed Israeli natural gas pipeline to Europe. Putin likes that too.
Now we get get up everyday and wonder what old puddin head Biden has said that has to be “walked back”.
Upcoming will be food shortages and higher prices. Biden should be getting ahead on all of this. But he’s too busy proposing new taxes to kill the economy for that.

What ever happens it should be done quickly for the sake of those that could not flee.
Zelenski is warm and well fed he doesnt GAF about the peasants, he never did.

Zelensky remains defiant in his capital city, which the Russian army has been unable to capture, while Putin fumes and sends ten or fifteen thousand Russian soldiers to their deaths from his comfortable billionaire quarters.

Those are the simple, demonstrable, underlying facts—which certainly don’t fit well with your pro-Putin, anti-Zelensky narrative.

Putin is a Russian tyrant. Zelensky is a Ukrainian patriot. Do you not see the side-by-side difference? Because if you can’t see it there, you probably can’t see it here, either.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Zelensky remains defiant in his capital city. while pensioners and children of those to poor to own a car are used as meat shields, no water no food. His Nazis shoot POWs he calls Hungarys President a Nazi, that might well go over like a lead balloon to neutral countries that Nato wants to suck into their circle. We fund the expansion of death to innocents. Pensions in Russia are 10 times that of Ukraine, while their elite escape as refugees with millions of Dollars, Euros, gold and jewels.
Hunters Laptop has multiple military decryption keys of the DOD.

biden will do whatever is necessary to insure this border dispute does not deescalate. A stop to the fighting does not further bidens, NATO, the EU and the party of davos agenda. They seek regime change in Russia.

Interesting how crooked biden is unwilling or unable to tell the American people this is the strategy of his regime.

Finally a Fox news host that Greg can love!
Fox News host Sean Hannity says the US must be willing to nuke Russia “off the face of the earth” if they use WMDs in Ukraine and mustn’t “cower in fear” over the prospect of a global nuclear holocaust triggered by “mutually assured destruction.”

gregs new BFF

Not if you see illegal immigration as 2.4 million new Democrat votes every year.

One little problem. You Democrats have nixed all the new LNG loading facilities, not to mention the very production of energy. Maybe idiot Biden will keep this a secret from AOG and the anti-American Squad. Idiot Biden is farting in the wind, as usual.

Under the deal with Biden, the US will assist in the short term by delivering increased shipments of LNG to Europe, with 15bcm added this year.

Energy, and specifically natural gas, costs are up across the country (the USA) due to supply and demand imbalances. Some customers have reported their bills to be up 50 percent.

Why is it these so-called “sanctions” against Russia only hurt us at home and don’t hurt Russia???

Joe Biden Tells US Troops in Poland They’re Going to Ukraine (Video) …Update: White House Corrects Biden

Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. It can’t be said enough.

So the corrupt, lying thugs running our country want us to focus on a corrupt, lying Russian thug who unjustly invaded another corrupt, lying thug’s country because the one running our country gave him the green light. As far as what is going on there now, you can’t believe anything Putin says because he is a liar. You can’t believe anything Zelenskyy says because he is a liar. You can’t believe anything Biden says because he is a liar. You can’t believe anything our media or intel community says because they are liars. In the meantime, today marks day 207 that Americans are still being held hostage in Afghanistan because they were abandoned by this administration. Priorities.

Chairman Xi Just Made a Big Move, China Announces They Will Keep Purchasing Crude Oil and Gas From Russia

I guess the CCP is not a player with biden on sanctions. They have not worked and are not working.