Is The West Headed For A Planned Cataclysm?


by Mark Wauck

It’s clear enough that the collective West is headed for a real bruising. Over the past few days I’ve seen a number of articles that suggest that the Globalist ruling class has been planning a cataclysm with the aim of asserting total control on a global scale. This isn’t necessarily a new idea. There are quite a few people who argue that this is exactly what Covid was intended to trigger. It’s a vast topic, so I’ll confine my remarks here to these most recent article.

The first article appeared as a guest essay at Larry Johnson’s blog. The idea behind the article is precisely in line with what we just suggested—that the otherwise inexplicable economic related actions of the ruling class in Europe are intended to precipitate a severe crisis and crush the subject population—while claiming that only a centralization of societal control can save Europe. We can certainly see signs of this in France and Poland, where the attempt to foment a crisis seems to be part of the plan.

But there appears to be increasing pushback across Europe—not least in France and Poland. In Germany there’s a strong rise of the “right” party AfD. The Italian government has stated that France and Poland don’t speak for Europe. Politics in the UK are in a muddle, but a counter cultural measure took me by surprise—the use of puberty blockers on children has been halted. Since the transgressionist model of trans-humanism—including what amounts to an abolition of women—is a key part of the Globalist push, that must be seen as significant. The same goes for the overwhelming rejection by Irish voters of a measure that would have redefined not only marriage but women. In Portugal, too, after years of supine acceptance, voters have reacted strongly against the directives coming from the EU.

In that context, here’s an excerpt from the intro to the essay I referenced above:


It has puzzled many how the EU has been managing its economy since the beginning of the Ukraine war. There have been two distinct shocks inflicted upon the Eurozone economy since then. The third shock, which may be the worst, is on the way. All of them are direct results of European policies.

The first shock was the increase in energy prices (and availability) resulting from the sanctions on Russia. …

The second shock is the obvious and all-out regulatory and bureaucratic attack from Brussels on European companies and entire sectors of the Eurozone economies. …

It is baffling to any rational person why the EU has chosen to add to the effect of the sanctions by engineering a further destruction of European economies. Before addressing this apparent lunacy, let’s look into the future and check out shock number three which will most likely hit Europe (and the entire West) sometime in the next few years.

The third shock will be the “externally forced” devaluation of the euro and a massive drop in European living standards. …

I have my doubts about the third shock, whether that’s what is intended. However, the author’s argument is that the goal of the Globalist EU cabal is to force the rest of the world to do business with Europe on Europe’s climatist terms. Pay attention to the word “powerful”:

the EU believes that it is so powerful that it can dictate these standards to the world, and that they will, as a consequence, be adopted globally – and eventually in full. This also means that the EU is preparing to “isolate” those who don’t comply – forcing them to comply like it is forcing European companies to comply. The existence of the BRICS doesn’t enter into the equation, or the possibility of European isolation.

That paragraph gives the delusional nature of the game away. But this is the goal, and it has its adherents here in the US, as well. It has to do with the exercise of power.

Yesterday, I quoted at some length from an article by Angus Deaton, a recovering Neo-Liberal economist. Deaton, a Nobel winner, has come to question some of the cherished tenets of “mainstream” (his word) economic thought in the West. One point that Deaton emphasized was the failure of economists to take into account the reality of power and its uses in Neo-Liberal economies.

Also just a few days ago I quoted an essay by Alistair Crooke with regard to US politics and the Middle East crisis. Note the use of the term “power structure(s)”:

Netanyahu understands that the ‘power structure’ in the U.S. – as in Europe – that controls much, if not most of the money shaping U.S. politics, and particularly the stance of Congress, is heavily dependent on the Israeli ‘cause’ existing, and continuing to exist, and it is not therefore the case that Israel is wholly dependent on the U.S. power structures and its ‘good will’ (as Biden pre-supposes).

In all these passages we see the exercise of power by a ruling clique to impose its will on a subject population. This sense of power may well be delusional, but it’s real.

Now, we’re going to pivot back to what we wrote above about the centrality of transgressionism to the Globalist agenda—specifically, the notion of transgenderism—and the increasing reaction of normals against this. Again, however, we’ll see this is about power. The power to dominate human nature and ultimately all reality. We see this in a fine article at MoA:

Transgender – The Inability To Distinguish Facts From Wishes

MoA begins by quoting Matt Taibbi savaging a typical example of “transgender nonsense.” But then he goes on to discuss Christopher Caldwell’s review of the French author Emmanuel Todd’s book “Defeat of the West”. First Taibbi, to give the flavor of it all:

Matt Taibbi opines on the latest piece of transgender nonsense:

The Dumbest Cover Story Ever – Racket News, Mar 13 2024
New York Magazine’s “Freedom of Sex” is the ultimate example of the lunatic nihilism that’s consumed America’s intellectual class

The nihilism Taibbi points to is also the major theme the French anthropologist Emmanuel Todd takes on in his book “The Defeat of the West”.

Surely a self inflicted cataclysm—inflicted in the course of an attempted coup against the very structure of reality—would be the ultimate act of nihilism. In my own discussion of Todd’s critique of the West I singled out that theme of nihilism. Ignore Todd’s obvious anti-American slant—the roots of the nihilism he describes are European, transplanted to the American ruling oligarchy:

“The fixation of the Western middle classes on transgenderism raises a sociological and historical question. To constitute in the social horizon the idea that a man can really become a woman and a woman a man is to affirm something biologically impossible, it is to deny the reality of the world, it is to affirm the false.”

“Trans ideology is, therefore, in my opinion, one of the flags of this nihilism that now defines the West, this drive to destroy, not just things and humans but reality.”

“There is a powerful nihilistic impulse in the US: the search for war and violence. This is a lost society without meaning, that provokes or fans conflicts everywhere in the world.”

Caldwell, in his review of Todd’s “eccentric new book” notes how Todd ties the trans delusion into the prevalence of self delusion in our politics and foreign policy more generally—and specifically in our delusional war on Russia:

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