Invasion Inversion: Turning America Upside-Down


By Greg Moo

Behold: It’s the leprechaun-logistics theory of magic migration that tells us hordes of clean, fed, and comfortably shod invading migrants miraculously and spontaneously appear at the America end of their personal rainbows, where they demand pots of U.S. taxpayer gold.

But with no backpacks to carry water, energy snacks, or even spare socks for their journey?  Shoot, our children don’t go off to neighborhood elementary schools without backpacks full of supplies.  So how is it these folks walk the 1,300-mile south-to-north expanse of Mexico, not to mention trekking from Central and South America, without backpacks?

Watching thousands of illegals daily pour across America’s southern border forces recognition that this mass invasion didn’t just pop out of the woodwork or happen organically.  The magnitude and duration of this invasion demands answers to four core questions: 1) Who organizes these people?  2) Who provides water, food, and critical support for these hundreds of thousands of people?  3) Who arranges and distributes the go-to-this-enabler contact lists these invaders are given and then carry with them so they know with whom to connect when they step off free-pass buses and gratuitously ticketed airplanes?  And 4) Who recruits, coordinates, and supports the many enablers named on these contact lists — located in cities across America — who connect the invaders with free-to-them services and unending support?

Media tell us that many invaders traveled far distances and have endured harrowing conditions.  But they don’t look all that travel-worn.  Any reader who has traveled in developing countries, especially in adventure-travel mode (ostensibly, walking through the Darien Gap and the length of Mexico qualifies) knows that it is a neat trick to keep self and clothes clean and body hydrated and nourished.

By absence of any mention, mainstream media imply that this is all organic.  It’s all just happening.  Relax, folks — there’s nothing hidden here.  This faux non-explanation is not believable on its face.  The big lie lives in all of this, and the big liars are journalists who don’t do their jobs and politicians who’ve been doing a job on America through the full spell of this invasion.

Now bring to this that “remittances from the U.S. given to Mexicans in Mexico reached a record $55.9 billion in 2022” and American “taxpayers could pay up to $451 billion to care for migrants who entered the US illegally.”  This steals needed greenbacks from American household budgets.

How can largely unskilled and relatively uneducated migrants, who — thanks to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its partners in Congress — often work under the table for less than minimum wage, manage to send to their families in Mexico an average $390 per month?  Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains:

Much of this gifting is made possible by generous American state and federal subsidies to illegal aliens.  Frequent subsidized housing, health care, legal assistance, education and food in the United States are often used to free up cash for illegals, who then send it to Mexico.

When trusted people and institutions repeatedly ignore the obvious, this breach of trust can induce confusion and self-doubt in the trusting person, which is the aim of gaslighting.

Consider four historical examples of media malfeasance — psy ops, really:

1) The Soviet Union, where its “enemies of the people” were forced to confess to crimes they had not committed — and the people acquiesced to Pravda’s promoted show trials.

2) Nazi Germany, whose propaganda machine targeted certain groups to justify persecution — and the people subscribed and consented.

3) North Korea, where Dear Leader uses the machinery of mass communication to shape and control the thoughts and beliefs of his people — and people weep and worship at the sight of him.

4) China, whose propaganda engine manipulated public opinion and suppressed dissent — and the people passively assented while tens of millions died.

Is national suicide America’s fate?  If not, the necessary singular rallying point must be for rank-and-file Americans to resolve absolutely that America is for Americans, and beyond that, only for a measured number of legal immigrants and visa-holders, who must follow our laws and rules, speak intelligible English, embrace and support the American ethos, and have skills to sell on the legal labor market.  Allowing anything less writes large that the American Experiment is failing, rapidly and irreversibly.

To turn this around, to save America, we the little people must clearly and forcefully communicate to political power players that they are to 1) stop all illegals from crossing our borders and 2) reverse the flow of illegal migration.  Illegals now in America must return to their home countries or to other nations that accept them.  America has reached the point where We the People must be heard and heeded.

This is winner-take-all.  Either American citizens win or the invaders win.  One political party supports this invasion.  One political party allows this invasion.  And your and my tolerating politicians’ wrong actions or their feckless inaction is killing Americans, especially paycheck-dependent working-class Americans.

There are four ways to force these fixes on our elected leaders and the administrative state to whom these leaders sell public trust.

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We have an invasion of biblical proportions at our southern border. Shut down the government or shut down the border. biden has a binary choice.

1), the border needs to be closed. 2), the wall needs to be completed. 3) sanctuary cities need to have all federal funds withheld as long as they are violating federal law and aiding and abetting illegal immigration. 4), subsidies for illegal immigrants need to be ended. There should be no aid without proof of legal residency. 5) Illegal immigrants need to be returned from whence they came, namely Mexico. This will teach Mexico to enforce their own laws and not let illegal immigrants into Mexico when they are transiting to the US.

When Trump was elected, illegal immigration plummeted simply on the power of his political rhetoric. He pledged to enforce our laws and secure our border and, until Democrat began challenging him in courts and securing stays of his orders, the problem was solved. THAT’S how f**king easy securing the border actually is, but now there has to be punitive action to drive the point home. Putting the wall, something that cannot come and go with administrations, will help in the long run.

Trump succeeded wildly in securing the border, even with Democrats undercutting every effort. It can be done again. It CAN be done, but Democrats have to be driven out of the way.