It Always Starts With the Jews


by Stephen Green

An Imperial Japanese diplomat in Nazi Germany before the war was supposed to have written back to Tokyo lamenting that Japan had nothing like the Jews. Totalitarian regimes are at their best when they have a readily identifiable minority to persecute and, most importantly, to scapegoat.

“It’s crazy,” TwitterX user Justine wrote about the American Left, “how they went from ‘punch a Nazi’ to ‘eradicate the Jews’ in just 4 years.” It isn’t crazy at all once you realize that violence is the point. Justine was replying to this video, in which American college students can be heard chanting “Hamas make us proud” and “Burn Tel Aviv to the ground.”

Having market-tested “Punch a Nazi” and met with no firm resistance, it was a natural progression “eradicate the Jews.”

All the Party needs is a target, and Jews historically have been readily available.

Which party doesn’t matter. It could be Fascists, National Socialists, Communists, Hamas, or parts of today’s Democrat Party we aren’t supposed to talk about in polite company — but who are making their genocidal case in once-respected places of learning like Columbia University, Yale, Standford, and the list goes on.

“By tolerating the kind of anti-Semitism that is largely driven by Muslim extremism in Europe, Jews have become — and not for the first time in history — the canary in the coal mine, which is an early indicator of peril for everyone,” the editors of the Jewish Star warned in 2020.

Everyone, not just the Jews.

Maybe the most important detail to remember about totalitarian societies is that hardly anyone is more afraid of the Party than Party members. Once the Party has established power and is done filling its mass graves, life can be relatively safe (albeit miserable) for the proletariat. If Comrade John Doe puts in his 12 hours a day at the tank plant or in the coal mine and keeps his head down and his mouth shut, his chances of ending up in the GULAG or a concentration camp are slim.

But if Comrade Doe becomes a member of the Party and is ever suspected of the slightest deviationism — or is even merely perceived as some kind of threat, however imaginary, to some other Party member — he might never know when he would hear the midnight knock on his door.

Maybe you’re wondering why young totalitarians like those occupying parts of Yale desire a society where they would be at such risk. Their dirty little secret is that each one imagines themselves as the safe, high-ranking Party member with the nice dacha (or its Islamic equivalent) outside of town. What they forget is that there are a lot more bodies in mass graves than there are nice dachas.

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These shariah supremacists are a serious threat to America and the western civilized way of life. They are the new brown shirts for the left.

Jews have all the rights as every other American, giving them special status will lead to what we have with African Americans,and gay and trans DEI and all the rest.
Yes give them all the protections under our constitution, we dont need another special class of folk immune from criticism or prosecution of crimes.

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“It’s crazy,” TwitterX user Justine wrote about the American Left, “how they went from ‘punch a Nazi’ to ‘eradicate the Jews’ in just 4 years.”

That’s because the left doesn’t even know what a “Nazi” is. They use the term to denigrate anyone that dares to differ from their socialist totalitarianism. They don’t realize, and really don’t care, that THEY are the Nazis, replete with the anti-Semitism.

The mainstream left has MAGA to persecute and blame for poisoning the wells. Their out-of-control Hama terrorist supporting constituency are more fixated on the Jews and, because they won’t build the camps and fire up the ovens, the Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is also the target of their venom.

[BREAKING VIDEO] – Netanyahu gives unequivocal statement Biden should have given on antisemitic mobs taking over college campuses

Bibi needs to focus on his task, let the morons chant, arrest them if they become violent. We still have a 1st amendment.
We could build a fence around them with wire on the top call it DC chaz.
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