It Turns Out That Traitor Joe Could Have Closed the Border


By M Dowling

If you ever thought Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, or Mitch McConnell cared about this country, you were wrong. They are fine with millions of unvetted people pouring into our country while we are waging war on two continents. It shouldn’t have escaped your notice that most coming in are single adult males of military age, coming from hotbeds of terrorism or enemy countries.

House Republicans are refusing to approve funds for Ukraine until Biden secures the border. The Senate has met secretly, planning a deal that makes little sense.

Biden finally said he would compromise, but only on another bad deal that he could run on.

The NY Post reported that the White House and congressional Republicans are at work on a deal to tighten border security in exchange for okaying aid to Ukraine. The killer is this: A major bone of contention is whether to set a trigger point for expedited migrant removals when illegal crossings hit 3,000 or 5,000 per day.

If they could do it at 3,000 or 5,000, they could have done it any time with any number and could have done it from the beginning.

The border could have been closed, but the traitors in office prefer to destroy the country.

The NY Post Editorial Board stated that Biden wanted to appease the hardcore left of the party with open borders.

It’s open because President Biden opted to appease the left wing of the Democratic Party, which wants open borders however it can get them.

A compromise is an endorsement.

GOP efforts to “compromise” here (in order to reduce the overall time) would endorse the plainly illegal policy that Biden adopted on Day 1 of his administration.

Even at the lower figure of 3,000 a day, which the administration would never stick to, it would mean another million people on the dole a year or committing crimes or terrorist acts.

Will the GOP have the fortitude to demand more? The lower number is also outrageous, especially since millions have already poured into the country.

It’s a terrible deal. That’s why they worked on it in secret. Right now, Politico Playbook claims it’s on life support.

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But since Bidens a Traitor/Liberal/Democrat he leaves the Door Open because the Democrat/Traitors need those extra votes

Of course he could close it. In fact, he could have LEFT it closed. He opted to enable tens of millions of illegal immigrants to enter and spread out across the nation. The damage will take decades to repair and many lives will be lost or wrecked. Democrats simply don’t care. The only thing they want money for the border for is process illegal immigrants faster.

Gavin Newsom proved the border could be closed IF joe wanted it closed when he swept the homeless and their poo off the streets of San Fran.
All lefties need is the motivation.
In Gavin’s case it was a visit by the Big Lefty, Pres Xe of commie China.
In joe’s case it might be “election season.”

Of course he could. But it wasn’t him who through executive order dismantled President Trumps border policies.

Yet, it is a fact.

All Texas Latinos must now be prepared to show their identity papers on demand or be arrested as blood poisoners.

Yup thats the plan, but it will also mean arab, asian and suspected whites.
Ice Ice baby Ice Ice.
We know Biden is keeping track on these people waiting on asylum…right?

And they can thank Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, who has turned his back on them and every other US citizen. However, Texas does not stupidly hand out drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, so the process, should it happen, would be essentially painless.

And Democrats thinks this is turning Texas blue. It is turning Texas red forever. It shows Democrats HATE Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.

Good point.
Dems are causing all sorts of unintended consequences that hurt theimselves.
You pointed out a good one.
In Chicago, dems tried to prevent more busloads of illegals from the border.
They planned to fine the bus drivers and confiscate their buses.
Instead of that happening, bus drivers are letting the illegals off at secret locations, not Police Stations or shelters.
So, double black eye for Chicago dems.
They get more illegals who need their help but are nowhere near their help.
And, their plan to hurt the bus drivers backfired so no money for Chicago.
The people of Chicago are turning against dems at every level.
TRUMP is rising in the polls there.

This is a prime example of Democrat “success”.